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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.

The surprising come-back

“He’s back!”
“How dare he after what he did!”
“McGonagall is crazy, this could be dangerous, he could be dangerous!”
“He’s with HIM, for heaven’s sake!”

Hermione and her two best friends, Harry and Ron, entered the Great Hall. Those whispers; this was the same since the beginning of the year, the previous evening, since Draco Malfoy was still surprisingly a student of seventh year in Hogwarts. In a way, Hermione was glad for Harry because for once, he was not the subject of all these rumours and he was like anyone. Despite that, she was totally lost; she did not understand why McGonagall approved this thing. Nonetheless, she really wondered what were the good reasons for this choice, what was behind this. She sat between Harry and Ron and looked at them…yes, they thought the same way as her. She was about to ask for confirmation when loud whistles erupted through the Hall. This was not necessary to look at, Draco Malfoy had just arrived.
“Please calm down or it’s detention in the Forbidden Forest for all of you.”
The whistle stopped abruptly and breakfast was served.

“You know, I think he can be proud of himself now, he’s the star.”
Hermione glared at Ron. “That is not funny Ronald. Not at all…”
“Oh come on, Hermione. He deserves all of this.”
“I know but I think that we should care about him being here. McGonagall chose to let him back, she has her reasons.”
“She’s right Ron” replied Harry. “McGonagall is not gullible; she perfectly knows what she’s doing.”
“I trust McGonagall Harry but what if he plans to kill everybody….or at least you, Harry or even Hermione?!” protested Ron.
“I don’t know mate. I guess that we have to find out by ourselves what he plans to do.”
“But how? It’s going to be very difficult, he’s really suspicious toward us and I’m sure McGonagall don’t let everybody come near him, especially after what he did.”
“Well, we have to watch him very closely, every act, every move, every word….He’s no good at all, he has never been and can’t just become now. And after everything he did last year, this is impossible to believe that is he “the poor little lost Draco” now.”
Ron snickered in approval but Hermione didn’t seem to agree with this.
“Guys, you have to be very careful. As you just pointed it out, Harry, he’s no good and who knows what he could do to you if he discovers that you two are spying him. Anyway, I’d better take our schedules, now.”
The two boys rolled their eyes at this and keep talking about their spying plan. Hermione came back a few minutes later with their three schedules.
“Double potions, this morning. It’s funny, I love saying that since Slughorn is here.”
Ron smiled. “Me too. By the way, do you know who is the Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher?”
“Err…oh it’s Lupin! I guess he’s there because the Order told him to be.”
“Yeah.” continued Harry. “And because of Malfoy and everything that happened last year.” He added sadly.
A sudden pang of melancholy passed Hermione. Dumbledore’s death was the most horrible thing that could happen. He was the only who could temper things between the two sides but now….it was as bad as ever. Only Harry would destroy Voldemort, she perfectly knew that and she was afraid. Harry…she suddenly felt really sad for him; he was only 16 and had a huge weight on his shoulders. But the worst was all these losses around him: his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore….even if he had Ron, the Weasleys, and her, of course; he should feel so alone sometimes. Hermione looked at her friends and even with them next to her, she didn’t feel completely safe. Death Eaters entered in the castle last year, it could happen again. And once again, Malfoy could help them. Even if he had not been able to kill Dumbledore, he was more dangerous than she had thought. It cost her everything to admit it, but he almost scared her now. She spotted him at the Slytherin Table and looked at him intensely. He was still the same, talking with Blaise Zabini, with this usual smirk on his face, as if nothing had ever happened. Harry was right; he was still the same arrogant and selfish boy he had always been. As if he had felt her stare, he turned his head and his eyes locked with hers. Despite herself, she blushed with embarrassment and turned around quickly.
“What’s the matter Hermione?” asked Harry.
“Err…nothing, don’t worry. We should go now, we don’t want to be late for our first class.”
“Yeah, right. Let’s go Ron, come on.”
“What? Wait, I didn’t finish my breakfast!”
Harry rolled his eyes and laughed. “Ron, lunch is in less than four hours.”
“Hmmm…okay.” He sighed grumpily and followed his two friends.

Hermione smiled inwardly at Ron’s behaviour, this was good to live such things as if nothing has ever happened; she followed them, feeling quite relieved all thoughts of Malfoy forgotten.

A/N: I know it sucks now but don’t worry more actions will be in the next chapters! I just don’t want to go too fast!

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