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Chapter 3 - I Don't Want to be Right

Hermione’s heart was beating madly against her chest as she cried her eyes out. She didn't know where to go. Surely Malfoy was in the heads dorm. She did not want to face him, and the tower was now useless.

Ron you prat! She thought. Maybe instead of being such a coward, ask me on a date for bloody sake! Not that I would have agreed.

Hermione stopped running to catch her breath and looked around. An old rusted suit of armor was at each end of the long corridor. She breathed out loudly and walked down the hall looking for a familiar landmark. She stopped and then smiled, realizing where she was.

Stopping in front of the stone wall she paced three times back and forth thinking `I need a place that is quiet and peaceful. A place where I can relax.`

An oak door popped into view and she grasped the decorative handle and walked inside the Room of Requirement.

They had a comfortable looking couch in the middle of the room that had many pillows and it had a glorious canopy bed against the wall in the corner. A book shelf was next to the crackling fireplace in front of the couch. There was also a small bar in the opposite corner of the room.

“I could use a drink of water.” She decided aloud and made her way to the bar. She took large gulps and the water was gone in a flash. It really calmed her throbbing headache she had acquired from yelling so much.

She threw herself onto the couch and stared fixedly at the burning fire. Being in such a lazy mood Hermione flicked her wrist and her school uniform instantly changed into a silky night dress with thin straps and see through robe. She climbed off the couch and headed for the luxurious bed in the corner, and jumped onto it.

Hermione snuggled up to one of the soft pillows and sighed in pleasure. She positioned herself on her back, arms spread out, looking up at the ceiling.

“Well? How could my life get any worse?” She talked to herself. “Oh, I’ve got a good one for you Hermione.” She answered. “Harry could burst in, claim his undying love for me, then attempt to shag me senseless! Ha! That was a good one!” Not to self: First sign of insanity-talking to yourself. Second sign-answering yourself.

She grunted and sat up to look at the tall bookshelf that reached the ceiling. Hermione slid off the bed and headed in that direction.

“Let’s see.” Her hand touched the first book’s spine and read the title. “Peaceful Potions: 1000 Potions for Peace.” Her hand glided along as she read a couple more. “Calming and Peaceful Yoga techniques. Don’t you have an exciting book that I can fall asleep with?” Instantly the next book she touched turned into: The Secrets of Hogwarts: From Beginning to End. Hermione slid the book from the shelf and opened it to the table of contents.

Chapter1... The Hogwarts Founders
Chapter2... Secret Passage Ways
Chapter3... Legends and Mysteries
Chapter4... Hidden Prophecies

“Seems interesting enough. Thanks.” She told the room awkwardly. She literally skipped back over to the bed and hummed as she lay herself down comfortably and started reading. She was obviously desperate to cheer herself up.

“Let’s see what I don’t know about this place.” She looked in the contents and found the chapter about secret rooms. She did not expect to find it in this book though. The Room of Requirement was highly unknown. Only her, Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore really knew where it was located, but to her surprise it had a small section called 'mysterious findings'. It had an interview so to speak of a person reaccounting how they got into the room.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda must pace before room three times, gives the user anything they want. Now here’s something. When the room is in use any other can have access to it if they wish. They must follow the same procedure, but the room shall change from the previous to the most recent.” Hermione set the book to her side and furrowed her eye brows thinking about what she had just read.

“So if someone wanted to shag the room would change instantly into some romantic/horny setting with me still in it?” Hermione giggled. She looked up at the oak door, and frowned. What if someone barged in here and-

She heard the door knob click against the quiet and saw it turn. She sat up so quickly that she tumbled out of bed with a soft thud onto the ground. The door slammed shut and her eyes bulged at the voice she heard.

“How dare they!” Draco screamed. “So what if I did!? They don’t have the damn authority to kick me out!” He huffed angrily.

I guess my life could get worse... I can’t possibly get out of here without him seeing me!

She heard him stomp towards the bar on the opposite side of the bed. She peeked hesitantly over the covers of the bed and stared at him. Crap! I left my wand on the side table, the empty water glass on the bar, and the book on the bed! Yeah he’s gonna figure out someone is here! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Some smartest witch of your age Hermione!

She saw him stare at the water glass and ducked behind the bed before he had the chance to look in her direction. She could just see him in her mind staring at the wand and book. She heard his footsteps head towards the door and then the door opened and closed again.

What? Did he just leave?

She again peered over the bed to find the room empty. She stood up slowly and looked around the room, no one was there, or so it seemed. She walked behind the couch and stared at the door.

Something touched her shoulder lightly and said, “Nice outfit Hermione.”

Hermione stepped forward out of his reach and turned around to look into his gorgeous blue eyes. “What’s the matter Hermione? Cat got your tongue?”

“How dare you speak my name with your unworthy lips you ferret!” She told him hotly, eyes burning with anger.

“Woah, Hermione? Unworthy lips? What’s gotten into you?” He seemed worried for some reason.

“Apparently your slimy tongue Malfoy.” Hermione scoffed. He just laughed.

“C’mon Hermione. It wasn’t that bad.” He cocked a reasoning eye brow. She grunted in reply.

“You didn’t have to fight with your two best friends because of it.” She hissed as she turned away from him, crossing her arms. What the hell is wrong with me? I should be rushing out of here like an embarrassed idiot! Not standing here letting him look my body over.

She felt his hands being placed delicately on her wide hips. She could just see the smirk plastered on his manly face. He pulled her toward him and whispered sweetly into her ear.

“Let me make it better.”

“You didn’t say that when you bolted out of Dumbledore’s office.” Hermione spat back.

He paid no mind to her criticism and nibbled on her ear lobe. “Malfoy I’m really not in the mood.” Hermione sighed, trying not to enjoy this.

“Draco. Call me Draco, and I think you’ll get there pretty soon.” He started to descend down her neck kissing and licking every spot he could reach. Hermione threw his hands from around her waist and swiftly stepped away from him again. She looked into his lust filled eyes.

“Look Malfoy. You are the Slytherin Sex God okay, and we both know and so does the population of Hogwarts, staff included, that most of the girls here worship you.” At this he smirked. “But ugh I’m the Hermione Granger, repeat, Hermione Granger. The embodiment of innocence, intellect, and wisdom.” He stared at her in awe. What the hell is she doing?

“Something tells me,” She pointed to her head, “that this is not going to work out.” She motioned between them when she said this. He walked up to her looking her in the eye strangely.

“This is all wrong M-Draco. I’m supposed to be snogging Ron, not you. This is definitely all wrong.” She looked back at him hopefully as if saying 'please understand'.

He leaned down and kissed her softly. “If this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” Their foreheads were pressed together, and Hermione tried to look anywhere but his eyes. She knew if she did her whole being would be sucked into his charm. Let the sucking begin, because he brought his hand to her chin and forced her to look at him.

She gulped hard and felt his fingers trace the outside of her forearm. “If you’re trying to seduce me Draco... then it’s working.” She admitted. Not bothering to wait for him she pushed her head forward and their lips collided.

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