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24 Hours Shichan Goddess Hour 6: Hour of Arses “The proof of true love is to be unsparing in criticism.” Moliere (1622-1673) Lily checked her watch. It had been six bloody hours stuck with Potter and there was no end that she could see. It had been a miserable, depressing, and very, very long six hours. So, the crimson haired witch took a deep breath and gathered her Gryffindor pride as she addressed the person across the cell. “Potter.” “What do you want, Evans?” Came the response, her name nearly spat out as if it were a curse word. “Look Potter, you’re a complete and utter arse and I despise you.” The scarlet haired witch gave a long-suffering sigh and then continued, ignoring the sputter of indignation. “Pull all your punches, don’t you?” “But, due to these rather…desperate circumstances, we have to call a truce.” “A truce?” “Yes, a truce, Potter, does your feeble brain comprehend that word?” James scowled at her form, half-hidden in the shadows of the cell. “Fine, Evans, fine. But this is just because we need to work together. But after this, it all returns to normal, got it? You stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.” “Of course,” Lily sniffed disdainfully, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” “Good.” James stuck his hand out and Lily reluctantly reached out to shake it. However when their hands met, they felt a very strong shock and pulled their hands hastily away. Lily stumbled and fell onto the cold concrete floor. “What did you do that for, Potter?” Lily groused from her position on the floor, nursing her hand as she glared up at him. “Don’t you understand that we have a *truce*? No more childish pranks!” “Me?!” James exclaimed. “I didn’t do anything! You gave me a shock with that hand of yours!” “I did no such thing!” They glared at each for a few moments before James sighed and offered an explanation. “Well, Evans I honestly did nothing. And apparently neither did you. It must have been our magic colliding.” Lily was silent for a few seconds and nodded reluctantly. “I suppose that could be it.” She hefted herself up so that she was standing again, and admitted, “It didn’t even really hurt anyway. It was just sort of a shock.” //Almost… rather pleasant.// “All right, then lets try this again, shall we?” He offered his and gave her a firm and very brief handshake, which left their hands with nothing but a warm tingle. ****************************************************************************** “Moony! Moony, where are you going?” Sirius raced to catch up to Remus’ quickly retreating form. Remus snorted, not bothering to grace him with a glance. “Where do you think? Dumbledore, of course.” Sirius was saved from replying by Arabella Figg’s voice cutting across the distance between them. “Sirius! Remus!” She was quickly shuffling towards them, eyes wide and worried. Remus turned to look at her. “What is it, Arabella?” He asked kindly, as he stopped for the usually unflappable witch. A hint of panic and anxiety was in her voice. She rung her hands as she glanced at them hesitantly. “It’s—it’s Peter, he’s been in a daze since he came in…” Sirius felt a jolt of chagrin course through him. Truth be told, he had not even noticed that he had been gone. Torn between finding Dumbledore or going to Peter’s aid, he finally gave a sigh and followed Arabella and Remus to where his fellow Marauder was. ****************************************************************************** “Potter!” Lily cried with excitement coursing through her veins as she leapt up. “There’s a window!” “Really.” James was completely unmoved by her sentiments and gazed at her decidedly disinterestedly from his position on the floor. “Potter! It’s a WINDOW!” “Oh, I’m sorry. Was I supposed to be surprised? Of course there’s a window, Evans, are you daft? Where do you think that we were getting the moonlight from, anyway?” “Oh, shut it Potter. Do you reckon that we can get out?” “James eyed the pitiful structure with a dubious eye. “No, unless you can manage to squeeze through those bars.” “Well, do you think that we could break them?” “Perhaps…” James mused, a glint in his hazel eyes as he stared at the distant window with an assessing gaze. “We’d have to get up there though.” “Well, that’s easy enough. I can get on your shoulders.” James glanced at her petite form dubiously. “Are you sure, Evans? I rather like my shoulders.” Lily flushed furiously. “Shut up Potter, I don’t weigh so much, and you know it, you git.” James chuckled and nodded, much to the surprise of his companion. “I know, Evans, I’m sorry. It was out of reflex.” His smile was soft and sincere, and Lily felt herself nodding in spite of herself as a faint fluttering of hope stirred within her. The tousled haired man crouched down. “Let’s try this, shall we?”

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