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    Their seventh year was upon them, all of them. It didn't make it any easier with Mrs. Potter standing on the platform, holding both boys- her boys as she liked to call them- in a hug and sobbing her last time ever saying goodbye as they leave for Hogwarts.

    It was embarrassing to say the least and James was going to dread the tears she would be heaving come his and Sirius' graduation day. The two boys, James and Sirius, had basically become brothers over the summer. Sirius had left his house and the Potters kindly took him in; now Mrs. Potter was crying over his leaving just as much as she was James'.

    "Mum, mum this is getting embarrassing," James tried to hush her. She had a tight grip around them both no matter how much Sirius was trying to wiggle away. He wasn't used to this type of affection, especially from mothers.

    "Oh James give your mum a rest, she's just going to miss you," Mr. Potter chuckled standing behind them.

    "Yes, but she's going to strangle Sirius and I to death," James teased and with a huff his mum released him from her hug of death. Sirius tried not to laugh at how skewed James' glasses had become, but he made enough of a snorted laugh to get hit in the arm by James before he fixed his glasses.

    "Now you boys take care of yourselves," Mrs. Potter said trying to calm herself, "James' you're Head Boy this year so that means no messing around. Everyone will be looking to you as their mentor." Sirius again snickered, but before James could glare, Mrs. Potter turned on him to.

    "Just because you're not my true son doesn't mean you can get into trouble instead. If I hear either of you causing trouble, I will not hesitate one second to send you both a howler," she pointed a white-gloved finger at them. Sirius stopped laughing. It was scary when a mother cared so much that she threatened you like that.

    "Alright you two, onto the train," Mr. Potter grinned clapping them both on the back, "and I don't want to see either of you until Christmas!"

    "We'll tried not to get expelled Mr. Potter, promise," Sirius laughed. It was so odd to him how the Potters acted. They were a true family and they brought him right into it like he had lived his entire life with them. He was forever going to be grateful to the Potters and the love they gave him.

    "Trying is not good enough!" Mrs. Potter hushed him, but pulled James to her and kissed his cheek with bright red lipstick. James groaned and tried to wipe the lipstick off his cheek. Sirius was slippery enough to get away from her before getting a kiss.

    "Goodbye Mum! Dad!" James called as he stepped on the train.

    "Bye Mr. and Mrs. Potter! Thank you for everything!" Sirius called afterwards. The two boys disappeared into the train as Mrs. Potter broke into another sob. Her babies were all grown up now!


    Lily Evans boarded the train without the same goodbye as James and Sirius had received. Of course her parents were so proud of her and gave her hugs and kisses, but that was outside of the station. Her parents being muggles never went onto the platform with her. Her older sister gave her a hug, but no wishes of luck or congratulations on making Head Girl.

    It was with a happy heart she boarded the Hogwarts Express for her last year at Hogwarts. She already knew she was going to miss the castle she called her second home, but it would be okay. She would writer to her friends and maybe if she tried hard enough, she would find herself on her way back to Hogwarts soon; Lily wanted to be a Professor.

    Her eyes had caught the sight of a James Potter and Sirius Black getting smothered by a mother she supposed was James with the way her jet-black hair matched James' and the man with them was wearing wired rimmed glasses.

    In the last two years she and James had played cat and mouse. He chased her about Hogwarts asking for a date, but she always gave a reason not to. Her friends always told her what a mistake she was making, but she there were some things about James Lily didn't approve of. She disliked the way his ego filled the room or how he had to be the center of attention and laughter. Sure his jokes were funny, but sometimes they were still wrong.

    James also had a reputation too. Not as a womanizer, but as a heart throb. He made girls melt so easily with the simplest smile and what bugged Lily about that was he knew it. James knew girls liked him and he used it to his advantage most of the time, even in pursuit of her. Lily refused to fall for it. If he really wanted her to be his, he was going to have to find another way to make it happen.

    The Head Boy and Girl were supposed to meet in the front of the train to instruct their prefects and give out this year's worth of passwords. Lily made her way there first, stopping in and saying hello to her good friends here and there. When she arrived in the cabin she found she was the last one to arrive.

    Her apple green eyes scanned the prefects- a girl and boy from each house, year five through seven- all standing around two boys explaining something in hushed tones.

    "James Potter you better not be starting some sort of revolt," Lily smirked crossing her arms. James looked up smirking. A revolt? Against Hogwart's curfew? Good idea, but no.

    "Lily, will you go out with James?" the entire cabin chorused. James smiled widely and Sirius was smirking, most likely the one to come up with the plan. Lily bit her lip and willed herself not to blush as she shook her head not for the answer, but at the ridiculous of the method.

    "We have a meeting to run here, everyone take a seat," she simply answered. There were some groans and tempered sighs, but everyone took a seat in the cabin. Well besides James who was walking up to Lily.

    "Is that a yes then?" he smiled widely. Sirius snuck up behind James.

    "No," she stated going through her purse for the envelopes that contained this years passwords for each house.

    "Then is that a no?" James asked again.

    "No," she noted biting her lip as she ruffled through the envelopes. She started moving through the cabin handing out the envelopes to the student with his or her name on it. James kept following her, and Sirius following them.

    "If it's not a yes and it's not a no then which is it?" Sirius asked. He was just as wanting of an answer as James was. He was the one who thought of this plan. Hell, they had been perfecting it all summer. If they had all the perfects ask she could not tell James to shut up, nor would she have the heart to say no. Okay, so it was a bit of a pressure date, but after two years sometimes a guy gets desperate.

    "Sirius... why are you in here? This cabin is for prefects and heads," Lily asked, blinking. Bullocks. He was there for moral support.

    "I was..." he bit his lip, "just leaving. See you later Prongs." Sirius then left so he no longer had to be a victim of Lily's death glare. James gave him a wave and turned his attention back to Lily who was back to passing out the envelopes. She really was beautiful. She was simple in her muggle clothes, but to James she just stood out as everything he wanted. He knew if he was able to tell her how much he loved her laugh or the way she half smiled at him when he did something mischievous, then she would see he sincerely liked her, that he wasn't just trying to get to her because he liked the chase. Except, telling her all that was the problem, especially if she would not go out on a date with him.

    "Lily please answer me," James begged now that Sirius was no longer to there to support him. Lily turned to look at James. Her bright green eyes searched his face and his own hazel eyes briefly before sighing. She was finally going to say yes.

    "You have some lipstick on your cheek," she told him and turned to finish the last of the envelopes. James' eyes widened as he began to scrub at where his mother kissed him. He was about to explain himself when Lily turned and started telling the prefects of the rules and how to give and take away house points.

    With a sigh, James flopped into his seat. This was hopeless. She was always going to say no. He had a feeling even if he tried to explain it was his mother's lipstick she wouldn't believe him. He needed a way to make her believe him though, and not just about the lipstick, but everything. He was going to give this one more chance, and then after that, he was giving up on ever dating Lily Evans.

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