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24 Hours By: Shichan Hour 3: Hour of Visions “Very often the vision comes slowly, bit by bit, like a scene set on the stage. At other times, however, it is sudden and fleeting. Something passes before your eyes, and it must be seized quickly or it is lost.” ~ Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) The screams. Oh, the *screams*… //“—Take Harry and go—!” “—It’s him—!” “—Run!” Her dream self turned and fled. The screams continued—those of agony, of denial, betrayal, and sheer utter desperation were, she vaguely noticed, being torn from her own throat. She was racing up the stairs now, despair and determination coursing through her veins. There was a high-pitched cackle. A flash of green light. ‘Nonononononono…’ And she knew, at that terrible moment, that she was alone. Alone in the world, without the man that she loved with all her heart. Without— Her heart was torn and shredded to pieces, but he had died saving HER and Harry, and she was not going to let that sacrifice go to waste. This was neither time nor place to cry. She pushed the numb feeling down, and focused her thoughts, so that she could think of just one thing. ‘Harry. Have to get to Harry before it’s too late, oh god, He’s coming, He can’t get Harry, I won’t let him, almost there, so close, just a little bit more…’ She reached the room, gasping for breath, triumphant. She leaned over the cradle to the wailing child, and he stopped when he peered at her through his bright, emerald eyes that mirrored her own. She gathered the precious bundle in her arms, cooing at him as her mind desperately raced through possibilities on getting out. Then, the door was creaking open, and she suppressed a scream of denial that her beloved was truly dead and now… Now.. She was next. No, perhaps not…Harry. She would never let that happen. Not her baby! “Not Harry!” She begged as the dark figure glided closer to her, “Not Harry! Please—I’ll do anything—” ‘Not Harry, please God, not Harry!’ “Stand aside you silly girl!” ‘Never!’ She promised herself, ‘I’ll never let you have Harry!’ “…Stand aside, now…” Even if it resorted to begging. She would never give up. Perhaps Voldemort would spare her son if he got her instead. “Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead—Not Harry! Please…have mercy…have mercy…” But Voldemort did not believe in mercy. He raised his wand, his eyes red malicious, taking a perverse delight as he saw the fear in her eyes. She was not afraid of death. But Harry— “Adava Ked—”// Suddenly, Lily found herself being pulled from her dream world, away from the figure donned in black. She felt hands on her, shaking her lightly and calling her name and her emerald eyes popped open. Leaning above her was the hated pair of crimson, slitted eyes, and she gave a battle cry as she swung her fist into the gut that was so conveniently in arms reach. ************************** Sirius gnashed his teeth together as he awaited the end of the meeting. His foot tapped the floor quickly, nervously, and his light sapphire eyes glanced constantly at the shut door. It made him feel trapped, suffocated in the large, overcrowded room. Anxiety stole his breath away, as well as his patience. Dumbledore was standing up as he addressed the Order and Sirius glanced at him, disinterested, before returning his gaze to the closed, silent door. Remus elbowed him in the ribs discreetly, but none to gently. “Sirius,” He whispered, “Pay attention.” Sirius shot Remus a dark look, and continued his vigil. With one ear open, he heard Dumbledore announce that the meeting was over. People stood up to leave, and Sirius sighed in relief. “Finally!” He exclaimed, stretching his arms above his head, and popping his neck. He ignored Remus’ look of disgust, and once again glanced around the room. Remus followed his look and remarked quietly, “Are they still not here yet?” “No.” “I’m sure they’re fine.” Sirius gave a small nod of acknowledgement, but even to Remus’ own ears, his words were weak and feeble. “After all, they’re full-grown adults and I’m sure that they’re being responsible and cautious.” Sirius gave a dignified snort. A/N: //...// = dream sequence

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