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    Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the children...dur

    After cleaning up the kitchen, Draco flopped onto the couch of his study. He was about to go to sleep when Emily climbed onto his back.

    “Silly daddy! It’s not bed time!”
    Draco groaned, “It is for me.”
    There was a slight pause, “Why?”
    “Because I’m tired.”
    “Because I just had to clean the whole kitchen and attempt to feed Trevor.”
    “You know, I think you should be off to bed as well.”
    “I’m not tired.”
    “Yes, well, your old dad is tired.”
    Draco groaned again and placed Emily onto the chair next to him, “Ok, Chelsea, I-“
    Emily shook her head, “Daddy, I’m Emily, say it with me: Emily. EEEEEEMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY. Honestly, daddy, I think you’re getting that Old Timers disease that grandpa got!” She flipped her hair and bounced out of the study, leaving Draco to wonder whether or not he was really that old.

    “Help! Daddy!” Draco jumped up, hitting his head on the wall lamp and ran up the stairs to where one of the girls was calling. He found both of the girls in the bathroom, sitting in the sink clinging to each other. Trevor was sitting on the counter next to them, food still all over his face. “Girls! What is it?” Draco ask, rather panicked. One of the twins pointed to the ground.

    Draco was still confused, “What is it I’m looking for?”
    The girls yelled, “Spider!” Trevor started crying.
    Draco noticed the tiny little speck on the white rug, and stepped on it. Before he knew it, the girls jumped on him, thanking him for ‘saving their lives.’ Lucky for him, Trevor had stopped crying and was just bouncing on the counter. Draco noticed the girls acting extremely hyper as well. He sighed, this would be a long night tied in with a long day.

    ~~~~~~~A Few Hours Later~~~~~~~~
    Draco was now chasing a very mad Emily. “Emmy, love, I’m sorry!” She stuck her nose way in the air and huffed, “You’re a liar! And I want to know where babies really come from! So does Chelsea!”

    Draco grasped his hair, almost pulling it out, “I already told her!” Emily groaned dramatically, “Yes, but you lied!” On the couch, Trevor said something in baby gibberish, which Draco took as agreeing with Emily. Chelsea came running next to her, “Daddy! I want another story!” Emily said, “Well Daddy’s gonna tell us where babies really come from!” Chelsea looked confused, “I told you what he told me!” “He lied!”

    Chelsea looked up at Draco with the twins’ infamous doe eyes and said, “Daddy…”

    Draco finally yelled, “Ok! If you really want to know where babies come from, sit down, be quiet, and listen!” The twins happily sat on the couch next to Trevor, eagerly waiting for the ‘true’ story.

    Draco sighed, and began, “So, when mums and dads really like each other…”

    ~~~~~A Few Minutes Later~~~~~
    Draco sighed, “Yes, Emily?”
    Emily started the round of questions, “So mums and daddies have to really like each other….”
    Draco nodded, “Yes.”
    Chelsea asked the second question, “And they gotta decide that they want a baby….”
    Draco nodded.
    Emily again took her turn, “Then they send an owl to the Spork-“
    Draco nodded, “Stork, love.”
    Chelsea continued, “And the stork gets their letter…”
    “And it takes a magic cabbage from the Cabbage Patch…”
    “And puts it in a basket…”
    “And takes it to the mommy…”
    “And the mommy eats some of the cabbage once a month and gets a lot of gas that makes her tummy big…”
    “And nine months later, after the cabbage is gone, Mr. Stork drops off a baby at the hospital…”
    “And the parents go and pick it up…”
    “And take it home!” Emily finished.

    Draco nodded again, hoping they’d take this and he wouldn’t screw up again, and have to make up another “Where Do Babies Come From?” story.

    Chelsea looked a bit confused, “So if I send a letter to Mr. Stork, and eat a cabbage, I’ll have a baby?”
    Draco smirked at her, “No, I told you, you have to be 47.”
    Emily laughed, “You and mommy weren’t 47 silly!”
    Draco tickled her lightly, “Only you two have to be 47 to have a baby! Now, it’s 9:37, so off to bed with you both!” They groaned in protest.

    Draco sighed, “I’ll tell you what, tomorrow morning, we’ll all take a trip to Diagon Alley. How does that sound?” The girls were suddenly very eager to get to bed, now all Draco had to worry about was Trevor…

    Yeah, it’s been a while, and I’m not gonna blame it on being too busy…I’m just gonna blame it on being too lazy. Reviewers get a pack of cookies!

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