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Chapter 2 - Caught

“Draco!” Hermione cried.

He scrambled for Hermione who had fallen out of the boat. He and Hermione were on the Black River behind Hogwarts. Professor Reed, their Care of Magical Creatures teacher, had assigned them to find the Baskatil. A water creature who was very shy, but its tentacles were used in rare memory potions used to restore memory.

Unfortunately Reed was off her rocker one day and assigned the new Head Boy and Girl together.

“Could you be any more of a klutz Granger?!” Draco asked her.

“Shove it! The boat hit some rocks and I fell out!” She argued as he pulled her in with a grunt. "If you had been watching where you were rowing maybe I wouldn't have!"

"Oh don't give me that." Draco argued.

She sat on the boat seat, hand on her chest not wanting to fight any furthur. She shivered and hugged herself for warmth.

“That water is freezing cold.” She said.

“Here Granger take my cloak.” He wrapped it around her quivering shoulders.


“You know it’s pretty nice out today. I’m surprised the water isn’t warmer.”

“We really should keep searching.” She insisted.

“Oh, C’mon Granger you could use a break.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “Besides you probably scared him off when you fell in.” He does have a point. Hermione thought. Draco suddenly started untucking his shirt and pulling it up over his head.

“Draco?” Hermione asked.

“What?” He smirked innocently as he threw his shirt at her feet, leaving him topless.

“Might I ask what the hell you are doing?!”

“Want to go skinny dipping Granger?” He chuckled at her distresed voice.

“No I don’t fancy a swim right now.” Hermione answered smartly. Hermione stared at his firm chest. I think I found one reason to love Quidditch.

“Judging by your stare you would love to come Granger.”

“Sod off Malfoy!” She was outraged. Oh please he pretends he doesn't see every other girl gawking at him in the hallways! Bastard, probably enjoys the thought that he's the center of girl's fantasies.

“Oh, now it’s back to Malfoy? You’ve been calling me Draco lately.” He propped his leg upon the side of the boat and let his chin rest in his hand, looking out onto the shore. The sun shone on him from above making Hermione lose her breath. Welll at least they have a good reason to fantasize. “You’re probably just scared of being in the water with me. I don’t blame you,” He looked back at her and smirked, “I am pretty intimadating.” He finished cockily.

“Whatever Malfoy.” She crossed her legs and looked out at the beautiful scenery instead of him.

She heard him unbuckle his belt and land on the opposite side of the boat. She tried not to stare, but she took quick glances at him as his pants fell around his ankles, leaving him in black silk boxers.

Dear Merlin, Hermione thought, how could someone be so appealing? You can look Hermione! It's all right, take the chance how many other girls have seen him like this?! An optimistic voice in her head spouted out.

Probably about half including fifth through seventh year. A different one scowled.

“Well, see you later Hermione.” He put great stress on her surname just to annoy her.

With that he dived into the water gracefully surfacing after a few minutes. He tossed his head back to get his dripping locks out of his handsome face.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about Granger. The water’s fine.” Draco told her as he leaned against the side of the boat.

“That’s because you’re cold blooded. You are used to the cold.” Hermione spat.

“Seriously Granger, why so tense?”

“Oh, I don’t know Malfoy, just leave me be.” She sighed.

“Suit yourself.” He submerged and had been under quite a long time, so Hermione crept to the side of the boat he had been on earlier. She leaned over the side to peer into the merky depths when suddenly the boat lurched to the side, causing Hermione to fall in again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Hermione screamed as she broke the surface. She came up and looked around to see who had done this, although she had a pretty big hunch.

Malfoy was now standing in the boat laughing hysterically at her.

“Why you little!” Hermione said bitterly and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the water as well.

“Granger.” He growled as he came up. He lunged for her, but she maneuvered and got out of his reach. Hermione tried to swim away but her clothes were weighing her down.

Malfoy had suddenly disappeared under water. Hermione was a sitting duck, and she could just hear the Jaws theme music in her ears. She scrambled into the boat and threw her shirt over her head, revealing a Adidas sports bra. She took her belt off and then kicked off her tennis and socks, leaving her with only her bra and short shorts on. She looked around but didn’t see anyone.

“C’mon you ferret! Where are you?” She called to him. Her face contorted into a menacing smirk of equal quality to his.

“Turn around Granger.” He said.

Swift as a cat she pivoted on her heel to face him. Not waiting for him to speak she dived into the water toward him.

“Shit.” Draco said as he tried to find her. She grabbed his foot and tugged. They were in a shallow part so she positioned herself on his shoulders. He lifted her out of the water with ease, and as if he had been expecting it.

“Granger, what are you doing?” Draco coughed from the water in his nose. She just giggled and tried to balance herself on his wide shoulders. He jerked them back and she fell off, practically kicking him in the face

“Ow! Fuck that hurt!” Draco exclaimed holding his nose.

Hermione was now standing inside the boat looking down at him. "Oh please. It's not bleeding is it?" She seemed a little concerned, but calm all the while. "If you hadn't bucked me off maybe I wouldn't have tried to hang on." She said matter if factly.

“Help me up.” He told her, and she grasped his hand tightly and pulled. He was a lot heavier than he looked, and while she was pulling her wet, slippery feet caused her to fall backwards still gripping Dracos hand.

Draco landed on top of her with a loud maon of pain.

“Draco.” Hermione groaned, whilst trying to rub her back. She had fallen rather hard on it and was trying to massage the pain away.

“Are you all right?” Draco asked, purposely not getting off of her, now forgetting about his hurt nose.

“Does it look like I’m fine?” She asked, sarcasm dripping from her words. He lifted himself on his knees so he wasn’t fully on top of her.

“Maybe this will make it better.” With a sly smirk he leaned toward her pretty face. He caught her eyes and saw happiness, lust, and confusion all in one.

Oh Merlin Draco’s going to kiss me! I should stop him, but I don’t think I will. Oh, Harry and Ron are going to hate me if they find out! I can’t d-

Her thoughts were cut off by his lips making contact and she gasped. He kissed Hermione meaningfully, but her lips stayed still. He brought his hand to her cheek softly and brushed some locks away. His other hand was glued to her hip not daring to move any further in fear she would stop him.

When he bit down on her bottom lip she gasped again, falling for his trap as his hot tongue slithered inside her mouth. Hermione still wasn’t moving and the truth was she didn’t know what to do! The only person she had ever kissed was Victor Krum and that wasn’t as serious as this. All they had were light pecks on cheeks and lips, but nothing more. Draco’s kisses were a lot different, so full of passion and desire.

Hermione mustered all the Gryffindor courage she had and kissed him back forcefully. He moaned at the feel of her lips finally in motion. Body parts started moving of their own accord and her hands latched into his silky hair. He moaned again as her hips grinded against his own.

Something came over Hermione. She suddenly turned from shy bookworm to fierce lion. She pushed his shoulders up and over to the side. He let her have her way and watched with a smirk as she climbed on top of him. She caught a glimpse of his surprised face, but wasted no time in devouring his lips again.

She left his lips, getting more adventureous, and started on his neck. She had to admit his moaning sure did boost her confidence. He ran his hand through her golden brown curls and let his other wander. It started at the base of her neck and followed her spine sensually until he met her Jean shorts. She shivered pleasantly and felt his hand slip into her back Jean pocket.

“Well, well, well Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy.” A cruel voice sneered.

“Holy shit.” Malfoy whispered as his eyes bulged out. Hermione stood up shaikily trying to keep her balance within the boat and faced her greasy-haired potions master, Professor Snape.

“Professor Snape I-”

“I will not take any of your excuses! Put some clothes on this instant and follow me!” He told them sharply.

How could he be here? We are out in the middle of the river? Hermione wondered. She looked around quickly as she dressed and realized that the boat had drifted to the shore during their “class work”.

She looked at Draco who was as completely baffled at their situation as she was. Professor Snape watched as they dressed quickly, not even bothering to dry off. They followed him through the towering doors and into the castle, wet. Not completely wet though. They had dried off a little during their “other activities”.

They stopped suddenly in front of a gargoyle and he said, “Chocolate frogs,” The gargoyle sprang to life and moved aside as they ascended a spiraling stair case.

Snape knocked with the golden knocker and entered without waiting for a reply. He summoned two chairs in the middle of the circular office and pointed to them.

“Sit.” He commanded, and they did as they were told. After about five minutes of anxious waiting the Headmaster walked quietly into the room and sat himself slowly in the comfortable chair behind his desk. He motioned for Snape to explain.

“These two teens,” He sneered, “have been fanternizing behind the school Headmaster.” Dumbledore did nothing but stare at the two teenagers, so Snape continued. “ I found Miss Granger atop Mister Malfoy in a boat on the shore of the Black River. I’m sure there is some punishment to suit them, but since Ms.Granger is not from my house I knew you should give it out.”

Hermione looked up at Dumbledore when Snape finished and saw his blue eyes behind his half-moon spectacles sparkle with delight and amusement. His eyes twinkled in a knowing way that made Hermione wonder what he was thinking.

“Serverus I assure you I will give these two the proper punishment for such and act.” He replied softly, still staring down his crooked nose at Hermione and Draco. “You may return to your office. I will take care of it.” The professor smirked proudly and exited the room, his cloak billowing behind him.

“Headmaster?” Hermione squeaked.

“Yes my dear?” Dumbledore asked.

“You’re not going to expel us are you?” Hermione don't be stupid! Expeling us for snogging?! How thick could you get?!

“No no my dear. It’s not that serious.” The headmaster assured as she let out a relieved sigh. “In fact the worst punishment I can give you is a detention. Which is what you will be receiving.”

Hermione frowned.

“I had my share of fun at Hogwarts at my age.” He chuckled.

Hermione immediately conjured a fearful image of the headmaster and McGonagall having.... okay life scaring images life scaring images!! She winced and tried not to make a disgusted face.

She glanced over at Draco, but could not read his face. She caught his eyes for a second and thought his large blue orbs were so beautiful. Hermione blushed and looked back at Dumbledore quickly.

She looks so cute when she blushes. What did I just say? I think I said the mudblood was cute? I’m losing it!

“Ah, you two remind me of two other students that were at this school,” Dumbledore laughed, “but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear the babbling of an old man. So I will let you leave. You’re detention will be with Serverus tomorrow directly after dinner.” And then he dismissed them.

Draco got up quickly and left Hermione in his wake. She didn’t blame him, it had been very awkward. She still sat in her chair staring at the carpeted floor of the office.

“Would you like something Miss Granger?” The headmaster asked.

“Um... Professor, I was wondering,” She said slowly, her curiosity had gotten the best of her. “What two students you were referring to?”

“I’m pretty sure their names ring a pretty loud bell my dear. James Potter and Lily Evans were the persons I was talking about. They had the same demeanor so to speak of you and Mister Malfoy. Both bickering and fighting both seeming to loath each other, but deep down there is something more.” Hermione’s eyes grew wide and she blushed crimson, knowing exactly what he meant. She stood up abruptly and looked at the ground, too embarrassed to look right at him.

“Thank you Headmaster.” She whispered and left without another word. She quickly performed a drying and clothes changing charm before entering the common room.

When she entered Gryffindor tower everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Some with envy (mostly from the girls). Some with loathing. Some with disgust.

She was suddenly jerked forward and saw Lavender, Parvati, and Ginny pulling her toward their dormitory. They shoved her down on the bed and started to interrogate her.

“Are the rumors true `Mione?” Ginny asked. “Did you really lose your virginity to Malfoy?!”

“So how was he? Did it feel like making love to a God?!” Lavender gushed.

“I want to know too! Tell me! Tell me!” Parvati wailed.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Hermione yelled, about ready to pull her hair out. “I did not lose anything to Draco! Do you understand?” She threatened.

“So what did happen?” Ginny said, also noting Hermione had said Draco instead of Malfoy.

“We didn’t go as far as that, we just... snogged.” She whispered the last word to them and blushed.

“You snogged the Slytherin Sex God?! LUCKY!” Lavender exclaimed.

Hermione looked at her oddly. Yes Lavender. Lucky is just the right word to use! Considering you already slept with him.

“Oh, do shut up Lavender! Dear Merlin it was Draco! Draco Malfoy! Sworn enemy and nemesis of my two best friends.” She yelled. The whole room got suddenly quiet and she threw herself on her back.

“My god, Harry and Ron. I totally forgot.” She moaned. “Damnit! They are going to kill me!”

“Well... maybe they won’t.” Ginny said hopefully. “Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they are! Especially Ron who is like in love with you!”

“Well er I’ll leave you two to talk.” Lavender said cautiously and she strutted out with Parvati following behind. She had always been a bit hesitant to talk about her ex boyfriend. Hermione expected she was still a bit heart broken.

Hermione had known for a while Ron had special feelings for her. She had avoided him the past few weeks because of it. She loved Ron very much, but not how he loved her. He was one of her best friends and she loved him like a brother. Nothing more. She had talked to Harry about this just yesterday and he assured her that Ron did really feel that way.

“Well as most muggles say I better face the music.” Hermione gave her a tired smile as she sat up in bed and walked out of the dormitory. She searched for Harry and Ron in the common room, but was surprised at finding they weren’t there.

She sat down in one of the more comfortable chairs and started on her homework that was due in a week. She sighed as she wrote an essay glad for some peace. When she got to the subject Care of Magical Creatures all that was due now was her project in two weeks, but Hermione wasn’t the type to procrastinate! Her work was done a week beforehand, at least.

Damn you Malfoy! Hermione screamed in her head. She touched her lips and remembered the feel of his own moving against hers. The way his hand had groped her back, and the way his body felt on top of hers.

“Hermione!” She jumped six feet in the air and looked up at a rather distressed red head and very untidy raven-haired boy.

“Please Hermione tell me it isn’t true!” Harry said. Some of the other people in the common room looked at him strangely.

“How could you do that?! I’ll kill that ferret-faced prat so help me I will!” Ron shouted. Everyone had now abandoned what they were doing and watched the Trio carefully.

“Boys calm down.” Hermione told them smoothly. She put her work to the side and looked directly at them, daring them to say one more word.

“What I do with Malfoy is none of your concern.” She said has she crossed her arms over her chest. There were some whispers about Hermione not wanting to say anything because it was the truth, and Ron started to open his mouth to say something, but Hermione glared and he thought better of it. “but I will tell you that MOST of the rumors are not true.”

“Most?” Harry asked.

“Depends on what you heard, Harry. Tell me.” She said as she positioned herself comfortably on the seat. Harry placed himself lightly on the chair next to her. Everyone’s eyes were now on him.

“Well there was one that we heard, and it was the first one we heard so it was quite a shock.” Harry sighed, realizing that he was the center of attention.

“Just tell me exactly what you heard Harry.” Hermione said impaintely.

Ron was still standing up and darting his eyes between Hermione and Harry. He seemed unsure of what he should do next, and was afraid that if he did move Voldemort would come crashing through the wall and kill him.

That would be better then this, Ron thought. His heart felt as if it had been torn from his body, thrown onto the cold, hard ground, and stampeded on mercilessly by Hermione herself. He loved her from the bottom of his heart, why couldn’t she see that?

Maybe you should have made a move you git! Ron argued with himself. This probably wouldn’t have happened if she knew how you felt!

“Okay so we were walking back to the dormitory when we heard three fourth year Hufflepuffs.” Harry explained. “We stopped when we heard your name and Malfoy’s. Then they said, and you can quote me I can’t believe Hermione would go all the way with Malfoy, He must be a God! Of course we wanted to throttle them for such lies, but while we were coming back that was all we heard about.” Harry looked at Hermione worriedly.

“Don’t worry Harry, I did not shag Malfoy.” Ron smiled and finally sat down on a chair. There were some whispers of liar, but the trio paid no mind. Rons heart lifted. Maybe I should tell her now? He opened his mouth to talk, but again Hermione continued. “but,” She said clearly making sure the whole room could hear her, “Professor Snape did find us snogging on the shore of the Black River.” There were surprised gasps and some scoffs of disgust.

Ron’s heart had gone from floating on air to wrinkled and dried out. His eyes turned to fiery anger.

“What?!” Ron lashed out. “How could you Hermione?!”

“Yes Hermione how could you?” Harry asked in a hostile tone, but seemed much calmer than Ron.

“Oh do shut up Ronald! What would Harry have done if Ginny had fallen on top of him?!” Hermione pointed to Harry, and he blushed. Then she walked over to Ron and yelled in his face. “If Lavender had fallen on top of you what would you have done?!”

“I would have told her to get her bloody arse off because I don’t love her Hermione! I love you! How could you be so selfish of my feelings and go off and snog whoever you wanted to!?” Everyone’s eyes had shifted from Harry to the battle between Ron and Hermione. Hermione tried to pretend she didn't see Lavender running back up to the girls dormitories, face in her hands.

“Look Ron you never told me you had any feelings toward me! So just shut your bloody arse up, because I DON’T CARE!” She spat aggressively. Rons eyes bulged out at her statement. There were gasps again and the whole room looked at the broken hearted red head. He seemed to be trying to hold back his desperate tears.

“Well you know what? I DON’T CARE EITHER! Go off and shag anyone you want! I don’t give a damn! As a matter of fact you can go shag Harry for all I care!” Ron threw his arms up in the air in frustration, his face redder than his hair.

“Don’t you dare bring me into the argument!” Harry warned.

“Both of you get off my bloody back! I’m not a little girl! I can shag who I want when I want whether it be Malfoy or Harry!” Harry’s eyes widened at the thought of shagging Hermione. “And you two can’t stop me!” Eyes full of tears she ran to the portrait hole and left, sobbing.

“You really need to control your temper mate.” Harry said suggestively after Hermione was long gone. Ron just growled in response and pushed his way through everyone who was watching them to the boys dormitories.


“What Harry!? I don’t fancy a talk right now!” Ron told him, very annoyed.

“You know I would never even think about shagging Hermione behind your back right?” Harry told to both the eager crowd and Ron.

“Yeah Harry, whatever. Now can I please go wallow in my self pity?”

“Of course mate.” He said sympathetically.

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