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A woman of twenty-two stared up at a large ship better known as the Titanic. The woman swung her red locks over her shoulder as she turned to look at her fiance, her emrald green eyes shining.

"It doesn't look bigger than the other ships I've seen." The woman said.

A tall handsome man of twenty-three, with light brown hair and light brown eyes looked over at the Beautiful girl on his arm.

"My dear Lily, do you mean to be this critical?" He asked her smiling. "It is said that this ship is the biggest ship ever made so far. I find it quite lovely, really."

Lily Evans shrugged her shoulders, hardly impressed. She smooth down the fabric of her dress. "Well come on John we needn't be late." 

Reaching out impatiently, she grabbed her fiance by the hand and lead him up the stairs onto the ship, John Phillips chuckling all the way.


"I'm out." said a man with blond hair and a thick beard. He threw down his cards on a table in an old dusty pub.

"Me too." anothrt man  with short dark hair, spoke up. He too dropped his cards on the table.

A fellow with long tangled brown hair smirked and laied out his hand, confidence radiating from every line on his face. All tens!

A young and handsome man with long black hair that fell elagantly into his grey eyes looked at his friend. He grinned at his equally young, strapping companion with messy raven hair and hazel eyes. This boy grinned back.

"Okay come on, James. Just one good hand and we might blood well have those tickets-" he nodded twoard two tickets to the Titanic laying on the table "-soon enough."

James Potter grinned once more at Sirius Black and said. "Not to worry my dear friend," James laid his cards on the dusty table-top and smirked. "A royal flush!"

Sirius yelled and jumped up on his seat. The other guys groaned banged their heads on the table. The young man with the long tangled hair grabbed the guy with the blond hair and shook him.

"Why did you bet our tickets scum!?" The man with blond hair punched him in the face. Next thing there was a huge fight going on in the pub.

"Love to stay and watch but we have a ship to catch!" James yelled before he and Sirius grabbed their bags and ran out of the room yelling, gleefully.


"It's gorgeous! How ever did you pay for this?" A tall youthful woman with dark brown curls streaming down her back asked, gazing up at the huge ship.

"It wasn't easy," said a handsome young adult with sand brown hair and blue eyes. "It took all my savings but only the best for you."

Violet Darings smiled at him. "Oh Remus you truly are a dream made real." 

Remus Lupin kissed her head before raching down and seizing both their luggage. "Well we better get onto the ship, Violet ,darling." Remus said. 

Just then two guys in suspendars came whizzing past yelling "We won the tickets!"

"Well theres something you don't see everyday." said a smiling Violet. Remus kissed her again and continued to carry their things on board. 

Violet followed, admiring the muscles flex in her boyfriend's arms as he heaved the massive suitcases aboard. She grinned softly, praying that this would be the time where he finally propsed to her.

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