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Chapter 2

The house was cold and lifeless; Lily's mind was processing the shock she had endured that day. She could not think of anything else but her parents beside her.

She had no need to eat, her body forbade it. She felt sick in the stomach, but no energy to change it.

Over the several hours she had spent in the dining room, holding each of her parents' hands, the very thing she used to do when she was a small child and something had happened which had made her scared or sad. She became angered that this act could not produce an ounce of comfort.

She felt so distant from them and it scared her, they were beside her, but she knew they were long gone. All their memories, their personalities had disappeared into nothingness. They now only existed in Lily's memories, and she believed her memories of her parents' weren't doing them justice. She started to feel frightened of the very presence of the bodies of the people she loved more than any other.

Her heart was successfully broken now; she believed it would never be mended.
She knew she was a different person, from the eleven year old who woke up that morning.

The invader knocked again and Lily jumped. She slowly unclasped her mother and fathers' cold hands from hers, and placed them together on the cold tiled floor.

She rose from the ground and put her hands together to feel the warmth of the living it was comforting but depressing at the same time. Lily closed her eyes and gathered the strength "Coming!" her voice cracked the silence, with a raspy squeak quite unlike her own. The knocking stopped.

She had no other choice but to answer the door, she had given herself away. If it hadn't been for the habit of calling out when the door was knocked upon she could have stayed on her own in the gathering darkness and be abused by her sorrow, and let the knocker be on there way.

She hoped for the knocker's sake it wasn't a sales person. She was not in the right frame of mind to deal with that right now, or any person for that matter.

She crossed the living room and clicked on a lamp, the light stung her eyes making her shield them hastily.

She continued toward the door until she heard "Miss Evans, are you alright?ā€

It was a man's voice, full of concern. But she had no memory of that voice ever meeting her ears. This was not the relative she had hoped for to take her away from this place of sadness and sorrow, no this was a stranger.

Her blank mind dug up a memory of her mother telling her not to talk to people she had not met, or her parents for that matter. Was she never to meet another person again? Was she to be alone in this large world at the age of eleven? Lily's mind argued against her mother's echoing voice, a strange is just a face you do not know the name to, who does not give you a second glance as they pass you by in the street and in turn does not know your name. But this man knew Lily's name, more importantly he knew she was there, that must count for something, she thought as her mother's voice faded.

Lily glanced over at the mantle piece; she looked at her reflection again noticing her deathly dark eyes in the feeble light from the lamp. It scared her. She wanted to be in the company of someone who she could trust, who knew what she was going through at the present time. Maybe they could make her eyes lighten so they shone the emerald green she inherited from her mother.

Her only hope was to answer the door and put her fears to rest. She tore her eyes away from her reflection and approached the door warily.

She pulled the door open and was met with the sight of a very strange man.

The middle-aged man sat on her doorstep; he had long auburn hair and was wearing a long dark blue robe.

"Hello" Lily said quietly to the back of the man, she was fighting the temptation to close the door and walk away from the sight.

But the strange man turned around at her voice. She was suddenly confronted by a pair of light blue, sparkling eyes, with many years of joy and happiness found deep within them but with a hint of sadness making its appearance as Lily held his gaze for a moment more before her eyes fell to the ground.

"Miss Evans" He said as he gathered himself off her door step and stood before her.

He was incredibly tall, considering Lily's height was short for her age.

He held out an aged hand to Lily which she took slowly "Iā€™m pleased to finally meet your acquaintance, my name is Albus Dumbledore" he bowed to her. Lily felt slightly uncomfortable that a stranger, or Albus Dumbledore as he called himself, had bowed to her. She had never had such an odd occurrence happen to her before.

It was a moment before she realised Dumbledore had released her hand, she quickly replaced it at her side.

"May I ask what you are doing on my doorstep? And how you know my name?"
Lily asked quietly, she knew she had sounded rude, but she had the right to know.

"I have come to ask how you are on such a dark and terrible day, for I have heard of the passing of your parents'. I met you when you were a small child, but you would have no memory of me of course" he replied.

"Do -" She stopped her self quickly "Did my parents' know you?" She asked relieved that Dumbledore didn't give her mix up on words much thought.

On the contrary he smiled "Oh, no they have no memory of me either" he said sadly.

Lily knew there was something very mysterious about this man. The very clothing he wore shouted out that he was not of the local public; she had not seen anyone wear robes before, only in story books and movies perhaps.

Her mind scrambled back to the conversation. She had been looking so intently at the man's appearance; she had not noticed that they had been silent for a few minutes. Dumbledore was simple gazing at her interestedly, looking around him and up at the sky at the stars.

She found her voice "How did you know that my parents' are d-" she paused to gain her composure "dead?" she whispered. She remembered her day of silence and tears; she had not spoken to anyone, let alone told anyone. She now thought she should have at least called the police.

Dumbledore's eyes held signs of confusion "Your elder sister discovered your parents last night and alerted the local authorities, they have not called in yet?" he asked.

Pain swelled in Lily's chest, Petunia had discovered them that was the reason she wasnā€™t here now. Lily had not been told a thing; she had been kept in the dark.

She had believed Petunia and her had a basic relationship, not strong but not as distant as not telling her that her parents' were dead and to let her find them on her own. Petunia herself fled, to leave her alone on her birthday.

Lily looked into Dumbledore's warm eyes "No, they have not" tears fell onto her cheeks; she did not waste her limited energy on wiping them away.

"I believe it was your birthday today, am I correct?" Dumbledore asked suddenly, still looking intently at Lily. He had obtained the information he needed, there was no need to put this child through more pain, he thought sadly. He lowered himself to his haunches, he was now Lily's height and he was able to see her better.

Lily sniffed as the tears continued to fall, but she nodded all the same.

Dumbledore smiled softly "Your eleventh?" he asked as though he already knew the answer.

Lily nodded again as her tears became less frequent. She had no need to cry any longer, it made her feel worse. She did not want to think of the birthday she had just endured, she did not want to think about anything at the moment.

"Well I have a birthday present for you" he said as he pulled out; what looked like a wooden rod, and waved it.

Lily watched wide eyed, as a red light appeared from the tip. She quickly cupped her hands as the red light floated into them.

She was overcome with an intense feeling of security and happiness warmed her hands. Lily smiled slightly as she played with the light, after a few moments it took on the shape of a beautiful red rose.

She looked up at Dumbledore "How?" she asked as she turned the rose in her fingertips.

"Magic" Dumbledore said simply, with a warm smile and a twinkle in the eye "I think I have found a new student".

A/N: thanks for reading. You can find out more about me and this story on my live journal page review responses and the like can be found there... please review.

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