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Babysitting For Money

Lily Evans sat at the desk in her bedroom doing her homework for Hogwarts. She had been home for three weeks and she had just started her homework. Lily dipped her quill into the ink and went to start writing again when she realized she had barely gotten any ink on the tip of the quill at all. Lily sighed and pulled out a small red leather bag from inside her desk. She kept her wizarding money in that bag. She opened it and was not pleased by what she saw inside. She only had a few galleons and a knut or two left. Lily rolled up her homework and put it away. She would have to ask her parents for some money for school.

As Lily went downstairs for lunch, the door knocked. Lily answered it. It was her neighbor Lindsey Rouillee. She was 14 and now had black hair.

“Hello Lindsey,” Lily said smiling at the 14 year old girl. “When did you dye your hair?” she asked, letting the girl inside.

“Just a few hours ago actually,” Lindsey said. Lindsey had been coming over every few days to say hi or just hang out with Lily. Lily didn’t mind at all. It was hard to keep from doing magic now that she could though. She was always afraid she was going to let something slip.

“I was just going to get lunch. Do you want anything?” Lily asked leading Lindsey into the kitchen.

“I already ate. Thanks,” Lindsey said. Lily was eating her lunch and talking to Lindsey when her parents walked into the kitchen.

“Mom, Dad,” Lily said, “I need money for school. I don’t have much left.” Lily’s parents exchanged glances.

“Lindsey, honey, your parents want you,” Mrs. Evans said.

“Okay,” Lindsey said. She glanced at Lily, said bye and left.

“Lily,” Mr. Evans said after the door closed behind Lindsey, “We’re in debt. We can’t give you money for school.” Lily gaped at her parents.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked. “I could have gotten a job and helped.” Her dad shook his head.

“We don’t want you to do that. But you will have to get a job to get money for school.” Mr. Evans said. Lily nodded.

“I can do that, but is Petunia helping at all?” She asked. Her parents shook their heads.

“We don’t want either of you helping with our debt. When you two make money it is your money to spend,” her mom explained. They sat in silence for a while before Lily said, “I’d better go looking for a job”. Her parents nodded and handed her a paper to look through. Lily took it to her room.


Lily drove her parents’ car to a nearby restaurant. Lily had highlighted the jobs that wouldn’t be too boring or too easy. A waitress seemed like a good option. She parked in the parking lot and walked in.

“Hi. I’m here to fill out an application,” Lily said to a waiter walking past. He turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry. We’re not hiring,” he said. Lily looked at the paper in her hands.

“It says right here that you are,” she said pointing it out. The man sighed.

“Our manager hasn’t called the paper and told them to take us off the list. We hired someone yesterday,” he explained.

“Oh,” Lily said. “Okay. Well, bye then,” and she left.

All the stores were like that. Either they had just hired someone, Lily didn’t have enough experience or the jobs were just plain boring.

Lily plopped down on her bed and sighed. She had forgotten to close her door so when Petunia walked by, she heard Lily. “Did you finally realize you’re a freak?” Petunia asked, not even coming in the room. Lily looked up at her sister.

“Go away Pat,” Lily said, to disappointed to come up with a better comeback.

“I heard you were looking for a job. No one is going to hire a freak,” Lily’s dear sister told her. Lily rolled her eyes. “You’re probably going to have to babysit or walk dogs to get money. Little twelve year old things,” then Petunia walked to her room, laughing at her sister.

Lily sat up. Babysit. That wasn’t a bad idea.


A/N Later chapters will be longer.

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