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Chapter 1 : EMILY

It was an early Friday morning in the Wizarding World, 6:42 to be precise. Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were all at St. Mungos Hospital in the room of their good friend Luna Lovegood. However, she was no longer Luna Lovegood, she was Luna Malfoy. Yep, its true, she had married Draco Malfoy and now was having their first child.

Draco had indeed been an evil little shit for most of his life and had tortured many a student at Hogwarts, but when he met Luna all that had changed. She made him want to be something, be good to people and to help the Wizarding World rather than contribute to its downfall. So, he made the ultimate decision and joined Harry Potter in the fight against Voldemort.

Voldemort is now dead. Draco no longer has to fear for their world. He takes great comfort in knowing he helped save his friends, his loved ones, and more importantly, Luna.

His father, Lucius Malfoy, had died in the battle, and being the deatheater he was, died on the side of Voldemort. He does not miss his father, nor does he want him back in his life. He had decided long ago that he never wanted to be like him, and now, he will no longer worry of his interference. With his father now gone, he was free to love whom he wanted and be with whom he wanted.

He wanted to be with Luna.

He loved her more than anything he has ever known, and she was now his wife, so wonderfully good to him and so full of love, something he lived without for so long. She was now also giving him his first born child. He could not be happier in life.

“Draco” Luna had whispered.

“Yes?” he replied just as softly.

“Have you thought of any names for this little one?” She was now holding a tiny baby girl in her arms with a smile splaying across her face. The little girl had her mothers light blonde hair down to a T, and her fathers ice blue eyes that looked up at Draco in amazement. He was already so taken with this small creature that he would call his daughter.

“Emily” he had finally said looking up into Luna’s eyes.

“Emily Jade Malfoy” Luna smiled as she had finished the name of their daughter.

Now everything in their lives was perfect.

Draco could now see his good friend Harry Potter, sitting in a chair in the corner of the hospital room, holding his four year old son. Just as soon as he had sat down, his son had jumped up off of Harry’s lap and been out the door into the hallway.

“OLIVER WILLIAM POTTER! GET BACK HERE!” yelled Ginny Potter. Harry’s wife, and mother to the terror that was Oliver Potter.

Harry and Ginny had married seven years ago in a double ceremony with Ron and Hermione.
“The Wedding of the Century” they called it, making the biggest headlines. Everyone knew how meant to be these two couples had been, especially Draco, watching them for years at Hogwarts wondering when they would all get it together. Even when he had hated them, he always wondered why they put themselves through so much torture. Harry had been the first to admit his feelings for Ginny through a monumental kiss that took place in front of everyone during sixth year. Everyone was shocked, yet knew it would someday come.

Ron was next, and last, to finally admit his feelings to Hermione Granger, the girl he had loved since fourth year, and to his great surprise, the girl who had loved him since their third. They had both struggled for years with the feelings they harbored for one another, but when they had finally realized they needed to be together, Ron, had said one day in the common room to Hermione, that he loved her, plain and simple, and she had just as simply responded “Me too,” just as those words came out of her mouth Ron kissed her, their first real kiss, and they had been by each others side ever since.

Draco was so happy to have all of his close friends here with him and his wife during the birth of their child. He walked over to Harry who had now just regained control of his son, with thanks to his wife who had ran down four different hallways trying to find Oliver.

“You will stay put in your seat Oliver William or you will be in so much trouble when get home!” finished Ginny as she sat down next to Hermione, clearly tired from running around the hospital.

“Thanks for being her mate, it means a lot, to both of us” Draco had began

“Of course, we all adore Luna, and are so happy for the both of you” Harry finished, smiling.

“Its overwhelmingly joyful” Draco said, clearly wondering if that summed it up.

“I know, believe me I know. When Gin gave birth to Oliver, I was so happy I was in tears, I loved her so much and was so happy to have her child. She gave me the two greatest gifts” Harry had said, smiling even bigger now.

“I just cant believe Im here, with Luna, with our child, MY child” he said clearly surprised “I just never expected to be so happy about something I was taught strictly to believe was business. Lucius must be turning over in his grave” he finished, head in his hands.

“He’s gone now Draco, you never have to fear him again. Nothing will come between you and Luna, you will be a family, and you will be happy. Just look to future, not the past.” Harry said while putting his hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“Thanks” Draco said smiling at his former enemy and now it seemed, best friend. He still wondered to himself if this was all good to be true, could he really be happy? His thoughts were cut into by Ron and Hermione who were having an argument that would make you think you were back in fourth year.

“RONALD!” Hermione yelled for the fifth time at her husband who was flipping through the channels on Luna’s T.V..

“Yes, Hermione?” sighed Ron

“Would you be so kind as to go to car and get Lena’s snacks? I forgot them.” She had said matter of factly with her hands resting on her hips.

“But something good is on Mione, cant it wait” he groaned. Mione was a nickname Ron had given her, it was his name for her and she loved it.
She was now staring daggers at him letting him know that she meant NOW!

“Alright, Alright” he said standing up, and kissed his smiling and obviously satisfied wife.

“Thank you darling” she had replied, looking at Ginny and giggling. They loved teasing and manipulating their husbands into stuff, it never failed.
Ron and Hermione had been married for seven years, they had a daughter, Lena Rose, who looked exactly like Hermione except for Ron’s blue eyes.
It was strange how after all that time, they still argued as if again in third year.

Draco wondered if he and Luna would ever be like them, arguing all the time, or maybe they would be like Harry and Ginny, who did everything for each other no matter what. Even though he knew very well that Ron and Hermione’s arguing was harmless and just their way, he could never imagine he and Luna fighting. He knew Ron and Hermione loved each other but he thought that they got a little crazy with the fights. He could never bring himself to be angry with Luna. Never.

They had only been married a year. What if something went wrong? What if she fell out of love with him? What if he fell out of love with her? What would happen to Emily? He was so afraid of the future, yet so excited. He could not wait to see what surprises were awaiting him and his life with Luna, his one true love, he wanted so much with her from the first day he met her, he wanted everything, everything he thought he could never have.

He had then realized, looking over at Luna holding Emily, that his life was indeed fulfilled. It was perfect. He was the happiest he had ever been in his entire life, and he owed it all to her. This young, innocent girl he met in his fifth year at Hogwarts. The girl who had changed him from an evil little boy to a loving, caring, good man. He owed it all to her, his life, his love. Everything. He now had a real reason to live.

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