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My Escape

Rating: 12+
Warnings: None
Genre: angst


I am a prisoner. A Prisoner in the worst place in the wizarding world, surrounded by dementors.

Guilt has been eating away at me for too long, but lately, I have been planning my escape. I need to fulfill my duty of godfather to Harry. It’s my way of showing Lily and James I am sorry for what I did. I’m sorry for convincing them to let that traitor be Secret Keeper. I’m so, so sorry.

I keep telling myself that it wasn’t my fault, that it would have happened eventually. But I know that that’s not true. If I would have just taken up that job of protecting my friends, there’s a good chance they would be alive right now. We could be outside showing Harry some Quidditch, and sitting with Remus. Lily could be inside, fixing us lunch, complaining about it but actually enjoying her time serving us meals. How I wish that could actually happen now.

But they’re gone. Gone forever. It must seem like I’m gone, too. But I’m still here, locked behind these wretched bars, watched by those awful soul-sucking monsters.

A few days ago, the minister came to check up on things. I’ve seen him before, walking around like we’re all filth and deserve to be here, even though I definitely don‘t. I usually just ignore him and continue to plan my escape, but this time, something caught my eye.

He was holding the Daily Prophet under his arm. I noticed on the front page a rather large family standing together at what looked like the pyramids in Egypt. But that wasn’t what grabbed my attention. It was what one of the boys were holding. A rat.

I scrambled up to the bars of my cage and asked the minister if I could have the paper. I fed him the lie of missing the crossword puzzle. The fool. He had his assistant hand it right over. As soon as he left, I inspected the front cover even more carefully.

I knew that rat, but I thought it couldn’t be the person I thought it was. That person should be scrounging amongst the forest’s floors looking for food. Yet, he was right in front of me, in this boy’s hands, obviously well fed.

I knew that I had to get out of this place almost immediately. The boy looked just about the age Harry would be now. I looked around the cell, looking for a way out, but found none. I sank back against the floor and closed my eyes, depressed yet again that the wit of my childhood couldn’t help me here. Not even my animagus powers, the one I used so often in school to sneak past people without them noticing-

That’s it! I knew what I had to do. Once, long ago in school that I’m surprised I actually remember it, McGonagall had let slip that Dementors couldn’t sense animals - only humans. My dog form would be easy to get past them unnoticed.

I would have to do it soon, though. I could stow away on the Minster’s boat that he came over here with before he or the other ministry officials left.

My mind was set, and I focused my eyes on that shaggy black dog that always used to be so familiar and a way of escape for me from my reality world; the one with teachers, detentions, and the War. And now that’s what it was…a way of escape, but for a completely different reason. My mind instantly switched over to a determined mode, and I concentrated with all my might on that shaggy black dog I used to be so familiar to, but it was hard, my body was rigid and weak, the cold air made it hard to breath and the dementors hourly gliding past my cell door only made me weaker.

But only a few moments passed before I began to morph. It was like a part of my long forgotten childhood as a Marauder was coming back to me in a way unimagined for over twelve years. The familiar feeling of my head growing larger with a long snout emerging where my human nose used to be was making me go ecstatic with my new sense one thousand times better than any humans. I could now smell every single drop of mildew and mold forming in every moist corner of each and every cell. My stomach grew and became heftier, but still showing my ribs; I hadn’t had a decent meal in thirteen years, and I showed it greatly. I could feel my scruffy coat riding down my back and finishing at the tip of a long tail. I felt so incredibly powerful at this one moment, that I had an urge to bark out loud, but manage to seclude myself just in time. Now it was time to escape; it wouldn’t be time to celebrate until after I got out of this horrible place.

So I tramped as silently as I could towards the cell door, but there was one problem in my plan - I couldn’t fit through the small space in between the thick, heavy metal bars. I was famished, but that didn’t make me skinny enough to squeeze through, in fact, they were probably made like that - made so that prisoner’s couldn’t starve themselves enough to fit through. So I had to think of a new plan, one outside of the box. I miserably walked on all fours to the back of the cell, to the place where they had thrown some old rags for me to sleep on, since apparently, even though I was supposedly the worse murderer other than Voldemort himself, I wasn’t good enough for a dirty, worn out cot like the rest of my prison mates.

I looked around the room thoughtfully, staring at every inch of space for at least a minute before turning to concentrate on something else, maybe something that could help in even the tiniest way, but to no avail, I found nothing; that is, until I saw Cornelius Fudge walk back past my cell door. I turned into a human as quickly as I possibly could, and muttered, “Help,” in a raspy voice, just loud enough to make their heads turn before turning back into a dog again, getting ready to put my one-shot plan into action.

Of course, I new Fudge wouldn’t come near enough to my cell to notice me missing, he hadn’t even properly handed over his newspaper when I asked for the crossword, but instead, told one of his scared assistants to basically chuck it at me, so I wasn’t a surprise when he told the dementors to check on me when he left through the front doors, which only gave me a small amount of time to get to the boat, but I knew I could do it.

As soon as the door closed behind Fudge, the dementors turned toward my cage, giving me a hollow feeling, and opened the cell. As soon as it was open just wide enough for me to slip through, I sprinted towards the outside hall as fast as I could on all my four legs. The dementors didn’t even turn towards me, as I followed the footsteps of Fudge right out the door into the frigid cold air of the island. Through the drops of rain that were coming down heavily, I could just make out a boat straight ahead of me and I ran towards it as fast as my weak legs could carry me without looking back even once to see if anybody was coming after me.

I came upon the boat that had carried Fudge here, and sure enough, the minister was sitting up at the front, a Muggle umbrella held above his head by one of his “Junior Assistants”, but I just called them servants.

It was so dark outside, nobody noticed my figure jump into the boat, but that didn’t mean they didn’t feel it. One guy fell off the side, into the freezing water, and I was spared a chance at being discovered by all the commotion going on. Managing to slide under one seat at the stern of the boat, I made myself comfortable enough for a rough ride that would at least take an hour.

My last thoughts before closing my eyes was that I was free from that bloody place that will always be in my nightmares for the rest of my life, but I was on my way to Harry, and that was all that mattered in the world.

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