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The next day found Ginny hurrying along Diagon Alley towards a small unnoticed shop next to Eeylops Owl Emporium. The display was full of flowers and showed a lacy wedding gown that Ginny disliked because of the big puffy skirt and low neckline. She felt so out of place as she entered the store wearing shorts and a sweatshirt of Harry's she'd taken possession of. The formal showroom and elegant displays seemed to mock her worn trainers and disheveled ponytail. No saleswomen rushed at her as they did the rich looking woman who came strutting in behind her.

With the Weasley temper rising inside her she barely managed to keep her tone civil as she marched up to a saleswoman standing behind the counter and said, “I believe I made an appointment to meet with Ms. Hamilton, your planner.”

The saleswoman gave her a look that clearly said, “You? You think you can afford to shop here?” what she really said as she opened the appointment ledger was, “I'll need your name and your fiancé's name.”

Ginny smiled sweetly at the ignorant saleswoman and said clearly, “Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.” The twitter that broke out and the embarrassed look that followed her answer soothed her ruffled pride and suddenly the saleswoman became very attentive.

“One moment please, Miss Weasley. I'll get Mrs. Hamilton right away. Might I ask if Mr. Potter will be coming?” the woman asked.

“He should be here any moment.” Ginny replied looking toward the door. The flustered woman retreated to the back of the shop just as a bell tinkled and Harry walked in the door wearing jeans and a rumpled t-shirt. Ginny smiled when he spotted her and immediately came over.

Putting his arms around her and giving her a peck on the lips Harry commented, “I don't know how the in the world you found this place. I walked around for twenty minutes before I saw it.” Then he smiled, “Have I missed anything?”

“No dear. A rude lady just went to fetch the wedding planner.” Ginny replied. It was then that Harry noticed that his fiancée was a bit flushed. A sure sign that she'd been about to lose her temper. Before he could say anything a very skinny woman with blond hair and oddly shaped glasses appeared.

She held out her hand and shook both of their's saying, “Welcome! Come right this way we'll just step into my office and have a little chat.” Harry was unpleasantly reminded of Rita Skeeter the obnoxious journalist that had harassed him during his fourth year at Hogwarts.

The office she led them to was more like a waiting room. To the left there was a small desk along the wall piled high with magazines, parchment, and notebooks that looked a lot like the homework planners Hermione had given Harry and Ron years before. There were photos of young brides waving on the wall behind the unorganized desk. To their right were two plush, flowery couches facing each other with a large wooden coffee table, also strewn with bridal magazines, in between.

The woman ushered them in and yelled something out the door before firmly shutting it and facing them. Smiling warmly she offered them seats which they took nervously. Mrs. Hamilton took her own seat saying, “First of all, you can call me Melanie.” and after writing their names on the cover of a new notebook she asked, “ Now, what are you looking for in your wedding? What is it that you want?” She looked at them expectantly.

Glancing at Harry who just nodded at her Ginny began, “Well I really just wanted a simple wedding. Nothing fancy...” she trailed off as a harassed looking young woman stepped in the door shyly. Mrs. Hamilton turned and looked at the girl with annoyance.

“I thought I said no interruptions. What do you want?” The wedding planner asked impatiently.

“I wouldn't have come but we're having some trouble with a lady who keeps demanding to see you.” the girl answered nervously.

Turning back to Harry and Ginny she said, “Please excuse me this requires my attention. I'll be right back. Feel free to take a glance in these magazines.” with out waiting for a response she marched out of the room slamming the door behind her. Harry and Ginny sat there a moment not quite sure what was going on. Then Harry walked over to the windows and looking at the street below asked her, “What is it that you want for our wedding?”

Realizing that she hadn't discussed any of her plans with him Ginny started out, “ Like I said. I was thinking of something simple. I don't want a big event. I'd rather not have all of those reporters coming in to ruin our big day just because you're the famous Harry Potter.”

Chuckling Harry replied, “Love, I'd like to do something simple too. You know how I feel about all of the attention. But think of it. You're only going to do this once in your life and you can have anything you want. Are you sure about this?” He asked looking down at Ginny who was now standing near the window beside him.

Lightly biting her lip she looked up at him and smiled, “Of course. You have no idea how long I've been thinking about this. And I knew you wouldn't want much fuss so i decided just to have close friends and family.” Ginny answered.

“Everyone's expecting something huge and elaborate. After all you are marrying “The Boy Who Lived”.” then Harry said, looking as if Christmas has come early, “I can't wait to see their faces when only the family is invited.” Just then the harried looking Mrs. Hamilton came back into the room slightly disheveled but confident.

“Now, lets get back down to business shall we?” she asked cheerfully, “Where were we?”

“I believe I was telling you what I wanted in my wedding.” Ginny replied.

“Of course you'll want at least four bridesmaids besides the maid of honor, I was thinking maybe two flower girls since your brother has twins, and we'll need to book the biggest reception hall we can find.” began Melanie her eyes shining as she wrote down some notes and imagined the extravagant wedding she would create while the bewildered couple sat there stunned. Then she went on saying, “ I think that you'd look lovely with pink roses all around and...”

There Ginny regained the use of her tongue and shaking her head, Ginny broke in saying, “ I only want two bridesmaids and a matron of honor since my friend Hermione just got married, we don't need a very big reception hall since we're only inviting about seventy five people, and I hate pink. I don't really like roses either.” she added pausing to take a breath and it was Melanie's turn to be bewildered and speechless. She just stared as Ginny continued, “ I'd like to have daisies. My nephew Owen will do wonderfully as the ring bearer. Then we'll have two groomsmen and the best man to complete the wedding party.”

Melanie seeing her wonderful plans being dashed against the rocks argued, “But dear, this could be the wedding of the century. Just think of it; you'll only do this once and I know there's no want of money in your case.” she added this last with a quick glance at Harry.

“She's got a point, Love.” Harry observed, “Remember, I said about the same to you a moment ago. We'll do this only once. Are you sure about this? I just want you to be happy.” He said looking down into Ginny's big brown eyes.

“This is what I want. I've been thinking about this for ages.” Ginny answered decidedly and turned back to face a horrified wedding planner.

“But, dear...” Melanie began again and Ginny resigned herself to a nice long argument leaning back against Harry. If only things could go the way I planned, She thought, Life would be so much simpler. Then she paused taking a glance at Harry who was wearing a bemused smile, knowing full well what was coming. Then, putting her attention back on the unnerved Mrs. Hamilton, Ginny reminded herself, But not nearly as much fun.

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