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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor the characters or places I have borrowed for my fic... all other ideas you do not recognise are my creation.

Chapter 1

The life of a ten year old girl is the best, no troubles, no worries only memories of muddled happiness that makes your eyes glaze over in reminiscence.

That is until the dawn of the eleventh birthday where everything you know crumples to your feet. That is the day that Lily Evans discovered life was not just a big bag of happiness, it has a dark side, a terrible side and to live out this factor of life is possibly the hardest thing to do.

The day started like any other, the birds were singing the sun was shining, but the birds were the only sounds which welcomed Lily to a new day. It was missing something, her mother's voice perhaps, gently tugging her from her dreams; maybe it was the absences of the smell of bacon wafting through the floor boards from the stove down stairs in the kitchen.

Lily sat up straight in bed, suddenly tense. A Sunday in the Evans household was full of bacon and laughter, and as it was Lily's birthday the air was usually filled with the sound of the telephone continuously ringing holding messages of birthday wishes from relatives you'd just like to disown, waking her up from the noise.

But today was different; the house was filled with an eerie silence, save the birds twittering madly out side. Lily wished they wouldn't something had obviously happened. It reminded Lily of the day she came home from school to be met with the news her grandparents had died in a tragic car accident.

Lily shook the feeling from her mind. She had been affected badly by that forever lasting moment in her life, she did not want to relive it on her birthday of all days.

She pulled her self out of her warm bed and felt an ice chill surround her, she crossed the room quickly and slipped on her dressing gown and slippers and crept through her bedroom door into the hallway just to be met with the same spine tingling silence. Lily was starting to get worried now, if her parents had went somewhere, surely they would have woken her and taken her with them. It was her birthday after all.

She quietly walked down the hallway; her slippers making an odd "click" when the slipper slapped her heal. The sound irritated her so she removed them at her parent’s bedroom door and entered the room.

The room was large and spacious, with a bathroom and balcony. The double bed in the middle of the room looked as though it had not been slept in. Lily sniffed the air, the shower had not been in use, and the usual scent of her mother's perfume was not lingering in the room. Lily's spirits fell, but her heart beat quickened.

She left the room quickly, she usually was highly fond of her parents' room, but now it was cold and lifeless.

Lily's mind was trying hard not to click into panic mode. Thoughts trickled into her mind, making her shake them away just as fast as they had come. She would not think that. However, desperate the situation may become.

She had reached the top of the stairs now.

She distinctly thought that the birds had stopped twittering now or she had gone deaf. Either way she could not hear anything.

She flicked some of her blood red curls out of her eyes as he walked down the stairs and turned into the living room.

The television was on, but all sound was muted. This struck Lily as odd, this occurred when her father, Gordon, was trying to hear something other than the television such as his wife, Anne, or what was happening outside.

Lily approached the television set and pushed the power button, the screen went black instantly.

Lily passed the fireplace with a mirror placed above the mantle piece. Lily looked at her appearance briefly and continued onto the kitchen. But then she stopped herself and pulled back to look at her reflection once more.

Her blood red curls fell down, well past the middle of her back, her fair skin glowed with health and no impurities. Her bright emerald eyes, she realised had lost their spark. They tended to do that when she was worried and by this stage she was well beyond believing this was a cruel prank.

Lily turned away from her reflection not noticing a letter propped up against a picture of Lily and her parents.

She started toward the entrance to the kitchen on the opposite side of the room.

It seemed all time had stopped and the whole of Lily's life had led up to this point in time.

She reached the door and grasped the door handle in a sweaty palm. She turned the knob slowly and pushed open the door.

What she found shocked her.

Completely nothing.

She was alone on her birthday, she felt tears well up as her heart cracked slightly down the middle.

Of all things to forget, they had forgotten her eleventh birthday.

This thought resided in her brain as she poured her self a glass of orange juice and walked through to the dining room sipping the juice occasionally.

The glass fell to the tiled floor with an ear splitting smash. But Lily was the only one to hear it and she had become unaware of her surroundings for she had just discovered why the house was so silent, why she was to be alone for her birthday.

She looked into her mothers' glassy features, the expression of fear etched onto her young face. Her fathers' face was of the same glassy condition but the expression of determination drowned all fear felt in the last dying moments of Gordon's life.

Lily crumpled to the ground to join her shattered glass.

She took both her mother and father's cold hands and held them for an age.

She did not receive any needed comfort.

Lily's body shook continuously as her heart successfully splintered into innumerable pieces.

Lily cried out in pain, it engulfed her, making her feel worst and willing the powerful emotion to end her life so she would not be alone in this world. That was the thought which settled in her mind, she was alone.

She was confused at the thought that two perfectly healthy people could fall dead during the night. No, this was murder but she had no idea how it had come to pass.

Her mind was overcome by such an intense hate, Lily could feel the emotion bubbling beneath her flesh. Never had Lily felt this way before.

Her shaking stopped immediately as the hate overtook all other thought. She raised her self from the ground, but was soon met with such a spasm of splitting pain as her knees collapsed from under her making contact with the hard tiled flooring.

But after a moment of experiencing such pain, Lily blocked it out and opted for the feeling of nothing to seep into her body. She could no longer feel the stabbing sensations coming from her knees or her continuous breaking heart.

She ignored it all.

Her mind made her believe she did not deserve the air in her lungs, her life, for she had been angry at her parents' for not remembering her birthday. She now believed they had not lasted long enough to see the dawn.

It angered her she had not heard anything for she believed her gift could have saved them.

Lily's gift wasn't talked about much, but her parent's always held a special glint in their eyes when ever an odd occurrence happened or they received an angry telephone call from Lily's principal. These occurrences happened when Lily was angry or upset, but other than this minor detail Lily was unable to explain her gift.

Lily wondered were her sister, Petunia, was now and wondered how she was going to break the news.

Rising again from her spot on the floor, and glad the movement wasn't met with pain Lily snatched the table cloth from the dining table and in one quick movement she had covered both her mother and father's bodies from view.

Then she turned her back on them.

Just as suddenly as she had done it she turned back around and uncovered their faces from underneath the cloth.

"I'm sorry mum." Lily kissed her mother's cold forehead "Dad" She kissed her father's cold forehead in turn.

She couldn't leave them, it looked as if they were only sleeping. This made her heart wrench apart a fraction more.

Lily felt her body start to shake once more and felt the tears finally make their appearance on her cheeks.

She slid down the wall and cried.

The day mulled into night. Lily had not moved all day. She had both her parents' hands in her possession with no intention of letting go.

That is until she heard a loud knock on the door echo throughout the dark, quiet house.

A/N: I’ll be updating every week, r/r. Thanks for reading… for replies to reviews and other info on the story and the author please go to my profile and visit my live journal

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