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Over the next couple of days your house was like a war zone. Both you and Harry tried to get into each others mind, but had no luck, the other would figure out you were before you could get any useful information. Over all this was one of the best wars the four of you had had. In the early hours of Friday morning, the war was over, the result was, that no one had won. You really didn’t care though, you had fun attacking the guys with water balloons, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and Hermione’s favorite method, magical illusions. The guys got you good as well with, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Harry’s favorite method: trick spells, and Ron’s method was scare the shit out of you, laugh, then run like hell as either you or Hermione chased him. It was 4:30am when Harry and you shuck hands on ending the war.

“I’m gonna go to bed” you yawned. “Me to” Harry said.

“Us three and four” Ron said coming out of Harry’s room and walking over to Hermione and wrapping his arm around her waist. Hermione blushed ten different shades of red at this.

“Ewww! Way to much information!” you and Harry said at he same time. “Night” Ron said as he and Hermione walked towards his room.

“Oh yea, don’t you two worry about getting up to help clean up from the war or decorate, Ron and I will do it. Be ready for dinner by 6:30” Hermione told both of you.

“Thanks ’Mione” you yawned walking into your room.

“Are you guys sure?” you heard Harry ask.

“Yes Harry” you heard Ron reply, which shocked you a bit, because the Ron you knew was a bit lazy, you figured it was lack of sleep. You changed into your pj’s, took off any and all the charms you had put on your room to keep the boys out, then got in bed ready to have a good sleep, when Harry walked in, “What” you muttered.

“Nothing, just making sure all the traps are disarmed” he said walking out of your room. When you heard the door ‘click’ shut you rolled over and fell into a deep, well deserved sleep.

What felt like only an hour later, you felt someone shaking you awake, “Five more minutes” you said rolling over onto your side. “Kathleen! You have to get up, we have to go to dinner in an hour” you heard Hermione say.

“Fine, I’m up” you said throwing the covers off and getting up.

“Good, now all you have to do is shower and get ready” Hermione said pulling you towards the bathroom.
“I’m going, I’m going” you told her. You showered, starting it out cold so it would wake you up, then to warm so you weren’t cold. When you were done, you dried yourself and your hair with your wand. Also with your wand you put soft curls in your hair. You walked out of the bathroom to see that someone had laid two outfits on your bed for you. The first was a little black strapless dress, there was also black strapy high heels, there was also a little red jacket to go with it. The other outfit was a red dress that was smaller then the black one, there was also a pair of jeans with red thread, the high heels with straps like ballet shoes. You decided to wear the first outfit, but with the second outfits’ high heels. As you were putting on the last shoe Hermione came into your room, “Why does no one in this house knock?” you asked.

“No clue, we just don’t, but I’m here to ask are you ready?” she said looking at you.

“Let me put on some make up and I’ll be ready”.

“Ok. Glad to see you picked the black, I knew you would”. When you had applied the usual make up you said, “Ready, lets go”.

Hermione and you walked down stairs to find Harry and Ron talking to Mike. “Hi” you said to the guys. Ron chuckled at the shocked expression on your face. “Hi” Harry and Ron both said, Mike walked up to you said, “Hello” and gave you flowers. The flowers that he gave you were a mix of white tulips, different color roses and lilies. All of your favorite flowers, “Thanks you so much” you said throwing your arms around Mike’s neck. He hugged you back whispering, “Happy Birthday Lee, and I’m sorry”. You hugged him tighter and gave him a small kiss. Even just a small kiss gave you the feeling of wow, you couldn’t believe this feeling that kissing him gave you. You both pulled away at the sound of disgust Ron made. You blushed a little, but when you looked at Mike, he didn’t look embarrassed at all. This made you smile.

“Shall we go?” asked Hermione.

“Yes, lets go” you said starting to walk out, Mike wrapped his arm around your waist and whispered, “You look beautiful Lee” you smiled,
“Lee? Why Lee? Why not Kat, or Kath or Katty?” you asked.

“Because your not a Kat, a Katty and not a Kath because that’s my aunts name. Lee is you, but if you don’t like it, I can come up with something else” he replied.

“No, I like it. Oh I should tell you something, tonight at dinner, the are gonna be the other Weasley’s, who also consider themselves my brothers, so there’s gonna be more brotherly protection” you told him.

He nodded and said, “Thanks for the warning” you smiled and got on to the Night Bus with the others. The Night Bus stopped at the Maxtor, the best restaurant in Wizarding London.

When you walked in the witch at the front ask you “How many?”. Hermione answered, “We have reservations for 20 under Potter/Granger” the witch nodded, “Right, this way please” she lead you over to four tables that were full of people, except for five places at the top table. When everyone looked up they all said, “Happy Birthday Kathleen and Harry” Harry and you smiled, * This should be interesting* you said as you sat down next to Harry, who was on your left and Mike on your right. Dinner went very well, the food was great. Harry and you opened presents from the adults, Mrs. and Mr. Weasley gave you the usual, a knitted sweater and some candy. Your Aunt and Uncle gave you a very nice sliver locket, when you opened the locket you saw your adopted mother and father’s wedding picture and on the other was the picture of the day they had gotten you. Tears started to well up in your eyes, you missed them both very much. Both Harry and Mike saw that you were close to tears, Harry put his arm around your shoulders and squeezed, Mike put his arm around your waist and tried to pull you closer. What turned out happening was the top half or you going toward Harry and the bottom half going towards Mike. This made Harry release you right away, which made you onto the floor with a loud ‘crash’! Everyone looked up. Your face turned bright red, Mike helped you up and asked, “Lee you ok?”. “Yea I’m fine, just a little embarrassed” you told him. “Well as much as I know that we all would like to continue to laugh at you Kathleen, I think it is time for us younger adults to go” Fred said standing up.

“I agree Fred” said George also standing up. Everyone who was coming to the Dragon Fly stood up. You turned to your Aunt and Uncle, “Thank you so much Aunt Amy and Uncle Dan, the lockets’ great, I love it!”. Everyone said goodbye and with a ‘pop’ all the younger adults were gone.

The ten of you appeared at the entrance to the Dragon Fly. “Dragon Fly” Bill said tapping his wand on the key. The door appeared with a banner across it that read, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLEEN AND HARRY!”.

At seeing the banner you beamed, “Who put hat up?” you asked.

“I did” Ginny said. “Thanks” you told her giving her a hug. As you walked into the club you heard Harry say thank you to Ginny for the banner. The Club was almost empty, the only people there were the people you had invited to yours and Harry’s party. All of Gryffindor House was there and a few other people from Hufflpuff and Ravenclaw. As you continued to look around the Club you saw was decorated for yours and Harry’s party.

“Hermione, did you rent out the Dragon Fly?” you asked her.

“What do you think” she laughed. You beamed at her, then tackled he with a hug. The rest of the night went really well. At about 4am the owner of the club kicked all of you out. There were abut 150 of you going back to your guy’s house. Once you were all outside you yelled, “Hey! Hey guys!” everyone stopped talking and looked at you, “Everyone who knows were the house is can apparite there and anyone who doesn’t or can’t apparite, can stay and take the Night Bus with me”. With bunch of different ‘pops’ almost everyone was gone. There were about ten people, including you and Mike, left at the Dragon Fly. Mike held out his wand hand and with a loud ‘BANG’ the Night Buss appeared. Everyone loaded up and you told the diver your address and with another great ‘BANG’ the bus was off. When you got home, everyone had set up sleeping bags and were getting ready for bed. All of you got to bed around 6am.

All of the girls got up around 11:30am, then crept out of the house to go shopping. The day past pleasantly and around 8pm you met the guys to go to a quidditch game. The game was awesome, you all had a great time. After the game you went back to the house to have a camp out. Again everyone went to sleep late and woke up late. Today was Sunday, the last day of the party. As that tonight was a formal dinner, most people went home to get ready.

Dinner was at 7:30pm and it was 7 o’clock, you were just about ready. You wore a long black dress that flared out at the ankles. The dress was strapless and the top was like a corset. Your hair was half up and half down in ringlets. You finished putting on your make up when the door bell rang. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you looked great, but something was missing, you need a necklace. You went over to your jewelry box and pulled out a sliver necklace. The necklace had a heart on it, on the back it said, “We love you, never forget”. The necklace was from your birth parents, you had had it since you were little. With the necklace on, you went downstairs to see that almost everyone had arrived. About 20 minutes later everyone was there and you all sat down to dinner. After dinner Harry and you opened presents, then the DJ, Ron and Hermione had hired started to play. The party lasted into the early hours of Monday morning. You were glad the party was over, not because you didn’t have a good time, but because you were very tired.

As you made your way up to bed a thought drifted through your mind “Hogwarts on Tuesday” this excited you.

* I can’t wait either* you heard Harry say sleepily.

You smiled and said * Goodnight* and closed the door to your room.

A/N: Hey if you don't mind, I would love to hear from everyone who has read my story thus far. Ya don't have to, but I would love it if you!! Thanks a bunch! Love ya'll Kayla!

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