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A/N: Hey Guys, okay... first of all. Hope you like the chapter, you have been such awesome reviewers! There will be one last chapter after this and if you really want a sequel I might write one.

Also, I have been having some troubles writing lately, I hope you don't mind the lack of dialogue in this chapter, I felt that it didn't fit well with the scenes this time.

Again... there will be one more chapter guys. I hope you enjoy.
All's good... for us, not for them though!


It was hard to believe a whole week had gone by since Ginny had woken up and found herself beside Draco. The last week had flown by with little incidents of nothing; she did her homework and tried as much as she could to lead a normal, Draco free life.

Something weighed on the back of her mind though. She found herself to be watching the small dancers more and more at night. The way they moved together on her nightstand was realistically real and she could feel herself in Draco’s arms as she watched.

Now she was going on a date with Dean to the dance for all of Hogwarts. Part of her knew she shouldn’t be going with him, who else would she go with?

Ginny walked down the stairs as the sun shone brightly through the window. Her red hair was piled on top of her head in a messy bun and she winced at the bright lights from the common room. A group of students were hustled around the bulletin board and she heard Ron exclaim, “Dates?”

Ginny pushed her way through, having several pieces of hair pulled at through this. She saw Jane slap Ron in the arm after his ‘comment’ knowing perfectly well that they would be each other’s dates.

The bulletin was very brief and didn’t explain much to the reader.

Hogwarts Students,
In recent events we’d like to have a small dance. This is to show our appreciation for all of the student body and how they are coping with the struggles our school is having.
Thank you!

Ginny knew what the troubles were of course, Voldemort. Students had been putting up with teacher’s leaving classes in hurry all year long and not having anyone to teach was a big problem. This was the reward, a dance. She’d have to find a date but who?

“Hey Ginny,” said Dean looking at the bulletin. “Who do you reckon you’re going with?”

“I’m not sure, if someone asks me I’ll go I suppose,”

“Would you come with me?”

“If you want to,”

“See ya there then!” said Dean smiling as he parted through the crowd. Ginny sighed and looked across the room. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard.

Ginny rolled over under her covers and shut her eyes. The moonlight now gleaming over the dancing figures of Draco and herself.


Draco looked out at the starry night as Pansy talked endlessly. She wanted him to go with her to that damn dance.

“Will you go with me Draco? Or do you want to go with your ‘secret love’?” she asked, her eyes automatically swimming with tears.

“It wouldn’t be a secret if I went with her,” he said. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and nodded to Pansy, “Yes, I’ll go with you. Only to the dance though,”

She smiled and leaped off the couch, planting a kiss on his lips quickly. He grimaced as he remembered how sweet Ginny’s were compared to hers. He walked slowly into his room, leaving her there wanting more. He turned off his light and crawled into the cool bed sheets, wishing that he had Ginny there to warm him up.


The next morning the sun rose early, shining over the foothills of the valleys. The river glistened with sparkles and the bugs shone as they whizzed by the open window.

Ginny stretched and looked out at the Mayflowers blooming. The school year was now coming to an end and the dance was going to be that night.

Hermione and Jane burst through the door, obviously excited for the upcoming dance. They were in their running clothes as they pushed some shorts into Ginny’s hands.

“We’re going running, and you’re not skipping out this time!” exclaimed Jane strapping on her wrist weights. She started to stretch as Hermione jogged in place.

“It’s such a beautiful day, you can’t stay in!”

“Where’s Ron and Harry, can’t you go with them?” asked Ginny pushing her feet out of bed.

“Nope, they’re out flying, so you get to come with us!” exclaimed Jane.

Ten minutes later the girls were running down the track, at a slow but steady pace. Beads of warm sweat were beginning to form on Ginny’s face and she felt herself getting strained. Her lungs were feeling the pressure and she doubled over from the stitch in her side.

She loved running with Jane and Hermione but they were not as aggressive as she was, Ginny had to be pushing herself hard!

Today was different though; she turned around and headed back into the school, receiving odd glances from Hermione and Jane who were still running.


Ginny jumped out of the shower, drying off her hair. She’d gone to her classes sweaty because Dean had held her up in the hall. They had confirmed what time they were meeting for the dance tonight.

Hermione and Jane were sitting on the bed whenever Ginny came out. They were getting ready for the dance together. Slowly they applied makeup and did their hair up. Ginny’s was in a delicate bun, with loose curls hanging down from it. Her eyes were bright with the brown eyeshadow and her cheeks rosy.

Since it was only semi-formal dance the girls decided on short dresses. Ginny went into the bathroom to change into it. The dress came to her knees, it was a shiny gold and very beautiful. The back was low and it was a halter, it came down in a triangle and complimented her back nicely. She slipped on the black Salsa shoes and came out to find Jane and Hermione dressed too.

Jane looked stunning in a knee length tube dress, which was in an emerald green. Her eyes were smoky and black.

Hermione was dressed in Red. Her dress crisscrossed all the way down her back and you could tell she felt awkward dressed like that.

The girls looked at each other, giggling at the feeling of going to another dance. They left the room and walked down the stairs where the three boys were meeting them. Ron’s eyes popped at the site of Jane as held out his arm for her. Harry grabbed Hermione’s hand and kissed her quickly, she pushed him away and yelled that he’d mess up her makeup.

Dean looked over Ginny awkwardly and she gave him her arm, they didn’t exchange words… or kisses. In fact, the whole way down to the dance they were silent, they didn’t talk to the other couples. They just walked. Their feet were synchronized as Ginny came down the stairs.

Pansy and Draco were going through the doors, and she felt the lump in her chest grow a bit bigger. It was him that she wanted to be with tonight.

Her and Dean walked into the dance together, but separated quickly, Ginny was looking around at the decorations; they were of all the house colours. She saw no one that she wanted to dance with and sat down by herself. Watching the crowd, secretly hoping to see the blonde hair walking towards her. Little did she know that Draco was sitting on a bench far away, wishing that he was dancing, or holding Ginny in his arms as well.

Ginny’s heart was heavy as Professor McGonnagall walked onto the platform; she tapped the microphone and spoke into it quietly. Everyone’s hands went to their ears as the microphone squeaked and Ginny could see a faint blush rise into the professor’s cheeks.

“Test, okay then. Well… the next dance should be two people from each house, if you are sitting get up,” The sitting students rose quietly, “Alright, now pair up with someone in a different house. It’s time to show some house unity!”

Ginny looked around for someone to pair up with. She didn’t really know any of the boys from Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff ones in her year were all paired up. She looked through the parting crowd and saw Draco looking around for someone.

Their eyes met and Draco took a step forward, he hesitated and stepped back. Ginny did the same, she wanted so much to just run into his arms, but she’d not only promised herself, but she’d secretly promised Jane and all her friends she wouldn’t see him anymore. Not that anyone knew, but it was hurting them that she was becoming so distant.

She felt a hand push her forward and turned to see Jane eyeing Draco and giving her a nudge. It didn’t matter that Ginny was shaking her head no though, because MacGonnagall was matching people up all over the place and she’d taken Draco’s hand and pulled him over to Ginny.

Surprisingly he made no commotion and placed a hand on her waist like they’d done before. She found his other hand and the music started. They were gazing into each other’s eyes when she fluttered away to see Ron staring with his mouth open. Jane was pathetically trying to get him to look away. Draco started to steer them through the crowd so that they could be a little more alone. Ginny let her head fall into the crook of his neck and she felt him kiss her head lovingly. Her conscious started speaking to her, telling her that it wasn’t all right to do this here. She looked around, people were starting to stare at the couple, and she brought Draco’s attention to this. He nodded and the squeezed through the crowd.

Draco opened the Slytherin common room door and looked around, telling Ginny to follow him in. There was no one in sight as they sat down on the couch. No words were needed anymore, they both had finally realised that perhaps they’d have to be together no matter what the consequences.

Draco’s arm fell across her shoulders as he kissed the sides of her lips nervously; she turned her head and kissed him full on. He pressed her back until she was lying on the couch and she wrapped her free leg around his back. They kissed slowly at first, letting the thoughts of one another seep into their minds, slowly Draco’s hands found the strings of Ginny’s dress and with one pull he had them undone. He rolled her over onto his stomach as she pulled it off and lay back down onto him. She undid his buttons slowly, pushing the shirt away from his shoulders. His hands fumbled with the buttons of his pants for a few seconds before he pulled them down to his feet.

Ginny sighed as she lay underneath him again, her breath still steady as she waited for him to enter her. He smiled and kissed her on the lips, caressing her breasts lightly. She nipped at his bottom lip lightly, urging him to enter her… but he was a tease. He knelt down to kiss her neck, biting at the skin and trailing kisses to her neck.

Her hips arched against him and he obeyed… and slowly their love mounted to heights that only they could achieve with one another.


Ginny tightened the straps of her golden dress and tried to keep her tousled hair up in the bun that it had fallen out of during their lovemaking. She kissed Draco one more time and walked out of his common room. It was late, and most people were still dancing away in the great hall. Luckily she made it back to he room without running into anyone important.


Ginny awoke to a faint tapping on her window. An owl was hitting her window furiously. She opened it and it dropped the letter, screeching at her as she opened it. Her fingers tore at the paper and finally a piece of parchment came out.

Dearest Ginny,

You are now dead. That is what I am going to tell them, you and the order are to go to the Central Graveyard and stay hidden in the woods. Alert them now, and make sure you’re there at 4 this morning. When Voldemort gives me back Sylvie she is going to run into the woods and go to you. You take her and go immediately to safety. Don’t bother replying to this, I’ll already have left. Let the order do there work. I’ll meet you somewhere, and remember Gin…

The tenth sign of love is putting your own life in front of your loves.

Love you,

Ginny’s hands were shaking, she hadn’t realised that this was going to happen so soon. They hadn’t discussed a plan or anything! She quickly wrote a letter and mailed it off to her parents, then some to other members of the order… telling them when and where.

She got out of bed and changed into something comfy and easy to move in. Her school robes seemed to be the best for the situation. Already her eyes were clouding over with tears… and nothing had gone wrong yet. Draco and Sylvie were still alive… no one had died.

She quickly marched into the boy’s room and woke Ron and Harry, then she went to Hermione. Telling them briefly that they were going to fight Voldemort right now. Harry shook his head, exclaiming that Ginny was dreaming. She nodded, tears still in her eyes.

Harry saw how serious she was though, and the five of them. Ron, Jane, Hermione, Harry and Ginny walked to the edge of the schoolyard… apparated and hoped that no one would die. This was the time that Draco Malfoy’s life was depending on. No one knew… except for Ginny.

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