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Chapter 15: Curiousity Breaks Hearts

“Paige, this is what boyfriends and girlfriends do when they walk down the halls” Sirius tried to reason with me. Our first little disagreement had started when he tried to clasp my hand as we walked to classes and I had pulled it away.

“Forget it, I like have a free hand while carrying my books and it feels weird to be attached to someone for no reason” I told him.

“We’re dating, that’s a reason” he stated

“I know we’re dating, you know, our friends know and eventually all of Hogwarts will, so there’s no point in parading it around anyway”

He sighed “I think you are going to be the strangest girlfriend I’ve ever had”

I smiled at him “You knew that going in, you’ve made you bed and now you have to lie in it”

“Bed eh? I like the direction this conversation is going”

"Yeah, you and the conversation can go wherever, I'm going to class"

Just then Amy jogged up beside me grinning “Sirius, didn’t she tell you, Paige is saving herself for marriage” she informed him. At his suddenly horrified face she burst into laughter.

“I need to borrow Paige for minute” she said, still laughing and pulled me back a bit.

“Do we kiss goodbye, or perhaps poetically state how sorrowful our parting will be until we glance upon each other once again?” I asked innocently.

“Very funny” he told me and leaned over and kissed my cheek “Until next time”

I grinned as I watched him go and still felt his lips on my cheek. I’m such a girl. I turned to Amy and took a few steps back at the look on her face. It was some kind of demonic happiness.

“This is so perfect” she said excitedly as Sirius disappeared into the classroom.

“Well you’re certainly jolly this morning” I noted. Her grin spread even wider. “Of course I am, now that you two are finally dating, you can ask him something I’ve been dying to know forever”

“What?” I asked suspiciously. She looked around and spoke in a low voice “Every once in awhile, for a few nights, all four of the guys sneak out at night and go somewhere and the next morning are more tired than usual”

I rolled my eyes “They’re always sneaking out to pull pranks and crap” She gave me an exasperated look. “Yeah I know, but they usually brag about what they did the next day, only sometimes they don’t and look all exhausted” she whispered “and Remus won’t tell me” she added.

“Oh” I said suddenly “Now it’s suddenly clear, you think Sirius will tell me”

“Of course, Remus is an excellent secret keeper because he’s very noble, but Sirius on the other hand won’t be able to resist you if you ask him ever so sweetly with those batted eyelashes of yours”

“Anything else you want me to seduce out of my new boyfriend” I asked sarcastically.

“The nicknames, don’t even try to tell me you don’t want to know what they mean”

“Noble Remus won’t tell you that either?”

“Nooooo, and shut up”

The bell rang as we were talking and we scrambled into the classroom. After convincing the teacher we had in fact been on time we took our seats, which were conveniently located on each side of Sirius and Remus.

After a few minutes a piece of paper landed in front of me. Talking was death in this class but notes usually went unnoticed.


I looked up at her face full of urgency

“Now?” I mouthed to her and she nodded vigorously. I wrote something back on the paper.

How long have you been wanting to know this anyway?

I shoved the paper back at her and she gave me an irritated look before scribbling something hastily.

A VERY long time now ask him or I’ll spread nasty rumours about you

Alright, I was kind of uncomfortable about doing this so early in our already very weird relationship but Amy was my friend. Plus I didn’t think she was joking about the rumours thing.

I took out a fresh piece of parchment and thought over my words carefully before writing.

So Sirius, I have been wondering about something for a little while now

I nudged him and passed him the note. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, I looked over his shoulder as he wrote a reply.

Well I don’t know the exact measurements but I cou

I yanked the parchment away from him before he could write anything else. He gave me wicked grin.

Not that you wanker, I was wondering where you guys go sometimes at night that make you so drained the next morning and also what do you’re nicknames mean?

I could see his brow furrow out of the corner of my eye as he watched as I wrote this. He looked over at Amy who was watching us expectantly and she quickly looked at the teacher. Finally he picked up his quill and wrote a quick reply.

The usual Slytherin sabotage, and the we got the nicknames form some dumb book a few years ago, nothing really top secret

He passed it to me and I knew it was a complete lie. He began writing on a separate piece of paper but kept the contents of it shielded from me. When he was finished he rolled it up and flicked it over to Remus, which caught him off guard because he was actually paying attention.

Amy gave me a confused look and I shrugged my shoulders at her. I studied Remus as he read the wrinkled paper. When he finished, he gave his attention back to our professor and most noticeably, moved his chair away from Amy, creating a significant gap.

This can’t be good.


So the good news is, no one is pissed at me

The bad news is Amy wasn’t quite clear with me on exactly how much she’d pestered Remus about his secrets or the fact that it was a very sore subject.

And what a sore subject it is, he is beyond angry with her. Unfortunately that has peaked my curiosity and I suspect Lily’s too. We haven’t asked the guys about it but we are being supportive friends to Amy and now its girls sitting with girls and boys sitting with boys in class and at mealtimes.

So this isn’t too great, now I’m curious but I have to keep that to myself. This sucks because if they’re so upset, it must be a really good secret. I wonder if she’s figured out how much James really loves her and is willing to take her chance on asking him.

“Why am I so stupid, why do I have to no everything?” Amy yelled and threw a pillow across the room before collapsing on her bed in defeat. I sat down next to her and patted her head.

“I’m sure if you just apologize again and wait it out, it will be fine” Lily comforted while retrieving the pillow.

“I could apologise until the horses come home and it wouldn’t matter” she said glumly.


“What is it Paige?”

“Uh never mind” I stammered.

“Whatever it is, get it out” she moaned.

“Well it’s just that you’re supposed to say until the cows come home not horses” I told her in a small voice.

Lily looked at me in shock and I began to panic. Amy sat up and looked me blankly.

I sat looking at her while feeling very tense “Sorry that was stupid I know”

Tears ran down her face and she moved toward me. I flinched a little until I realized she was hugging me and sobbing in my shoulder. I hugged her back, it’s what a best friend does.

Only an hour later she was sound asleep and Lily and I made small talk until finally giving in and discussing our boyfriends and their secrets.

Suddenly out of nowhere Lily stood up. “HE wanted sooo badly to have a relationship with me and now he wants to hide things, what does he think I’m not trustworthy!” she shouted.

“Uhh” Obviously Amy hasn’t been the only one wondering about their after hours activities for awhile now.

“Well I won’t stand for it” and with that she left the room, after hours, to go to the boys dormitory


“Where’s she going?” Amy said groggily as Lily’s figure disappeared from the room.

“And why was she yelling at this time of night, Miss Head girl should know better” another girl in our dorm whined.

“Shut it” I said briskly to whomever that was and followed the redhead.


A/N: awwww troubles in paradise, sorry it couldn’t be longer but I wanted this chapter out, I haven’t updated in almost 3 MONTHS

so *cough* *cough* I guess I’ve been a bit busy with life and stuff, I’m starting to get back into my stories though so don’t worry

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