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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter. I only own character's you don't recognize. Most of the brilliance belongs to J.K. Rowling.


Walking down the hallway, her 2-year-old sister, Peyton, in her arms she knocked on the first door that contained her 10-year-old brother “Tristan? Are you up? You had better be, we leave in half an hour and you haven’t eaten anything”

Ryan Aikens was 16 years old and starting her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was her 6th year of magical study but her family moved to Northampton from Palm Springs, California this summer. She had attended a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry in America but because her family moved to Europe she had to transfer.

“Mom?” she yelled, no answer came, “MOTHER?!”

“She’s in the shower” her little sister, Tristan’s twin, Kendall informed her.

“Thanks, can you make sure Tristan is up?”

“What am I, his babysitter?”

“Kendall, please?”

“Fine, fine, I’m going.”

Kendall and Tristan were mischievous little things and Ryan didn’t doubt for a second that they would be quite amusing once they started school. They were the best of friends and always had a way of finding trouble in almost every situation.

Walking through her mother’s room, she knocked on the bathroom door.
“Mom, are you almost done? We have to leave in 25 minutes!”

“Is everyone ready?”

“Everyone but Tristan, I just put Kendall on it though”

“Did you get a bag ready for those two, Sydney, and Peyton? We’re staying in London for the day, doing some shopping and other things”

“I did that last night, like you told me to”

“Is Lucas packed?”

“I believe so, he was just eating breakfast when I came up here. And yes mother, Kendall already ate. Sydney is eating now.”

“RYAN! RYAN! Am I allowed to bring my broom?” her 13-year-old brother, Lucas, charged into the room. He would be starting in his 3rd year.

“Yes, you are. Mom! I’m packing the van, please hurry, I have Peyton”
“Okay, I’m done” her mom answered as Ryan heard the water turn off.

Ryan walked downstairs to the kitchen. They had a rather large home, larger even then their one in California, though she missed it there terribly. Their house was almost entirely muggle for the simple fact that her father was a muggle. Yes, she was a half-blood. Her mother was a witch, but because of her father’s job they had always had to have a muggle home. Because of this all 7 of her parents children dressed very well as muggles.

Today Ryan was dressed in basic jeans and a long yellow tank top with a green T-Shirt on top that said in yellow letters “San Clemente California”. She had a black, zip-hoodie on over this. She also had on her favorite pair of shoes, which were green, and white checkered. She had her hair tied back in a very messy bun with her hair falling in her face. It had been tight this morning but in the rush to get everyone out of the house had loosened up a bit.

She went to the kitchen and set Peyton down in her high chair, her 5-year-old sister Sydney had just finished breakfast. She cleaned up breakfast minus two pieces of toast and three pieces of bacon. These she put in a tupper-wear container and put it in her bag.

She picked Peyton back up, grabbed Sydney’s hand and went to the front door where Lucas and Kendall were picking up trunks and an owl cage and starting to bring them outside.

“Kendall, where’s Tristan?” she inquired of her sister.

“He said he was coming”

She heaved a great sigh and started up the stairs.

“Syd, stay with Kendall.” She called over her shoulder.

She met her mother in the hallway directly outside her brother’s door.

All she said was, “Mom, Tristan”

“Got it, get everyone else in the car.”

She went outside to meet Lucas and Kendall and put Peyton and Sydney in their car seats.
“’Kay guys, strap in, mom and Tristan should be out in a few seconds.”

True to her word, a couple seconds later, her mother rushed out the door with Tristan looking extremely groggy.

“Mom, I didn’t get anything to eat” he whined.
“Well you should have thought of that before you decided to get up five minutes before we had to leave.”

“I gotcha covered” Ryan said handing Tristan the tupper-wear container that contained his breakfast. “Now strap in”

Hopping into the front seat next to her mother Ryan watched her mother do a head count.

“One, two, three, four, five, six…” she trailed off.

“Audin” she informed her mother.

“Of course, I keep forgetting”

Her older brother Audin had just graduated from their school in America and was now working in New York. Her mother was so used to doing a seven-person head count that she often forgot she now only had to do a six-person head count.


Arriving at King’s Cross Station at 10*30, Ryan’s mom went to get two trolleys for Ryan and Lucas’ trunks. Securing her trunk and her owl, Chloe’s cage to her trolley, she wheeled it over to the barrier in between platforms 9 and 10.

“I’ll go first!” Lucas said.

“Alright, Kendall, Tristan you go in with Lucas. Lucas, do not go anywhere, wait for us”

They watched them disappear through the barrier.

Ryan went through the barrier with her mother, Sydney, and Peyton.

“HEEEEY!” they heard someone nearby yell.

She wheeled around to see her Aunt Bridget and her cousin Raegan walking up to them. Bridget was her mother’s sister; she had two children, Jesse who was Lucas’ age and Raegan who was the Sydney’s age. Lucas had already met up with Jesse and walked up to them.

“Mom, Jesse already has a compartment with his friends, can I go with him?”

“Yeah, of course.” She replied as she stood chatting with her sister.

Ryan interrupted, “Mom, I’m gonna go find myself a compartment okay? I’ll be back”

Kendall, who was very much attached to Ryan and always hated when she went away to school for the whole year, said excitedly, “Can I go with you?! Can I?! Can I?!”

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Ryan replied quickly, she hurried away so Sydney and Peyton would not beg to come also.

“Here, you carry Chloe, be careful alright?”

Out of habit Ryan went all the way to the back of the train to the very last compartment. Not to her surprise it was empty.

“Here we’ll just put my stuff in here.”

She heaved her trunk and Chloe’s cage into the luggage rack and grabbing Kendall’s hand walked back over to her mother, Sydney, Peyton, her aunt, and Raegan. Tristan had tagged along with Jesse and Lucas.

“Alright mom, I’ll try to write to you and tell you how classes go”

“Alright sweetie, make sure your brother doesn’t get into too much trouble”

Just as she said this, her brothers and cousin came over laughing about something.

“‘Bye mom” Lucas said while hugging his mother.

Ryan bent down, “’Bye Syddy, I’ll see you soon. Kendall, be good, don’t wander away from mom today, and help her out alright?” She hugged and kissed Sydney and Kendall and then took Peyton out of her mother’s arms and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Okay” Kendall replied sadly.

“Tristan… please just don’t be a pain”

“Thanks? Love you too. Gosh.

“‘Bye guys. ‘Bye Aunt Bridget, see ya Rae”

She climbed onto the Hogwarts Express and went to her compartment. She leaned against the window, slightly nervous about the year ahead and hoping it wouldn’t be too difficult to make friends. She had been to Hogwarts before, but that was when she was really little and to see her grandfather at Christmas, anymore, he came to their house for Christmas. She loved going back to school (even though she didn’t know this one) simply because she could drop her “second-mother act” as she called it. She didn’t have siblings to take care of and minus the occasional letter to her family she could just take a break from them. Of course, she loved them dearly, but she was still a teenager and at home, she felt more like a second mother (hence the name).

Chloe was hooting loudly in her cage so Ryan got up and rummaged through her trunk for some owl treats. She heard her compartment door slide open and someone walk in.
She turned around to find a tall boy with white blonde hair and a pointy face looking at her.


Okay, so that's the first chapter. Please review!

Here's her family just incase it was a little confusing. Sorry if it was.

Audin John Aikens- 18-years-old, graduated from school in America
Ryan Nicole Aikens- 16-years-old, starting 6th year at Hogwarts
Lucas Michael Aikens- 13-years-old, starting 3rd year at Hogwarts
Tristan James Aikens- 10-years-old, Kendall's twin
Kendall Larkin Aikens- 10-years-old, Tristan's twin
Sydney Hope Aikens- 5-years-old
Peyton Rose Aikens- 2-years-old



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