(A/N this chapter contains the beautiful lyrics of Overcome by LIVE)

Chapter 1

Looking back at it all, the choices I had made, the difference that would come from my actions I wouldn’t regret it at all.

“All aboard!” A shrill voice echoed and resinated over the train station as for the final time I boarded the Hogwarts Express, almost sadly and watched as the fields began to quickly pass me by. Chugging slowly away from the castle I had called home for the past seven years and knowing that when the doors opened I would be in the real world, the unsupervised, unscripted world that people dread and are excited by both at once. The world that we strive for, attempt to achieve, we wish for and dream for. However once we get it we want nothing else but to go back to the lives we lived before. The life I lived before.

The compartment door opened and a soft voice whispered “Hermione?”. It was so soft i barely looked up. It took awhile for my eyes to not be fuzzy anymore but finally when I looked up I saw Ginny just standing there, I smiled and went back to my gazing. I heard her enter and sit down next to me. Her hand slowly crept into mine as a form of reassurance. “You did the right thing you know, it’s going to hurt for awhile, but you did the right thing”.

I tried to put what she said out of my mind, this wasn’t worth it, this freedom that I now experience was nothing compared to what I lost. I felt her squeeze my hand as if bringing me back into the real world. “Sorry, I was just thinking”.

Ginny just looked at me as if I had gone mad “yes I realized that bit, but the question I’m wondering is what were you thinking about my dear?”.

I just looked at her for a minute before turning away and just staring at the empty chair opposite and imagining it filled with the laughter and joy that usually comes from it on these trips home.

“Just remembering Ginny, about them.” I whispered, barely hearable amongst the rattle of the carriages, but she still heard it.

Hugging me she replied “I know Hermione, I do it everyday.” I smiled in return “and I cry about it everyday”.

Eventually the already blurred paddocks became barely visible through the tears that leaked from my eyes once again. Stifling a sob I just leant my forehead against the window and let the tears fall for the fourth time that day, slowly closing my eyes I drifted off to sleep.

“Hermione?” Ginny looked down at her sleeping friend and wondered what was going on through that pretty head of hers, what secrets had she left untold, what confession had she yet to confide in Ginny. Softly Ginny began to sing the only song she could think of in hopes that Hermione may sleep for the first time in a week.

“Even now, the world is bleeding.
But feeling just fine, all alone in the shadows,
Where we’re all always free to choose,
Never free enough to find,
I wish something would break,
Because we’re running out of Time
And I am overcome, I am overcome
Holy waters in my lungs
And I am overcome”

Hermione stirred only slightly when she finished but her eyes remained shut. Ginny sighed, looked at the clock. Five hours left of this trip to go she thought with a sigh. Maybe I could get it out of her then. Softly she shook Hermione until her eyelids lifted and she looked at Ginny.

“What is it Gin?”

I looked at this red head in the light from overhead. She looked pale, tired and completely exhausted from the past year. I watched as she sighed and asked with a slight strain in her voice.

“Please Hermione, Tell me about it. Tell me what happened back there…”

Authors Note: I hate using the term ‘begin flashback’ but for the purposes of the story I can’t get it across any clearer and after having a few complaints that my writing is a bit hard to follow I thought I would make this story absolutely clear.please read and review...

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