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PLEASE NOTE! There ARE some book five spoilers in this story! Disclaimer- Anything you reconize from the Harry potter books belongs to JK Rowling. People like Adele (Addy) and Margaret (Maggie) who you don\'t reconize are mine! Also to my girlies who are not Layla or Elizabeth... please don't think I'm like syco for naming them what I did. it had a reason behind it, it had something to do with a little wild goose chase I sent them on... if that makes any since to you fine and if not oh well!! A special thanky to Jenny and Sarah who were sweet enough to read this... AnGeLs ArE tHe BeSt! *I don’t care that you love me. By- LunaJ Chapter 1- Unwanted Blues THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN THEIR FIFTH YEAR! I glanced in the mirror and I shrieked at the top of my lungs. On top of my head was a cat, and when it jumped off there was nothing. Nothing! My long, beautiful, red hair had vanished. “Potter!” I yelled as I was running down the steps. “Dammit James! POTTER!!! Where the hell are you!” I jumped the last 3 steps and dashed across the common room. As I was running I almost tripped over a large lump on the floor. “Remus get up.” I said getting annoying. I didn’t know or care why he was lying there. “Where is that son of a……” “Watch your language Lily!" He said as he picked himself up, and I rolled my eyes "You should know better! Set an example for the…. Holy shit what happened to your hair.” “Talk about watching your language! As for my hair, I have a feeling it has something to do with that, no good, lousy, piece of scum you call a friend.” “You rang?” I turned around and James Potter was standing before me. “Nice hair Evans, although, where is it?” “I should be asking you that! JAMES CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!” “Even if I could, I wouldn’t, that look really works for you.” “What the! POTTER! What did you do to me.” “Alas, I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t.” “James, just change it back.” Remus said as he brushed the dust off his prefect badge. “I already said it wasn’t me, why is it that every time something happens around here, I get blamed?” James said overly sarcastically “Because you usually do it!” I screamed “Oh yeah, I forgot that.” “Your impossible!” I pulled my wand out from my robe, summoned James’s broom from his dorm, and charmed it so that it would rapidly hit him over the head. “Lily- ow- what the- ow- was that- ow for- ow- ow-?” “My hair!” I said, and then I began screaming as I ran back up the stairs. I sat back down on my bed and began to sob, why me? Why me? James constantly tormented me, actually, he tormented anyone who wasn't a friend or a admirer. He was a jerk and that was the only word to described him. *~~*~~*~~* Later at dinner I was still bald, and James’s broom was still hitting him. My friend Adele, had attempted several beauty spells to regrow my hair, but still, nothing worked. “Here let me try this one.” She said pointing to an article in The Quibbler. “Why not? It’s not like it can get any worse can it?” I pulled the wig Maggie had given me off my head. Addy preformed the incantation, and nothing happened. Then I noticed that the top of my head, was slowly getting colder and colder, and a small smile crept over my face as I felt hair, growing out of my bald scalp. “Well on the bright side, at least you have hair now.” She said, as I heard a few loud bursts of laughter coming from the direction of James and Sirius. “Addy, what did you do?” I asked afraid of what she might say. She paused for a long time, then she dug through her purse and handed me a mirror. “Oh my lord child! What happened to your hair!” exclaimed the mirror. And I looked at my reflection in horror, as I saw that my hair was back, only it was blue. End of chapter 1 Well, hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed that! It’s short, and only a beginning. I’m looking forward to working on this story! (and I hope your looking forward to the next chapter!) If you like my work please spread the word, and review! I’d really appreciate feedback! My name is Jeannie, Luna Lovegood is like one of my fav. characters, which is why I dedicated my pen name to her!!!! luv always, *Jeannie WOW!!! 12 REVIEWS!! Count EM! 12!!! Keep em coming!!! Next chap will be up ASAP!

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