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Chapter 1

Introduction- The Task

Draco Malfoy was sitting in Death Eater Headquarters next to his father. Since he was not quite seventeen, his father had to be present when the Dark Lord gave him tasks. Tonight was no different; Draco anxiously awaited his instructions while the Dark Lord entered the room.

Voldemort sat in his tall backed, black, velvet chair behind a darkly stained desk. He looked at Draco with his red, snake-like eyes. Eyes that no longer made Draco scared.

“Young, faithful Draco. I have a challenging task for you,” Voldemort said leaning back in his chair.

“I am ready,” Draco said expressionlessly.

“Yes, well I have a problem with one of my followers. Actually, she never agreed to take the Dark Mark. I forced it upon her... among other things. Her name is Faye Song, and I believe she is about your age. She lives not far from here and was forced to live like a muggle. She knows not of her own magic. Faye, like myself, was orphaned at a young age. Although, she was adopted by muggles,” Voldemort said.

“What is the task, my lord?” Draco asked.

“She displays power. Great power. Power that I want. She is beautiful and manipulative, so be careful. And, untrained magic in her blood means I can easily teach her Dark Magic. One day, Faye Song may be my successor. If that bastard Harry Potter wins out Final Battle- which he surely will not- she will rule the Death Eaters,” Voldemort told.

Lucius Malfoy shifted in his seat. Voldemort sneered at him. Lucius obviously wanted the position as Voldemort’s successor.

“Right now, she is in danger of being found by the Order of the Phoenix. I suspect they followed me there the last time I... visited. Draco, your task is to watch over her. You will always be invisible and silent. She goes to the local muggle high school. I expect you to inform me of any suspicious behavior around her. So, do research. You will leave tomorrow night at two a.m.,” Voldemort concluded.

“Yes, my Lord,” Draco said, stood up, bowed to Voldemort, and left. Lucius was not far behind him. He told Draco of where he could research the life of muggles.

Draco would need to know about electricity and the objects it runs; school systems; cars and other forms of transportation; and of course, teenaged lifestyles.

The chances of being given a special task by the Dark Lord was very slim, and Draco knew it. This meant that Voldemort trusted him. Draco was proud of himself for his achievement, and he knew his father was, too. But, the fact that he could not be seen or heard for the time he was there was worrying him. He always had someone to talk to whether it be friends from school, or his father.

“The Dark Lord said this girl would be his successor. I wonder what makes her so special. She doesn’t even know magic! He better not tell me I have to teach this Squib magic. I’d do it, but I would not want to do it. He said I’ll get more power if I do this right. It’ll be great if I pass up Father. He’s so set on being the Dark Lord’s successor, I thought he was going to Avada Kedavra himself in Death Eater’s Headquarters,” Draco thought as he sat at the desk in their library. He was supposed to be studying, but the excitement of Voldemort’s new found trust was distracting him.

“Draco,” Lucius’ warning voice came from the chair nearby.

“Sorry, Father,” Draco apologized and sat up and began to read his book again. He put down the quill he was twirling and ran his hand through his hair.

“Thank you,” Lucius said and looked back at the book he was reading.

Draco began to watch his father, thinking about how he earned his power in the wizarding world. “Am I ready to do those horrid things?” Draco realized.

Lucius looked up at Draco again. “Draco, staring at me will not soak up my knowledge,” he sighed impatiently.

Draco snapped his head down at his book and notes again. He pretended to write notes on different ways to use electricity. “I wanna go now, I am ready for the power!”


AN: I know it’s short, but it’s only an intro. This is my darkest story yet! Tell me how I’m doing!

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