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R.E.C. by pearluna

Dedicated (of course) to the real Rachel Elizabeth Croft. :)

A/N: every review is appreciated (even if it is mean and says you hate this story)! So… review! You will be thanked!

Disclaimer: JK Rowling is an amazing author who does not need fanfiction. Since I am writing this, I must not be Jo because I… a) do not live in the UK and b) write and read fanfiction. I DO NOT OWN ANYBODY/THING EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING: Rachel (not her name, but herself), Anne (partial credit of naming to my friend Jasmine), Bianca (who I really don’t own, her being one of my closest friends and all), and the plot. Every single other character and setting (i.e., Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, etc.) belongs to dear Jo.

A/N repeat: please review—I do love them :)

Now, chapter 10.

Chapter 10: Guests of Honor

“Hello, girls.”

I double blinked. Anne smiled, “Hello.”

Professor Ginny smiled. “I think you’ve met most of these people, but I’ll introduce you.” Silently, as if they had been ordered to, the guests lined up. “First, this is my husband, Harry Potter.” Anne and I followed Professor Ginny and shook hands with Professor Harry Potter. “This is my youngest brother, who is a year older than I, Ron Weasley. He is Hermione’s husband.” We shook hands with him and continued to follow Professor Ginny. “You’ve met my brothers, Fred and George.” Anne and I nodded and shook hands with the Weasley twins. “This is my friend, Neville Longbottom.” We shook hands with our Herbology professor. “And finally, this is one of my dearest friends, Luna Longbottom.” Anne and I smiled broadly and shook hands with our dear, quirky Headmistress. She was wearing a bottle-cap necklace and radish earrings. “She is Neville’s wife,” Ginny added.

After Anne and I had exchanged hellos and nice to meet yous, Professor Hermione clapped her hands. “Now that everyone has met everyone else, let’s sit down and Ginny shall explain why we are here. Ummm, Anne. Would you please get the chairs? And… Rachel. Would you get the food?” Anne and I nodded.

“Ten bean bag chairs, please,” Anne whispered so that only I heard her. “Different colors, if you don’t mind.”

“Hmm… some hot chocolate, coffee, marshmallows, cookies, milk, and water. Oh, and some lemon bars to, if you don’t mind. I do love lemon bars.” I muttered. Anne chuckled at my short, quiet speech.

Immediately, the large bean bag chairs, this time in various colors, appeared along side a coffee table heaped with what I had asked for. “Yummmm,” said Professor Luna.

“I couldn’t agree more, Luna,” said Professor Neville.

We snacked for a few minutes, chatting away the minutes in our own snazzy-dapperish bean bag chairs. Finally,

“Alright,” said Professor Ginny, “time for work. Let me start by saying thank you all for coming. You all probably have better things to do on a Friday night. So thank you. Now, I have called this emergency meeting because, well, I felt I needed to call it.

“As you may know, Hermione and I have been helping Anne Greene and Rachel Croft. Well, I called this meeting because we need help.”

Anne and I looked at each other, confused. “But, Professor Ginny, you and Professor Hermione are great teachers. You’ve helped us so much,” said Anne.

“Yes,” I said, “what do you mean you need help?”

Professor Ginny and Professor Hermione laughed. “Thank you,” said Professor Hermione.

“Yes, thank you. I don’t mean that we need help teaching you, merely convincing you.”

“What?” I asked, confused. “Convincing us what?”

“Accio Marauder’s map and invisibility cloaks,” Professor Ginny answered. The map and cloaks immediately flew out of our bags and into her hand.

Fred, George, and all the Professors smiled at the sight of them. “Those things? Wow, they bring back memories,” Professor Harry laughed. Professors, Fred, and George all laughed with him

“Boy, do they ever,” added Professor Ron.

Through the midst of this, Anne and I were still confused. At least, I was. Maybe Anne wasn’t. Professor Luna looked over at us: first years, muggle borns, Slytherins. She smiled reassuringly at us. “Now,” she said, “where were you, Ginny?”

“Right,” said Professor Ginny. “Moving on. I called this emergency meeting today because Rachel and Anne need to be convinced. No matter how much we drum it into them, they never act.

“Act?” asked Anne.

“Act?” I repeated. “What do you want us to do?”

“Prank Malfoy! duh!!!” stated Professor Ginny.

“Well… uhh…” said Anne. There came a moment of sudden, slightly tense silence. However, after a few seconds, it was broken by laughter. A slight giggling from our beloved, quirky Headmistress turned into a roaring laughter supported from all ten people in the room. Ten or so minutes later, Professor Luna spoke up.

“That,” she started, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, “is why we were all called here. This is the best emergency meeting I’ve every been to, and I’ve been to a lot of them!”

“Yes,” said Fred, still chuckling, “now. Let’s think about this.”

“First, how the heck do we convince them to prank said slimy git?” asked George, a mock-serious look on his face while he stroked his chin. Anne and I snickered.

“I’ve GOT IT!!” exclaimed Professor Neville, after a ten second break after George’s question.

“Yes, Neville?” asked Professor Luna.

“OK. So. We threaten to dock points from them, and then, you know…”

“YOU WOULDN’T!!!” Anne and I exclaimed. I looked around at my professors. They were all bug-eyed. Fred and George were laughing. One by one, they grinned (rather maliciously, too!).

“Or, even better, threaten to give them extra homework!” exclaimed Fred.

Anne and I gasped.

“No!” she said, astonished.

“You wouldn’t! Don’t! Please!” I begged (dignified, mined you.)

Professor Ginny and Professor Hermione’s eyes lit up. “Yes!” said Professor Ginny.

“That’s exactly it!” added Professor Hermione. “Neville and Fred, you are geniuses!”

“Thank you, Hermione,” said Professor Neville, smiling.

“I know,” Fred added pompously. We all laughed.

~+End of Chapter+~

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A/N on story progress: I have currently written chapter 11 and chapter 12, and am formulating chapter 13. I try to post regularly, but school gets in the way a lot! Every review is loved….

P.S. Sorry this chapter was a bit short!

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