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    I’m back~ hey y’all, thanks for waiting!! And here, it’s supposed to be Angst but I think I didn’t really get it right… Still, here’s Chapter 6 ~ enjoy’’

    ~The reason to live


    Draco had untangled himself from the mess of bed sheets and had left to get showered. I was observing him the whole time. His usual enthusiasm was gone. No longer was he staring at me. No longer was he waiting for an opportunity to pounce.
    He was very quiet and withdrawn. He’d stop showering me with neither love nor praise…

    And heck, what am I thinking?
    Roy wasn’t part of my plan and neither was falling for Draco!

    Why do these plans have so many flaws?

    During breakfast, the situation made no signs of improvement. Draco was staring into space and I was smiling meekly, shoving food onto his plate – which he did not eat at all. From the other side of the hall, Roy sat with the Quiddtch players. Their table was directly opposite the Prefectorial Table. He winked at me and grinned while Draco, who obviously saw that, tensed up and began gobbling up his food, eyes fierce and menacing on Roy.

    Roy, meanwhile, was happily talking to his friends, pointing at me every so often. His friends seemed excited and their mouths began to animatedly open and close, close and open. Roy was basking in the attention, waving a lazy hand, assuring them. All this while, I had been wishing that I had bought some Extendable Ears from Fred and George.


    “Stop it.”
    “Stop staring at her.”
    “And why should I do that? She’s not a puppet you know. She can do whatsoever she pleases and so can I”
    “She’s my girlfriend, you bloody prat, so keep your eyes and your hands off her.”
    “What’s makes you think I’d want to touch her?”
    “You always do. You’re always pouncing on my women. Take this as a warning. You do that one more time, I’ll roast you alive. Literally.

    Then, releasing the other boy’s shirt, he stalked out of the classroom door.

    Roy smiled at Draco’s retreating back.
    “Of course you’d do that… “your” women are always picking me over you, aren’t they? Will see just what you’d do when your father finds out you have a mudblood for a girlfriend…”
    Then as the brightness and mischievousness faded, replaced by coldness and emptiness, his eyes dimmed and he walked out through the door, in search of that particular girl which would be the object of his cousin’s broken heart.


    “Hermione! Hey, over here.”
    That sexy voice caught my attention and I turned, facing the bright silver eyes again.
    “Roy! Hey, what were you discussing with your friends just now? You kept pointing at me and…”
    “Hey, no worries, just introducing you… and yeah, do you mind going in for awhile? I need to tell you something.” He gestured towards a vacant classroom.
    Desperately looking for an interruption but failing miserably, I fidgeted for a bit before asking, “Can we not go in?”
    Smirking a little, he pulled me in, despite my slight protests. To be honest, I was a little petrified on what he’d do.

    He had cornered me and since he was much taller, he bent down and nuzzled my neck slightly. Blush crept on my cheeks and my hair on the back of my neck stood on its end.
    “Uh, Roy? What- What was it you wanted t-to tell me…?” I stammered.
    “Nothing, really… but I like this… don’t you?”

    Then, at that time, I could find the right words. He was just too… intoxicating.
    I felt him smirk and he brushed his lips against my neck. I just stared straight into space while my mind was screaming the words “NOT PART OF MY PLAN!!” over and over in my head. He tilted my head up and descended his lips on my own. It was just like the last time we met. Afraid that my hormones would take over my common sense, I withdrew my head but he grabbed my waist and the kiss deepened. By that time, I was willing to allow myself to follow suit but there was still a flicker of control in my head. While panicking, I had accidentally bitten down on his lip. Immediately, he withdrew his head and wiped his bottom lip, grimacing as he did so.

    “You didn’t have to do that, y’know.”
    Seizing this opportunity, I said, “Sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll just grab a tissue and clean it…” saying so, I pushed my way past him and tried to reach the door but-
    “It’s okay,” he grabbed my arm again, “I don’t mind…”
    Damn, damn, damn!!

    He drew closer to me again but I held my place.
    This nonsense had to stop.

    “You know, Roy, you’re a great guy but… can we stop all this? It’s NOT fun and neither is it exciting. You probably just take this as some sort of game, some sort of activity to blow some time on, but, well, you know, I’m really not the sort who’d do this… and, Draco’s, well... you know…”
    He didn’t take any of my words in though. He rammed his lips on mine and pulled me into yet another breathtaking kiss.
    So much for stopping the nonsense…

    Suddenly, footsteps echoed through the hallway. Alarmed, I started fidgeting about but Roy’s grip remained tight. His eyes were shut tight and he was almost kissing me brutally now. It was almost as if it was part of his plan.
    The footsteps were getting louder…

    Why, oh why didn’t I scream when I had the chance?
    Now I couldn’t even fight him off.

    As the steps grew louder with every passing minute, my heart pumped faster. My mind was coming up with all sorts of escape excuses but my brain seemed to freeze there. I began thrashing about, insanely and wildly, ignoring the fact that I was hitting Roy. His lips were still firmly pressed on mine and he wasn’t letting me go. It was only a few seconds later when I heard the a fist slam onto the door (it was ajar- Roy had left it open) and a familiar voice yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK! GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!!”
    My eyes widened.

    Roy finally tore his lips from mine and smiled at his cousin.
    “Didn’t I tell you I would always be better than you?”

    Then, everything was a blur to my eyes. I felt a hand grab my arm and it pulled me roughly aside before a flash of red light blinded my eyes. A split second later, the light faded into the blackness and through the darkness, I saw blood.
    It dripped from Roy’s neck and shoulder. The gashes were deep and long and the cut on his neck was particularly deep. Roy had his eyes closed and his head was tilted to one side, breathing heavily.
    Slowly opening his eyes, he cast an extremely nasty glare to Draco.

    “You’re gonna pay for this. You’d never be able to return home after I get payback.”

    Saying so, he pushed his way past us and out the door, blood still dripping from his open wound, cursing and swearing all the way. As he turned the corner and disappeared from sight, I turned to Draco.
    “What did you do to him? What was that- that… That red thing??” I asked frantically.

    He just gave me those quiet, fuming looks and said, “Guess you do care a lot about him, huh..”
    “NO! But, I mean… that could get you stripped off your position on the Quidditch team! You may even be expelled, for God’s sake!”
    “I don’t care about any of that! He was practically attacking you! He always does!”

    For a moment, I had frozen when he uttered the last three words. Did it mean that he knew about Roy and I---?
    I decided to play dumb and asked, “Always does? As in…?”

    “He’s always pouncing on my women. Always and forever. It has been like that since we were young. He’d go after the girls I like and they’d like him because he’s the possessor of “The Malfoy Charm”. Didn’t you realize that his eyes were brighter then mine? And that he smiles more often even though he’s a Malfoy? He was born that way. A devil in an angel’s costume. I’ll bet his “payback” is something just as bad as him...”


    Draco had been called down to Madame Maxine’s office during breakfast and he never came back after that. I sat alone in the common room, wondering where the heck he went and what happened to him. He sent to messages, no letters, nothing. I was getting much too worried when Dumbledore turned up.
    Leaping up from my chair, I half-ran towards him.

    “Professor, professor!! Do you know where Draco went??”
    Professor Dumbledore gave me a grim look before saying, “Mr Malfoy has been found unconscious in the Malfoy Manor. Seems there was a struggle of some sort and neighbours saw flashes of light through the windows. They had contacted the ministry and they found Mr Malfoy sprawled out on the floor, wand in hand. His father was not found in the house and his mother is in America. The aurors who brought him there claimed he was calling you, Miss Granger. Apparently, the first thing he said when he opened his eyes was your name. He blacked out yet again and healers are not clear as to what was used on him and neither do they know what they should do about him. Therefore, I have given you permission to visit him but you are to return to the Beautxbatons castle before the next sunset. After all, Mr Malfoy, though unconscious, wouldn’t mind some company.”
    With that, he smiled, a little too grim to be warm, and led me to the Heads’ fireplace, where he passed me some floo power and with a final nod of his head, I threw the golden dust into the fire, watching it turn emerald, thinking of a certain blonde who’d most probably dueled with Draco.


    It was a dream.
    Draco is alive.
    There is no blood.
    There wasn’t any one who died.

    And yet… a sickening feeling twisted in my stomach. What was it?
    Why do I feel like I’m falling off a-


    I was sleeping on a chair? What was I sleeping on a chair for? Was I stupid? I had a bed, for goodness sake!

    As soon as my train of thoughts ended, last night’s events hit me like a bullet to the stomach.
    I shot up from my crouching position on the floor and I saw Draco in the exact same position he was in since a few hours ago when I arrived. Pale but relaxed, emotionless and limp, hands crossed over each other and the only sign, which proves him alive, is the occasional rising and falling of his chest. Although its obvious he’s still alive, I was still very much terrified that he’d stop breathing altogether. Seeing him expressionless and motionless made me very uneasy…

    Although I do wonder, when was it since I stared caring about him? I thought his only existence in my plan was to be a rebound.
    Could it be that I have fallen for the ferret?
    That Ron is no longer of any importance to me?

    As I mulled over these matters, Draco’s fingers twitched.
    At first, I thought it was just my imagination.
    Then his whole hand shook.
    Surprised, I knelt down and grabbed his hand, my Gryffindor pride dispersing for the moment. I rubbed the back of his hand, whispering comforting words to myself, hoping that he’d awake, smile and apologize for making me worried. That he’d awake and tell me nothing’s wrong.

    But it didn’t happen. After his hand shook, he returned to his normal posture, limp and lifeless, expressionless and emotionless.

    I felt a single tear escape my eyes.
    Why though?

    Had I really fallen for Draco?
    Did I really care if he was awake or not?
    What’s happening to me?

    As the clock struck twelve, and the shadows shrunk back into nothingness, I felt that my whole world had ended…

    That there was no reason for me to live anymore.


    And there you have it! Chapter 6! Remember to read and review!! *looks forwards to comments*. I hope its long than the previous chapter... but sorry, I wasn’t able to type a 10,000-word chapter… I shall post my sincere apology to “~bwalalala” right now for my utmost failure… I hope you enjoyed the chapter though!
    *starts giving out big hugs~*
    ` Midori -:-:-:-

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