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A/N- well, hello all my wonderful readers/reviewers! How’s life? How do u like the new site? And this chap is long, some of the later ones may be a LITTLE short, but never fear, with all this extra time, I shud be able to write a couple of chapters! Oh yes, many of u wonderful viewers hav been reading my other story, Tears of the Past, and their has been a lot of question on an update. I have NOT given up on Tears of the Past, and chapter 5 shud be coming soon! Now that we hav that straight, on w/ the next chapter!

I would give u a recap, but I don’t kno what to do, so basically, Hermione just got a letter from Truth, and she sits back and wonders who he could really be.

Chapter 7-

“Come to me! I love you, I need you…” a voice cried.

“Who are you? Why can’t I see you?” Hermione ran frantically. She looked around, anxious. She scanned the place she was in, a hundred times. It was dark; there was no one there besides her, and that voice. That haunting voice.

It yelled her name into the darkness, cursed her soul, tore her heart and worse of all, and declared its love. For her. She ran, whether she was trying to find the voice or escape it was not clear. It scared her to death, but made her want to see who it belonged to. The voice was cold, yet warm, searching for something beyond. And it sounded sincere. Oh how she longed to see who was behind this.

And suddenly, every thing changed. It was still dark, but no longer was it scary. It was lighted, and when she looked upward, she saw the night sky. Stars, mocking her, as if to say they knew something she didn’t. For a moment, she thought she was alone, until the voice came back. But this time, it was different. This time, it was quite, loving, and sorry.

“I’m sorry for every thing I have ever done to you.” It whispered. “I’m not worth you, I know that. But it is true I love you.”

Hermione looked, and for the first time she saw a tall figure. It was a young blonde man with his back turned away from her. And then every thing changed back. It was dark again. The man turned to face her. He was…

Draco Malfoy.

Her mind went blank. What was going on? Hermione turned to run, but as she looked, she discovered there was no escape. He moved closer to her. And said,
“I was fine. I was a Malfoy before this. Before you. I fell in love with you. That was you’re fault. I beg for your forgiveness, I know my sins. I cannot find myself worthy enough to live. But what of you? If you are not mine, then you shall be no one’s. Funny, I would have thought my anger, my hate would be your death but instead, it will be my love.”

Hermione looked at him with fear in her eyes, as she seemingly plead for her life. “Don’t do that to me, Hermione. I cannot take it any more.”

He lifted his wand, and said in a defiant strong voice, “Avada Ked-“

“’Mione? Mione! Wake up!” Hermione woke up to see her best friend, Ron Weasley’s concerned, loving face.

Hermione quickly woke up and found that she had drowned herself in sweat.

“I…I had a bad dream. That Malfoy, that he…Malfoy was…”

“Dreaming bout me already Granger? I swear, I would have thought it was to take you at least 1 week, but apparently it just took you a day. Can’t say I’m surprised though.” Said Malfoy, who Hermione saw was leaning on her door.

“Malfoy! What the hell are you doing in my room? Do you have any sense of P-R-I-V-A-C-Y?”

“Oh well done Granger. You can spell privacy, man, I am so proud of you!” said Malfoy feigning a look of false excitement and pride.

“Draco, c’mon she had a bad dream, stop being an asshole. Why are you here any way?”

“Cause Parvati said to get you both, cause today we’re all going to split up again.” Draco repeated calmly.

“What? No way! I’m so not coming going any where with the ferret!” Hermione squeeled

“Woah, watch the language you little book-worm! And I was going to say-“

“Parvati reads and studies a lot. You don’t call her a bookworm you ferret!”

“Granger, Granger, Granger. She’s hot, you’re not! Plus, right now, I’m supposed to be her LOVING brother. Simple as that, my enemy.” Draco replied with his oh-so-famous smirk.

Hermione scowled as he proceeded. “As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted, today, Ginny will be accompanying us.”

“Really? Oh yes, yes, yes!” Hermione yelled in delight.

“So where are me, Parvati and Harry going?” Ron asked.

“To the same wedding place-“ Draco started.

“Dammit!” Ron yelled abruptly. “I mean, what a joy! No actually considering Ginny won’t be there, it might be!” Ron stated a big smile slowly forming on his face.

“And we will be going again, around town. Then you and me, have to go to the Lovers’ Lounge “Where Coffee is guaranteed to be sweet” place.” Draco answered looking very un-enthusiastic.

“Wait a minute, why? Why can’t Ginny come with us?” Hermione questioned.

“Cause that defeats the purpose of the ‘love thing’ now doesn’t it Granger? Plus we’re going in like a week or something.” Draco replied.

“Then why did you tell me this right now?” Hermione asked a frown gracing her face.

“I know you unlike me would be looking forward to going there. You know since you get to go with ME after all.” Draco answered with another smirk.

“You did it now! Draco Lucius Malfoy, I’m gonna hurt you so bad now!” Hermione yelled.

Draco stood, unaffected.

“No dude, she said that to me once, I couldn’t move for the entire day. You might wanna run!” Ron laughed.

“Whatever.” Draco said, but seeing the dangerous look on Hermione he ran for it!

And she ran after him!
“Are you nuts? What the hell is freakin’ wrong with you?” Draco yelled as he continued running out of her bedroom and into the living room.

“You make me mad Malfoy, and I’ll see to it, that every part of your body suffers A LOT of pain!” Hermione yelled as well right behind him.

They ran through 6 rooms, all the while just speeding up. As both gasped, for the first time they realized how huge the apartment they were living in was, after all, the Ministry was paying.

Both ran down the stairs quickly through to the lounge, where they found Harry eating breakfast and Parvati drinking some coffee. Ginny surprisingly, was still in bed.

As Draco and Hermione both came running at full speed into the living room, both Harry and Parvati gasped. “What are you guys doing right now? Draco stop chasing my best friend!” Parvati yelled,

“Tell her to stop bugging me then!” Draco yelled as well.

Hermione was running out of breath, and as Draco did as well both collapsed on the couch. “What was the point of that? You’re such a weirdo!” Draco stated.

“Am not, you foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!” Hermione yelled, a smile coming to her lips. These were the words she said back in 3rd year to him.

He must have noticed, because the next thing he said was “You say that like it’s a bad thing! Plus, it’s been what, 10 years? I look it as endless flattery.” Draco said back to her.

“Dude, you have serious issues.” Harry laughed.

“Ooooooh, Harry what if they turned out to be like that story we were talking about?” Parvati asked him

“Yeah, you’re right! But I seriously doubt it, though it would be funny and a huge relief!”

“Wait, what?” Hermione and Draco asked at the same time.

“Oh it’s like these two people hate each other their entire life, then all these things happen, like little incidents, and before you know it the fall in love. Cept they don’t know how the other one feels, so they keep it a secret. And they think the other person would find that love concept gruesome, so they never mention it. But slowly they become friends, and well it still isn’t mentioned. Then one day, she gets married. And he never even has a chance to tell her he loves her, and she thinks that he never did ever love her. And she really had loved him all along as well. It’s soooooo sad, it’s their little tragedy. It’s called “Yours Forever”. Don’t you think that’s so depressing, but so romantic?” Parvati explained.

“Crap.” Hermione said.

“Bullshit. I don’t get the problem. The guy was a sissy. Oh I’m sorry, he LOVED her. Whatever, no way, no such thing. Sure if he Wanted her, then all he had to do was, say it, no big deal.” Draco said.

“Don’t believe in love? Figures.” Hermione said nodding her head.

“What do you mean ‘figures’ Granger?” Draco questioned, looking angry,

“Oh, I just mean that you know, no one, I mean NO ONE would every love YOU so, I understand.”

“You!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Draco started.

But was interrupted by Ron. “Ginny’s feeling sick, she can’t go today. I think Draco and Hermione will have to go alone.”

“WHAT?” they both shouted.

“Forget that, let’s go see if she’s alright!” Harry exclaimed.

“Right.” They all said.

But both Draco and Hermione were in distress. One more day? With her/him? No way. Not happening. How will they survive?

A/N- hello! This was pretty long! I didn’t like this chapter 2 much, but the next ones will be better, so pls keep reading!

Chapter 8 to come soon! Pls read my other story, Broken Wish which won the most heart-wrenching story at the Dramione Awards! Thank u to every one who voted and showed their support for this story! Sequel, well it may come soon!

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