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Chapter 3 Upside Down, Flipped Over, and Backwards

It had definitely been a long two weeks. After coming to her Uncle’s house for the first time in many months, Payton had spent the last 14 days setting up her things and getting used to the way Stephan ran his house. As she was so used to living on her own in her tower, Payton had many things that were quite different –uncomfortable sometimes, even- including the fact that she had not yet brought plants or pictures of any kind into her new, much smaller bedroom.

Normally, a girl at 15 years old spends her time locked within her bedroom, worrying over her make-up while on the phone with their jock boyfriend, but not this girl. Payton spent most of her time outside along the cliff’s edge, standing right where the rock ended and the great fall to the sputtering and splashing ocean lay. The entire ocean was the backyard of Stephan, so it wasn’t much of an area to grow any plants or make a garden of any kind, but it was a place to sit and think amongst the periodic waves and the blue skies around her. Every other day or so, the sky would be dark and clouded, swirling the ocean’s water furiously, and on those days Payton stayed inside, keeping quietly to herself or otherwise tending the things around the house.

On one particularly solemn day, Payton felt that she just couldn’t get out of bed. The skies were grey, yet showed no other sign of rain, and the atmosphere around her seemed to be grieving something her eyes had not yet opened up to. The girl’s long velvet hair was sprawled out around her, knotting in some places and frizzy in others. Blinking her eyes tiredly, Payton let her thoughts succumb her.

For so long, the girl had nothing more then her uncle and her tower. And now, well, now everything was going to turn upside down, that much was obvious. Even though her future was still slightly blurry, Payton could feel deep down in her stomach that whatever was coming was coming; she could do nothing for it. Sighing loudly, the girl pulled herself up in her purple satin sheets, a headache just beginning at her temples. “What is it with today that’s so dreadful?” she moaned before flopping back onto her bed, bouncing on her back after the landing.

Just as she decided to stay in bed and let the world around her be just as tired and lazy as she was, a soft knocking came at the door, followed by a gruff voice, “You up yet, Leyla?”

Payton sighed again, “Yes, Uncle Stephan. I’m up.” In one swift movement, Payton was up out of her bed and walking to her door, letting her uncle into her temporary bedroom.

“Hullo there, sleepy head.” Uncle Stephan took two large steps into the girl’s bedroom and smiled widely. On one hand, he had an old muggle oven mitt. His torso and upper body had a flowered and frilled apron, wrapped tightly around his thick neck. Upon the oven mitt lay a pan of thick, luscious brownies.

“Thought you might like a small treat before getting up for the day.” His ruff voice sounded throughout Payton’s room, the window rattling a bit. Payton eyed her uncle wearily, sculpting his form with her intense violet eyes, searching for some reason as to why her uncle was REALLY treating her.

“Thanks,” she replied, taking the pan from her uncle, grabbing the mitt from his overly large fingers, and walking over to her desk. The light wood set in perfectly with the rest of the empty room. A few lone pieces of parchment lay scattered, a dull quill pushed off to the side. Payton set the mitt on the table and then placed the pan on top, so that the heat of the brownies didn’t set through to the wood.

Turning from the desk, Payton gave a lingering smile towards her uncle. He was hiding something, that much was clear. She saw from the corner of her eye that he was staring at the floor and shifting from one foot to the other uneasily. The girl REALLY didn’t want to bring the subject of which was haunting her uncle’s mind up. From his shifty attitude this morning, she could tell that it was way too early in the morning to actually comprehend what his burden was. Instead of talking to Stephan, Payton walked to the opposite side of her bedroom to the closet and pulled out a great bulky sweatshirt with pockets and a hood. She put it on and easily slid her small hands into the pockets, making herself comfortable. One thing she had been lacking when she arrived to this cottage was a decent amount of clothing, so her uncle’s old –and smaller- shirts and sweats were to suffice until she was brought to Diagon Alley for newer items.

Against her better judgment, Payton spoke, “Is something bothering you?” Stupid question, but necessary to break the ice.

“Well, um, actually Leyla. I’ve come to tell you, that, well-”

Payton raised her eyebrows in question, pushing the answer. Locking her deep violet eyes upon him, the girl concentrated. In nearly two seconds, Payton’s expressions grew from curiosity to something just a sliver under rage.

“No, there’s absolutely NO WAY I’m going. Uncle, you don’t actually expect me to go to a school all the way in London, do you?!”

Stephan sighed, “You know, I really don’t like it when you do that,” he said, rubbing his temples as they began pounding. “I was going to tell you on my own. It’s hard enough to have so many thoughts rumbling around in a person’s head and it just doesn’t help to have a sixteen year old rummaging through them all.” Stephan winced, “And those bloody headaches you get afterwards…they’re absolutely killer!”

Payton just about screamed! “You really need to get over that, uncle. Mum had the same power of mind reading. And you didn’t complain too much about it then, did you?”

Stephan just grunted, his temples still pounding. “You’ll like this school, Leyla. Your mum went there and so did I. You’ll be under the safe eye of Albus Dumbledore, no doubt.”

“I don’t even know who that is! I don’t want to go to bloody Hogwarts! Can’t I just stay here and be home-schooled like I have been for the last 5 years of my life?” Yes, this was it; the reason as to why the day was so dull. Terrible news such as leaving one of the only places you’ve ever known as home for a stupid boarding school so far away was DEFINITELY the reason for the weather.

Stephan became quiet, focusing on the retched looking floor boards. He rocked from the back of his heel to the very tip of his toes uncomfortably. His thick, raggly hair fell all around his face and his flowered apron lay limply against him. Probing his mind for anything at all to break the unsettling silence, Payton pushed her seething thoughts to the back of her mind and focused more on those of her uncle.

“Hey, watch it!” Stephan cried, grabbing his temples again. Payton grimaced. What she had found was NOT what she wanted, not at all. Her uncle sighed, “Pack your things; we’ll be leaving for Diagon Alley in three hours to get your school things. We’ll be taking a train to the school in four. Take the brownies with you for the trip there, that’s what I made them for.”

Of course, Payton Leyla Dove already knew that bit, she’d found it deep within her uncle’s mind just moments before. She turned her back towards Stephan and went to the bed rest sitting aside her silky purple bed. She opened the drawer it held and grabbed a small bag that glowed red from deep within it and shoved it into the pocket of her sweatshirt. Underneath her thick eyelashes, the dark haired girl stared at her uncle forcefully. Getting the picture, Stephan left the room, leaving the door open as he sauntered back into doing whatever he was doing before he brought such news to his only niece.

Payton stormed towards the door and threw it closed, slamming it practically off its hinges. Fingering the bag within her pocket, young Payton’s anger seethed. How could her uncle possibly send her away to a boarding school and expect her to live there with a load of strangers! How could her life be twisted so far that she would end up in some foreign place with no one to live off of! It was twisted, wrong, and…and…-

“If he wants to send me away, fine,” Payton growled while pulling an empty trunk out from underneath her bed and tossing it onto the top of her bed, the mattress giving it slightly at the weight of the trunk. Throwing open the top, the girl threw in her few belongings, including the lone parchment pieces and the dull quill. After gathering all of her things, she reached back into her pocket and grabbed the little glowing bag. She held it out before her and let her eyes dance around its captivating glow. Even from inside a bag, it was still magnificent. Sighing, Payton placed the item on the very top of her belongings and closed the top to the trunk. Stretching one arm towards her bed stand, Payton grabbed the only remaining item that had not been scraped from the bedroom. She clasped her wand tightly before raising it high above her head and pronouncing, “Accio, Firebolt!” Suddenly, a fancy broomstick flew into the room, having recently flung open the closed door due to the magic of its calling. Seizing it from the air, she held her wand out once more to levitate her trunk.

If Uncle Stephan wanted to give her to some man named Albus Dumbledore, so be it. She wouldn’t put up a fight, and she wouldn’t pester her uncle as to why he was punishing her so. Payton clenched her jaw and silently walked out of her bedroom without looking back; she knew that nothing other then an elaborate bed and an empty desk would be staring back at her if she did. Leaving the only other place she could possibly call home, Payton walked downstairs to the kitchen where her uncle was just finishing up something. Upon her entrance, he turned towards her.

“Ready, then?”

a/n: okay guys, hope you enjoyed. I know the last few chapters have been kind of….dragging on, but rest assured! The next chapter will be a bit lighter…and easier…and better, lol. Anywho, please R/R!

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