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I didn’t want to seem childish or what not but I was starting to doubt. Like you know you’re being a complete idiot and know that whatever it is you’re doing isn’t going to end well but you do it anyway? That’s what I was feeling as I entered the Great Hall and bloody hell was I right.

A gasp
A shriek

A boy was apparently leaning on the door that I had pushed open and he being a guy fell over and the drink that he was holding splashed on his date’s white dress. The girl shrieked and ran off crying with the boy trailing after her yelling, “I am sorry, come back!” I felt so unbelievably guilty and everybody was staring at me accusingly. I know this is going to sound vain but seeing all those eyes upon me made me feel sort of like Cinderella but of course Cinderella was in no way a klutz like me and the people who were staring at Cinderella as she walked in looked at her with awe or jealousy. For me, they looked at me in horror and curiosity and that by no means was at all pleasant and my converses didn’t help that much either, seeing as how that was where their eyes were drawn to first. I averted my eyes and shuffled into the crowd, hoping that this Ball would end quickly. The sooner the better, I thought grudgingly. I scanned the room looking for a secluded area in which I could, hopefully remain undetected or at least be kept from causing absolute mayhem. I managed to find one, hidden by a gigantic fern and I eagerly headed toward it but was beaten by a rather disgruntled Sirius Black. Oh, great, I thought but seeing as how there was no other secluded place in this damn overcrowded room I had no other choice then to sit by him. I adjusted my mask, making sure it was secured tightly. I walked purposely toward the seat.

I pitched my voice a tone lower.

“Excuse me, is it okay with you if I could sit there?” I asked, gesturing toward the empty seat next to him.

Sirius looked at me, obviously startled. His hazy silver, blue eyes looking me over. The perve. He nodded.

“Thank you,” I replied and sat down, scooting away from him. I wondered where Charlie could be; I mean Sirius was her date after all. I surveyed the room trying to look for my friend but was rudely interrupted by Sirius.

“I believe I haven’t introduced myself,” He said scooting closer to me. I scooted away from him.

“Oh,” I said putting on my ice queen voice, “ I know who you are.”

He looked mildly surprised but quickly masked it.

“Oh?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow, which I think he thought, was seductive. It was not seductive in any way.

“Yes, you are Sirius Black, the notorious flirt.” I said, still scanning the crowd, not bothering to look at him.

“And where pray tell did you receive that information from?” He asked. I could hear the slight irritation in his voice.

“People, places, everywhere.” I said, nonchalantly.

“Ah, I see.” He said. What an idiotic prat, I thought. “And what is your name?” He asked, scooting closer to me. I had nowhere to scoot away from seeing as how I was already at the edge. I sighed inwardly.

“I didn’t realize it was custom to interrogate girls when they obviously want to be left alone.” I say, still in my ice queen mode.

“Well, maybe you don’t realize its custom to be polite to strangers and introduce yourself.” He retorted. “As well as actually wearing the proper attire,” He added looking distastefully at my shoes.

“ And what are you implying Mr. Black?” I stand up angrily.

He jumped to his feet. It was a good move considering how much taller he stood over me.

“I am implying that you are rude and cold and have a odd sense of clothing.” He bit out savagely.

“Rude?” I stuttered out. This man, boy, whatever was delirious. “ Cold? I am neither of those things but when I am in the presence of a utter imbecile, like you, I am forced to act ‘cold’ and ‘rude’.” I say.

“Utter imbecile, eh?” He sneered. “ And what are you? Why do you wear a mask? What are you so afraid of?”

I look up at him. What was I afraid of? Being seen like this, being judged. I was afraid of feeling alone. I didn’t like that feeling. I was afraid of people seeing me, as a ‘butterfly’ maybe their perception of me would be different, like Sirius. I sighed; I was being a cold-hearted bitch.

“I am afraid of people seeing me.” I whispered looking down at my checkered shoelaces.

This caught him off guard, as he didn’t come up with a snide remark. I bent my head and sat down, looking away from him. What in the name of Merlin was I doing confessing my weakness to Sirius Black? I thought. I quickly regained my composure.
I turned and glared up at him.

“You know what, never mind,” I said briskly, standing up. “You’re Sirius Black after all, you’d never understand.”

I try walking away but he grabs my hand. I turn to him, seething.

“How dare you touch me!” I say, snatching my arm away.

“What in the name of Merlin is your problem?” He asks angrily. “ You don’t even know me and yet you have this whole big idea in your head that I am a sex crazed maniac!”

I sniff and glare at him. I cross my arms over my chest.

“I never said you were a sex crazed maniac, I said you were an utter imbecile!” I say. “Now will you kindly leave me alone?”

“No,” he says flatly. “I am a Black and we never back down.”

I snort.

“Funny,” I say snidely, “I thought your family disowned you, that’s backing down if I ever saw one.”

I immediately regret what I had said. The look he gave me, was loathing, not the usual loathing but actual hatred. There was sadness too. My heart stopped beating and I averted my gaze.

“Wait, I didn--” I stutter out. I am ashamed.

“No, I get it,” He says cutting me off. “I don’t get why I wasted my time on you, besides I have a date waiting for me.” There’s ice in his voice. I shiver, so cold.

He starts to walk away.

“No wait,” I call out desperately. I wasn’t that cold hearted, I was obviously out of line and I needed to fix this even if it was Sirius Black, the one not a few weeks ago I utterly humiliated.

“I’m sorry, I had no right…. I’m sorry,” I say grabbing his arm forcing him to turn around.

“I’m just like that you know? “ I say, “ I say things but I don’t mean them, I had no right, I was out of line, forgive me for being so rude and cold.” I finish lamely.

Argh, I wanted to kick myself. How lame and desperate did that sound? Very? Yes, I thought, very, very much.

“Erm…” Sirius said, interrupting my thoughts, “You’re speaking to yourself.”

I looked up at him, blushing deeply.

“Oh?” I say, lamely.

“And yes that did sound lame and desperate,” He said. There’s laughter in his eyes. I sigh a sigh of relief, inwardly of course.

“Sorry,” I mutter. Damn, I thought.

“Damn indeed,” He says smiling now.

I stare at him, incredulous.

“Did I just voice my thoughts aloud again?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“You really do remind me of someone I know but I can’t figure out whom,” He says good-naturedly. My comment on his family is forgotten and it surprises me how really relieved I am at that. Somehow I think this brings me on good terms with him in some twisted way. But I had to remember he didn’t know it was me, his arch nemesis and somehow I don’t think he’d be thrilled to know that it was me who he had been trying to hit on.

There’s a laugh and it’s from Sirius. It’s a nice laugh; different from the mocking sort he gives me all the time. He was laughing at something I had just said and I honestly didn’t know what I said. I think I am too caught up in my own little world, but when have I haven’t?

He’s smiling down on me and I feel the corners of my mouth smiling in return. Whoa, I just smiled at Sirius Black and I kind of liked it. But his smile vanishes and I look quizzically at him.

“Why are you afraid of people seeing you?” He asked serious. It moved me to see him so deeply concerned about a stranger or what he thought was a stranger not his arch nemesis. I almost smiled at this. If he only knew, he would not be this nice to me, at all.

“I guess I am afraid of people seeing me differently.” I say. “ I mean I’ve built this whole happy go-lucky image and people don’t really know it’s just a façade, even my best friends don’t know.” I say sadly. “ The most ironic thing is that I am telling you and not them.” And how ironic it was. I was talking to SIRIUS BLACK, the boy that I had just not minutes ago dubbed ‘utter imbecile’ and now I was telling him about my mother leaving, my dad’s complete lack of attention and sometimes abuse and I was telling him while silent tears rolled down my cheek. He saw them drop off my chin. Merlin, I am having a cry today. He grabbed my callused hands attentively and awkwardly patted it. I smiled sweetly. Boys, I thought, awkward at the first sign of emotion. His hands were cold and cool but they warmed me. Strange.

“Let’s dance!” I say randomly, feeling heat rise to my face as he hurriedly let go of my hand. I hastily wiped the tears away.

It was a fast pace song, filled with guitars and drum solos. I jumped excitedly and walked up to the dance floor and I started dancing like a maniac. I was laughing hysterically. I was dancing with the most random people until I found Lily and James dancing closely. Lily looked flushed while James looked so…. so… Happy! I bumped into Lily. She looked at me with confusion then she caught sight of my shoes and recognition flashed in her eyes. She laughed as I departed with the thumbs up sign in the air. I resumed to my dancing; dragging Sirius and making him dance. He couldn’t dance and I was laughing so hard. The band started playing Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix and I ran up the stage begging to play the electric guitar. The guitarist looked at my eager face and nodded warily. I mean they allowed just for today muggle electronics to be allowed. I was psyched. And I started playing with the band beside me. It was amazing. Everybody’s eyes widened as they saw me up there. I felt the chords and I got lost into the music. The students started getting into it and singing the lyrics. I felt like a rock star. Dumbledore was looking at me with the usual twinkle in his eye and I felt proud and flushed.

When it was done there was a huge round of applause and several encores. I beamed and stuck out my tongue in the rocker way.

“Rock on!”

They all laughed. Sirius looked at me oddly.

“That was….” He said. I looked at him. “ Bloody brilliant!” I smiled happily and somehow that made me truly happy and giddy inside. I admit it was weird.

“Danny!” I heard a voice call out behind me. I turned around it was Charlie. I gulped. Sirius would find out the mysterious girl was none other than his arch nemesis. I mentally hit myself.

“Danny!” Charlie cried out. “Sirius!”

I turn around to face her. I force a smile and take my mask off. It was a bother anyway.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked, smiling. My back was turned so I couldn’t see Sirius’s reaction. I heard a scoff though and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I mean it was so obvious,” Charlie said, “ The checkered shoelaces, the converses, the brilliant guitar moves, all you!

I laughed.

“You look gorgeous,” she said in awe and I blushed, really hard because Mr. Black was right behind me.

“Where did you get the dress?” She asked fingering it.

“Sebastian made it for me!” I said, “Isn’t it amazing?”

She gave a look of No-freaking-way.

“I know!” I squealed then I realized I was holding up their date. “Well my darling, I am going to leave you to your date!” I said while winking. This makes her laugh and she punches me on the arm. “Don’t do anything naughty!” I said while leaving but it was more directed in the direction of Sirius who I just realized his mouth was hanging open the whole time.

“G’night Sirius darling!” I say blowing him a teasing kiss. “This doesn’t change anything though, Black.” He just gapes at me and I am walking away, triumphant, suddenly very proud of being me. I smile and go to the dance floor finding Seb and start to dance like no ones watching. Pretty sweet, I say.


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