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    Chapter 5!! Yays… the introduction of the Malfoy look-alike!! The song is by Stacie Orrico, title: (There’s gotta be) More to life. I had typed down the lyrics of her first song, hadn’t I? It was in chapter… 3? No wait, chapter 2 (I just checked)!! That song was Stuck. Now this is More to Life… hmm… among those two, I like Stuck better. Strange though… “More to Life” seemed like a bigger hit... ah well…

    ~ Keeping to the plan


    I sat frozen on my seat, overwhelmed by utter shock and devastation.

    No way.
    There was no way.
    There really was no way.

    Did I just… just kiss Draco’s cousin?
    His cousin?
    Backstabbing Malfoy was one thing but backstabbing him with his COUSIN was another. And –ohmygod- what if he tells Draco what I did with him?! The school would know me as a... a- a slut!!

    I cast a sidelong glance at... Draco’s cousin (I still didn’t know his name) and he smiled at me… it wasn’t a mocking one or a fake smile… just warm and friendly.
    Maybe I had a chance of NOT embarrassing myself while NOT having to ask him to keep mum.

    He focused on the match while I focused on him. He was alike Draco in so many ways and yet… he was still so different.
    My head was spinning.
    I’m with Draco so as to make Ron jealous and here I am fooling around with Draco’s cousin!!
    There is something wrong with me.

    There really is.


    The match ended with a Slytherin victory. The Slytherins were hooting and acting like idiots and wild barbarians. The cousin smiled and got up and with me at his heels; he headed off to where Draco was. Draco was shouting and sweating and he was sort of glowing. That put Slytherin against Gryffindor and Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw. From a distance, he still couldn’t see us. From a distance, I was safe but as his cousin walked confidently towards Draco, I was suddenly afraid that he would tell Draco of the happenings. Or perhaps Draco came up with this plan in the first place!
    What am I going to do??

    As he approached, I hurried ahead and flashed him one of my smiles.
    “Now, now, what’s the rush of seeing your cousin? Can’t it wait till later?”
    Oh god… please work, please work!!

    “Sorry, my cousin just won a match, I’ve to go congratulate him.” He said as he flashed me one of THOSE smiles.
    My insides melted to a puddle of goo as he lightly brushed past me and headed of towards his cousin. People were taking notice of him, as he was the exact replica of a certain Malfoy. They cleared off and gave him a direct path to Draco and held their breath, waiting for what Draco would do.
    As the look-alike neared him and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, Draco whipped around and his eyes widened and a single question escaped his lips.

    “What are you doing here?”


    I managed to pull both of them into our room because the people were really too nosy. And if the cousin wanted to tell Draco of what I did, it would be a whole lot better if the whole school doesn’t hear it.

    “Very good performance out there, Draco! Improved quite a bit since I last saw you.”
    “Why did you go to the match?”
    “Why? To see you play of course! You think I wouldn’t do that? Come off it! We grew up together! We’re as bonded as real brothers!”
    “Bonded my eye.”
    “Oh, come on! You still haven’t matured. Why are you constantly treating me like the enemy?”

    Draco was glaring at the sofa in the corner while the cousin kept pestering him. He got up, sighed and glared at his cousin.
    “Listen Roy, stay the hell away from me and don’t even think about touching Hermione. I am warning you. More of your funny business and you’ll really regret it.”

    He cast Roy one of those quiet fuming glances before turning to me, kissing my cheek a fraction of a second longer than necessary and retired for the night. Roy was watching him amusedly and chuckled a little when he looked at me.

    “Draco’s girlfriend, yes?”

    I fidgeted slightly. Damn.

    “Well, yes…”
    “And what did you do with me in that room?”
    “You know what? I’m really tired. You should go now.”

    Roy stood and chuckled a bit.
    As he headed towards the door, he turned around and faced me.
    “Girlfriend or not, you’re still my sénorita. Still and always.”

    He took my hand and kissed it lightly, and when he looked up, his eyes were filled with determination. He held my hand for a while before finally disappearing into the darkness. I felt my heart hammering.
    How could a simple plan to make Ron jealous turn out to be so complex?!


    I slowly headed towards our room. Through the darkness, I saw Draco’s back and I could hear his breathing. It was way too loud to mean that he was sleeping. I quietly sneaked up to his bed and snuggled myself beside him. He tensed up as I slipped my arms around him but after a while, he turned around and faced me.

    “What ever happens, promise that you’ll stay by my side.”


    Morning awoke me from my peaceful slumber and I found myself in a tangled mess. One arm under Draco, his arm on my waist, the bed sheet twisted around my body in a very messy way and his lips lust a millimeter away from mine. Deciding that I really liked the position I was in, I closed my eyes and rested for a moment. I felt Draco stirring a little and my eyes opened again. He was shifting slightly and I felt him pulling away a little. My natural instinct burst in and I closed that tiny distance between us and his eyes flew open with surprise. It took a moment for him to properly register what was happening and when he did, he closed his eyes again. He managed to pull my shirt up by a centimeter before my guilt came flooding back and I hastily pulled away. He took it as though I wasn’t ready so he smiled. “Well, that’s a really nice way to wake me up.” He said.
    Butterflies launched like rockets in my stomach as his smiled. I was getting used to his smiles. Roy’s smile was like his. But Draco’s eyes sparked when he smiled. Roy’s more or less remained the same. Not that his eyes were dull in the first place. Like I said, they were brighter than Draco’s…
    Oh crap.
    Am I comparing Draco to Roy?
    What’s gotten into me??

    Draco is my rebound.
    Ron is to feel pain.
    That’s it. End of story. Finish. Finato.
    Roy is NOT part of my plans. AT ALL.


    Ive got it all, but I feel so deprived
    I go up I come down and I'm emptier inside
    Tell me what is this thing that I feel like Im missing
    And why can't I let it go

    Theres gotta be more to life
    Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
    Cause the more that Im
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well its life but I'm sure there's gotta be more
    Than wanting more

    Ive got the time and Im wasting it slowly
    Here in this moment Im half way out the door
    Onto the next thing Im searching for something thats missing

    Theres gotta be more to life
    Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
    Cause the more that Im
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well its life but Im sure theres gotta be more
    Than wanting more

    Im wanting more
    I'm always waiting on something other than this
    Why am I feelin like there's something I missed

    Theres gotta be more to life
    Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
    Cause the more that Im
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well its life but Im sure theres gotta be more
    Than wanting more
    Theres gotta be more to life
    Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
    Cause the more that Im
    Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
    Well its life but I'm sure theres gotta be more
    Than wanting more


    Chapter 5 complete. Finally. I know, I know. Sorry this took so long… (and its so terribly SHORT!) BUT its here! Yay~!! Hehe… More stories are coming up soon~! (NOTE: i said STORIES.) Check back on them when they come out~ Thanks!! Please review too! :))
    `Lurve, Midori~~

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