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Chapter Eleven – What the Little Birdie Says.

“Holy Cricket. Are my eyes deceiving me? Am I hallucinating? Or is that really Ruby Sinclair caught in the arms of my good friend Remus?” James cried dramatically. “What’s going on guys?”
he asked slyly.

Remus laughed lightly while Ruby blushed deep red. Quickly she pulled away from Remus. “Ah, I’ll catch you two later. “ She said quietly stepping around them to leave the common room. Remus caught her arm and pulled her back.

“Are you sure?” he asked, for the fourth time since he was released from the hospital wing that morning.

Ruby smiled. Standing on her tipy toes to give him a quick peck on the lips. “I’m sure.” She reassured him for the forth time too. She was sure. She hadn’t been this happy for ages.

Remus smiled back at her, sharing a special moment until James interrupted. “Aw how sweet!” he cooed, clapping his hands delightedly. They both turned to stare at him, Ruby coughing uncomfortably.

“Ok and I will now leave you two alone.” She told them making for a quick exit.

“Aw, come now Ruby baby?” James called after her. “Have I embarrassed you?”

Ruby turned at the portrait hole to blow them both a kiss…or maybe it was only directed at Remus. Who knows. Either way it made James laugh.

“You seem happier.” Remus commented after the laughing had stopped.

“You too.” James grinned. Remus had come back from the hospital wing for once so alive. James had never seen his friend so excited and was genuinely happy for them.

Remus nodded. “So tell me, why are you so cheerful? Is Lily talking to you again?”

James shrugged. “Nah, but I’m trying not to let it bother me. I’ve accepted that I am doomed to die alone and unloved but maybe until then we could be friends.”

Remus shook his head. “Umm…that’s the spirit? I really should stop trying to figure you out.”

“If you want to save time, sure.”

“So has Lily actually agreed to this idea of friendship?”

“No but I really hope she does. I cant stand her being mad at me. I miss her. She – Hi Lily.” He cut himself off mid-sentence as Lily walked through the common room.

She regarded him suspiciously, not stopping but nodding her head at him slightly to acknowledge his greeting.

After she had gone, Remus nodded in appreciation. “Maybe this could work.”

James grinned smugly, leaning back in his seat. “And maybe one day she will even go out with me again.”

Remus groaned. “Too far mate, too far.”


“Hi, to you too Lily.” Ruby said as Lily sat down at breakfast but failed to acknowledge either her or Holly.

Lily took a moment to open her mouth, and close it again before actually speaking. “James said hi to me.”

Ruby and Holly glanced at each other, both dying to ask what the big deal was but neither daring enough. One wrong move and Lily would be in tears…or very very angry.

Luckily she continued alone, “But that’s not the weird thing.” She mused aloud, “it was the fact that it wasn’t followed by statements such as ‘I need to talk to you’ or ‘please talk to me’…’I'm an idiot, please forgive me’.” after this she thought for a moment. “Ha, as if I needed to be told that one.”

Ruby and Holly looked at each other again. Lily, in her own little world continued eating her toast.

Just as Ruby was about to start eating, Remus sat down beside her, giving her a kiss on the cheek causing her to drop her fork. “Aw, how sweet. Look at you two,” Lily remarked in a mock baby tone. She received a glare from both Remus and Ruby, effectively shutting her up. Instead she looked up to see James hesitating behind Remus, obviously wondering where to sit. Lily sighed, “Oh just sit down already.” James looked up at Lily, utterly shocked that she would firstly talk to him at all and secondly by her irritated tone.

“Err, okay…” James was a bit unsure as to whether or not he should, but Remus was with them so he decided it was okay. Besides it would give him a chance to see if Lily wanted to be friends.

“Hey there's Sirius.” Holly commented seeing Sirius duck into the hall and back out without getting food.

“I wonder where he’s going?” Remus asked looking specifically at James.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” James answered flatly. Lily, Ruby and Holly all looked at him, not knowing what they should say, luckily Remus did.

“James, when are you going to talk to him? He is you best frie – ”

“Was, was my best friend.” James corrected, looking straight at Lily, who stared right back at him.

“I can’t believe you!” She cried to the surprise of those around her.

“Excuse me?”

“You blame him!”

“Blame who?” James asked, not sure what she was talking about.


James didn’t answer. She said it like it was wrong.

Lily made a sound of disgust. “You are so pathetic, Potter.”

“So I am back to Potter now?”

“What else did you expect?” Lily asked in a low voice, staring daggers at him.

Sighing in frustration James stood up, “You coming to Transfiguration Moony?” Remus nodded slowly, glad that that little discussion was over, and followed James while Lily angrily continued to pull apart her toast



“What was that about?” Holly asked.

“Don’t you think its wrong that he blames Sirius for everything that happened when it was his own stupid egotistical fault?”

“Sure… I guess. So why did you invite him to sit with us then?” Ruby questioned.

Lily shrugged “Because Remus is his friend too.” She then got up and left for Transfiguration.

“She still has a weakness for him,” Holly whispered to Ruby as they followed Lily. Ruby nodded in agreement.


“Good morning everyone,” McGonagall greeted from the front of the classroom, just then the door opened, Sirius walked in, “Mr. Black, how nice of you to join us, there is a seat up the front here with your name on it.” Sirius sat where she was pointing.

Once McGonagall explained what they were to do, the person next to Sirius began talking to him, “So why aren’t you with Potter, I thought you two were joined at the hip?” Sirius looked to his left for the first time to see who he had actually sat next to, Miranda Ellis.

“Hi Ellis.” Sirius drawled warily.

“Oh come now Sirius baby, we are so past the last name thing, the name is Miranda,” she told him, as she stroked him arm. Sirius looked to where her hand was now resting, then back up at her. She was quite pretty, he smiled at her. “But you can call me Randi, everyone does.”

Sirius raised his eyebrow. “I'm sure they do.”

Miranda giggled stupidly again. “And this is my friend, Mona.” Miranda introduced the small, blonde girl to her left. Sirius smiled politely at Mona, who erupted into a fit of giggles.

Turning away without a touch of subtlety he tried to listen to what McGonagall was saying but Miranda tapped him on the arm again.

“What?” he hissed.

Miranda smiled silkily and pushed a note towards him.

Just wondering is it definitely over?

Sirius shrugged at her. Miranda rolled her eyes again.

James and the red head

Sirius angrily scrunched up the parchment, leaning towards her he hissed, “First of all Her name is Lily and secondly-“

“Mr. Black!”

Still fuming Sirius tore the corner from his parchment. In large letters he wrote:

Why the hell would you care?

Smiling to herself Miranda flipped the parchment over.

I think he and I would get along nicely.

This time Sirius didn’t bother with the note. “Stay away from him.” He growled.

Miranda rose her eyebrows at him and turned to her friend, whispering something in her ear they both began to giggle again.

Meanwhile, at the back of the classroom, sat Holly, Ruby and Lily. “Where is it coming from?” Holly snapped.

“Where’s what coming from?” Lily asked not even looking up from her work.

“That god damn giggling!” Ruby and Lily listened for a moment.

“There,” Ruby pointed to the front of the class, “It’s that little Hufflepuff sitting up there, she giggling at – ”

“Black! They are passing notes! Him and Miranda!” She cried in disgust. “Uh! I can’t believe him!”


James was still fuming from his short conversation with Lily. Somewhere infront of him he could hear McGonagall talking but his mind was still focused on other things. Without realizing he let out an angry growl.

‘Is something wrong, Potter?” McGonagall asked sharply.

James shook his head. “No, sorry.”

McGonagall gave him one of her trademark stares before finally turning back to the class. “Homework will be due in one weeks time, class dismissed.”

Moodily James collected his things trying to make a quick escape. Unfortunately today was proving not to be his day…well at least for a day that had began with high hopes and laughter.

Sighing wearily when someone called out his name he turned to face none other than Miranda Ellis.

Hoping she hadn’t seen him turn he quickly kept walking. But just because it wasn’t his day she caught up with him.

“Look, I'm in hurry…if you don’t mind?” James implored trying to pull his arm away and step around her.

“It will only take a minute.”

James stopped trying to run. “Fine. What is it.”

“I was wondering if you would go out with me sometime…” She said with a giggle. “I mean I’m not usually so forward but-“

“Ah look…” He stumbled searching for her name.

“Randi.” She supplied.

“Randi? Randi. Right. I'm just not interested.” He told her straight out.

“Is this because of that girl?” She said indignantly.

James rolled his eyes, trying not to lose his temper. “If you are referring to Lily, No. Its just that-“ he began but stopped when he noticed Miranda didn’t seem to be listening to him instead she was looking over his shoulder. “Why James,” She called loudly. “ I would love to accompany you to Hogsmeade!” She squealed.

“What?” James yelped. Confused at what had just happened. That was until Lily walked past staring daggers at him and ‘Randi’. James groaned.

“I don’t like people who tell me no.” Miranda told him with what was becoming her trademark smile, sly and silky. “especially when its for neurotic Redheads.

“You bitch.” James hissed.

“Haven’t heard that one before.” She told him sarcastically.

“Stay away from me.” He spat before turning and running down the hall in the direction Lily walked.

He made it to charms without catching up with her, cursing quietly to himself he entered the classroom and took a seat behind her and her friends. Almost immediately Flitwick began to talk so James had to sit quietly and wait to talk to her. Oh the torture, he thought after ten minutes of squeaky waffling from the front of the room. Instead he focused on her. Sitting quietly infront of him scrawling down notes as fast as she could. He missed being close to her and just wanted to make things okay. How he was going to do that was another thing.


James and Miranda.

Miranda and James.

James had asked Miranda out.

Miranda Ellis.

That cow.

That… that bastard!

Stupid, stupid James Potter.

“Lily!” Holly hissed. “Stop it!”

Lily looked up at her startled. Holly gestured to the piece of parchment. Lily had apparently scratched right through and was starting on the table.

Sulkily Lily dropped her quill, instead settling for gazing out the window. Just as she was sinking back into her thoughts a note landed next to her arm.

Risking a quick glance towards Flitwick she unfolded it. Immediately she recognized James’ messy handwriting. It simply said:

I never asked her out. Please believe me.

Scowling to herself she scrunched up the offending piece of parchment. Thinking this wasn’t enough she un-crumpled it and made to tear it to shreds until Holly took it off her.


Quickly Holly read it too. “Who?” she whispered.

“Miranda.” Lily replied in a sing-song voice.

Holly gave her a look that clearly said , you cannot be serious. Lily nodded.

With a sigh Holly flipped over the parchment. Quickly scrawling something and passing it back to James before Lily could see.

After class Lily and Holly rushed from the room, leaving Ruby with Remus. Together they giggled as they over criticized Miranda Ellis. They had just begun to discuss her unflattering makeup habits when they reached the end of the hall where James waited patiently with ‘Lily’s’ note.

She stopped infront of him when he held out the parchment. Glancing at Holly, who quickly exited the scene, stifling her laughter, She read the colourful insults her friend had signed with her name. Laughing, she looked up at James.

“I didn’t write that.” She said, handing the note back while trying to force down her laughter.

Angrily he snatched the parchment away. “And I didn’t ask her out.”

Lily smirked. “Why should I care who you ask out?”

James smirked back. “Obviously you do, so it’s a problem.”

“Er, wrong! You can ask out all the bimbos in the school and it is fine by me. ”

James face softened. “Lily why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

“Acting like you don’t care what’s happened.”

“But I don’t care. In case you hadn’t realised we are long over.” She assured him, beginning to walk away.

“Why does it have to be?”

“Excuse me?”

He sighed. “Why does it have to be over. Give me another chance.”

Lily looked at him as if he had suggested they don grass skirts and start hula dancing in the halls. Maybe that suggestion was even a little less wild. “You cannot be serious!”

“You seem to say that a lot today.” James said warily, waiting for an explosion.

“I just can’t believe you! There is no way I would give you another chance! I know where this story goes, and I am not going there again. See its like this:”

(A/N: adapted from “Predictable” by Delta Goodrem.)
I smiled
You said I took your breath away
You said you loved me and you made
All the right promises to break

And when I turned around you're were always there
Like that's the proof you really cared
But I see right through you and I think
To myself

You're just so predictable
In every way
I want you to know I know your game
It's so unbelievable
how you’ll never change
you won't get away
with fooling me
you're just so predictable

I ran
You say you won't give up the chase
You said you'd follow me anyplace
So you can make the same mistakes?

You knew just what to do
And How to use the best of you
To try and change my mind
But my eyes are opened up this time
And I read you

You're just so predictable
In every way
I want you to know I know your game
It's so unbelievable
how you never change
you won't get away
with fooling me
you're just so predictable.”

“Is that what you really think?” James asked incredulously.

Lily nodded. James sighed and ran a hand through his hair distractedly. “Well I guess that’s that then. I am officially giving up.” He told her. “I’m sorry how things turned out though.”

Lily nodded. “So am I.” She said regretfully before turning away. James watched her sadly, feeling like the world was crashing down around him. It was now clear, if it wasn’t before, that it was over. He was deluded if he thought he stood a chance.

A/N YAY! finally! yippee!

the song is Predictable by the one and only Delta!

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