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Chapter seventeen: Owlery adventures

Dear Red Dragon,

Well I wanted to ask you something during this letter, by the time you get this you will either be far from Hogwarts or still right here. Well what I mean to really ask you is, are you staying at Hogwarts over holiday? I mean I am. Not that I am in hope that you are, I mean we swore we’d never tell though I think that wouldn’t be that bad if we were to. Anyways, now that I’ve gotten off track and am probably confusing you, I guess my point it…. I don’t know just reply as soon as possible? Maybe if you are still at Hogwarts, then we could meet up somewhere. Just think about, it’s only a thought….

-Icy Flame.

Lily put down her quill, thoughtfully admiring her accomplished work. Quickly she enfolded the letter in an envelope and next was off down stairs from her dorm and over to the Owlry to send it out.

“—WILL PANTS YOU IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!” Lily had come down right as James and Sirius were in an argument. Or more so, James was just yelling at Sirius and Sirius was just laughing his head off at him.

“What on earth is going on?”

James jumped, his blank eyes blinking wildly in confusion. He and Sirius seemed both to have abruptly broke from their peak in conversation. James had his mouth hung slightly open and Sirius was looking at Lily with his eyebrows raised as if in persecution. Lily just stared, her gaze oscillating between the two boys.

“Well….I’m off to the Owlry, I have to go mail a letter” She turned to leave but James caught up with her.

“Who’s it for?” he asked sincerely.

Lily quirked an eyebrow, turning to him strangely, “My great my aunt Margery” she said smartly. When the vacuous expression on his face did not disappear she added in an ironic tone, “My pen pal! Who do you think?”

James laughed nervously, nodded his head and watched Lily walk out of the portrait hole.

A snigger escaped into the air, James looked at Sirius, a serious look on his face with one eyebrow erected sternly, “Nice one Padfoot, you nearly blew it”

His snigger turned into a grin, Sirius smiled broadly, “Now, Prongs, it’s not that bad!”

“You nearly blew my cover! Lily almost heard me say who I was!”

Sirius shrugged his shoulders and fell to the couch, throwing his feet of the arm of the chair, “Well, at least you won’t have to worry about that over holiday, unless she has super hearing in which case the hundreds of miles between you won’t help”

James groaned, slapping his hand to his forehead, “Not this year, no….this year my parents decided it was the perfect time to take a romantic get away!”

Sirius shook his head, smiling. He rose from his chair after his moment of sitting, obviously tired of the act already “Well I will be leaving now, I believe you have a letter on it’s way. “


Dear Icy Flame,

err…..well I….yeah. I mean yes I am staying if that makes any difference, but about the other thing….well I just don’t know. I mean, well, come on it’s too much fun with you asking me, why don’t you guess first? Ha ha, I think that would be funny, you trying to guess who I am, you’ll never be able to. Instead, to be a little easier, I will have my spy of a friend talk to you. Of course you know him by now, James. That annoying friend of me had found out your identity and told me he teased you and yet he still had the gull to not tell me who you are. Of all the nerve, right? Well, you know what? I don’t want him to tell me, surprises are nice and when I find out, I’d like it to be when I meet you, I want to be able to see the look on your face when we first meet. So, yes I mean I would like to meet, soon I think ….until then I am yours (or rather your friend)

-Red Dragon

Lily sighed deeply, a sinking feeling in her stomach already settling in. Excitement and sadness seemed to be linked hand in hand, twirling around in her stomach, confusion seeming to spur them on. She couldn’t understand it, she’d been begging for the last few weeks to meet, and now…. now that vacation was just a day away she didn’t know if she should excited that he was staying or confused because he still was keeping his identity under wraps.

And James. James! He of all people knows! Urgh! I feel so anger I should go bark at him right in his ear so that he might go deaf. that stupid bastard knows my penpal. MY penpal! Yes…I should definitely go yell at him…hm…I wonder where he is anyways….


“What’s that?”

A foot of air seemed to stand between her and the cushion from her seat as she jumped into the air. Lily glared, menacingly over her shoulder, inhaling as if to relieve herself of her shock.

“Nothing. I just happened to finish reading MY letter,” she said stiffly, sitting more highly in her seat as she saw James coming through the portrait hole.

“Ah, and what did it say?”

Lily cocked a skeptical eyebrow, looking at him cynically and laughed sardonically, “Please! Don’t tell me you haven’t read, I know you two are friends”

James grinned broadly, his pearly teeth like a sweet smile of a crocidile, “Not this time, although I do know for a fact that the both of you are staying over vacation”

Lily rolled her eyes, accenting her stern manner with a sigh.

“So know we’ll all be a nice little party together!”

“What?” Lily looked up sharply, her unblinking eyes wide and bulging.

James’ smile broadened a bit more, with a calculating gleam to his bright eyes. “I’m staying over holiday also”

“No you’re not”

James laughed for a moment, looking at her curiously, “yes….i am”

“No you’re not… You can’t!”

“Well yes…I can.” James couched out a breathe of incredulity, “I’m staying, you’re staying, we’re ALL staying!”

Lily frowned, her eyes moping her sorrow, “I thought this vacation was supposed to be good! Lovely….now I have-“

“Thanks for being so nice”

Lily looked at him, a sincere look on his face, and her mouth dropped slightly agape as she coughed dryly, “Sorry…”

James breathed loudly, shaking his head and mouthing out something like “typical” before walking up to the portrait hole.

Lily sighed, trying to relieve herself of her unwanted guilt. “Willow!”

Her friend had just walked through the portrait, it seemed like ages sensed she’d seen her. “Willow, oh god, do I need to talk to you, stupid James was in here….ugh, did you know that he know s the identity of my letter friend you know!”

Willow had seemed so startled at this abrupt wave of speech directed at her she just stood and looked at Lily with a peculiar expression, “You mean the guy with the weird name like Dragon baby crimson something?”

Lily scoffed at her, “yes, and it’s RED Dragon. Anyways, I don’t get it though, I have two huge problems, first of which, James knows us both but won’t tell us! And second, I’e been beggin my friend forever for us to meet but he won’t! I mean it’s not like it’s going to kill him to meet me, but noooo he has to waaaaaaaaait. He has to—“

“Lily, just because for the first time in your life, someone doesn’t do what you tell them to doesn’t mean you have to go complain about it me! So go and bug someone else for a change and stop being so selfish!”

Lily sat, stupefied from those short simple words, yet she couldn’t speech as she watched willow march up to her dorm. She couldn’t do anything.

What was with everyone? It was like they all thought she was this terrible person. She wasn’t mean, she wasn’t cruel, she was sweet Lily Evans, that’s who she always was and always will be. She could understand James being angry with her, but her best friend?

Dear Red Dragon,

This is urgent, alright….am I….mean? What I mean is that, well it seems like all of my friends think I’m mean and selfish, I don’t understand it. Maybe I am, but I don’t know, I can’t. Just reply soon alright? I feel like I’m losing my friends, everyone, do they all hate me? Do I complain a lot? I never thought I was like that. Well, just tell me what you think, I…need some help. All right then…bye.

James set down the letter, a million thoughts running through his mind. Lily was obviously upset, she didn’t even sign her name. Maybe he should talk to her in person. But what was he kidding? She wouldn’t talk to James, well there was certainly no point in getting around it, he had to reply, that was the only way to help her. It was the night before the first day of holiday, her letter had gotten to him just hours after he had sent his last. When you were in the same school, mail got to you fast.

He picked up his quill, licked his lip in concentration and began writing. When he had finished he sealed the envelope and walked out of his dorm. The fireplace seemed deserted down in the common room; Lily was nowhere to be seen. Of course it was almost midnight and usually at this time she would have been snuggly tight between her sheets. Of course at this thought James had to seriously restrain himself from thinking perverted things after picturing the words “snuggly tight” and “sheets”

Now it was off to the Owlry.

All right. So James knew that at any hour of the night, “cooing” and “hooing” fluttered through the owlery as Owls flew in and out. But on this lovely night, the “coos” sounded abnormally strange.

Lily sat on the hay, muttering little solaces to herself, hiccupping and blowing her nose on occasion. Her small, frail body seemed to be shriveled against the cold of night, small and delicate under the owl-ridden beams that supported the large framed roof. The tiny owls dotted the walls and beams, watching the strange spectacle that they beheld on this special evening.


She turned around, her face red and swollen from the hot tears that had stained her skin like red wine spilt on a plush of white satin. Lily hastily wiped her puffy eyes, sniffling as she tried to cover her face from him. James, upon seeing her rushed over, kneeling down beside her, bending his head to see if he could peer through her mask of fingers that she hid her face from. She tried to turn her head away, but when she did James pulled her hands off her face to look at her.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” he asked, his eye searching for some reasonably answer.

But lily just bowed her head down, wiping her eyes once more, replied, “nothing…nothing…..i’m fine”

“you don’t look fine”

Lily sniffed the air, swallowing hard, sided away from him, her hands desperately trying to clear her face of the splashes of red that covered her tense skin, “I’m fine! Now leave me alone Potter, I don’t need you right now!”

James was frustrated now. Of all people, he knew she talked to him the most, well she didn’t know it but she did. In all of her letters, she had poured her heart out on a simple piece of parchment, and now she was giving him a cold shoulder.

“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me” he said sternly, looking her hard in the eyes.

But Lily tore away once more, muttering softly, “James….just go away”

He sighed with exasperation, his confidence draining. He knew talking would do no good, he’d never get that girl to crack and tell her. So he took his only other option.

James sat down beside Lily, whose face was buried behind her red curtain of hair and he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closely. She looked up from her damp hair to send a strange look of confusion his way.

“Oh it’s not going to kill you Evans” Lily eased her tension and let him hug her as only a comforting friend could, though somewhere she felt uneasiness settle in her stomach. And when a few moments had gone by and she had wiped her tears she whispered, “ You don’t think I’m…..selfish, do you?”

“Of course not, what would make you ask that?”

Lily gave an edgy squirm as she fought free from his hold now, “nothing I just….what’s that?”

James stared at Lily for a moment, the words like a foreign language having fallen upon, “I’m sorry, you lost me”

Lily shook it off, pointing down to a small-enveloped letter sitting beside James that clearly read the words “TO ICY FLAME”.

James felt his stomach drop. Quickly his fingers scrambled for that letter, aching to grab hold of the sacred scripture. But as his whitening fingers clenched around it, pulling it back to hide it seemed to late.

Lily eyed him suspiciously, her eyes unblinking and unyielding to the terrible gaze “James….why do you have my letter?”

I’m really sorry you guys. I stopped writing for a little while, and I just lost the will to continue. I mean this was a big writers block and I was almost considering the thought of discontinuing this story. But, recently I got a lot of reviews from this one person that really inspired me to pick it back up again, so a big thanks goes out to Demon Dementor! This is my little personal thanks to you. NOT THAT I DON’T APPRECIATE MY OTHER READERS AND REVIEWERS. I really do, so, yet again I’m truly sorry….no excuses….

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