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Chapter 27

Lily was so happy to be home and out of her hospital room. Lily was much more happy now then before she went to the hospital. James and Lily left the house, but when they came back they had baby Harry with them.

Lily’s last Healer class had ended the month before and she wouldn’t be going back during the fall. Lily had decided to take a year or so off so she could take care of their new baby, and they might want to have another baby in another year or so.

The nursery had been finished two months ago, and Lily smiled when she brought the baby in there with her. Rocking him back and forth in the rocking chair really brought the term motherhood to life.

The next morning when Lily woke up, James had already left for work and she saw Harry was finally sleeping. It had been a difficult night last night and Harry didn’t like sleeping during the night, but he liked sleeping through out the day. Which had messed up Lily’s sleeping habits and James tried to help Lily out. Finally Lily told James to go to sleep and she would stay up with Harry.


“Mrs. Potter,” the Healer said as he walked in for Harry’s first Healer appointment. The Healer would also be checking on how Lily was doing. “You look exhausted.”

“The new mother charm,” Lily smiled.

“You look like you haven’t slept a peep since you gave birth to Harry?”

Tears began to fall down Lily’s face, “He wants to sleep all day and stay up all night. I don’t know what to do.”

“You need at least eight hours of sleep Lily and whenever you get Harry to nap, you need to nap with him. That is until you can control his sleeping cycle to a normal cycle.”

“Okay,” Lily said smiling.

“Could I see little Harry real quick?”

Lily nodded, but the Healer could tell that she was a bit nervous.


“How was the appointment?” A voice asked from the couch as Lily had Flooed home with the new baby.

“You are home early, aren’t you?” Lily said joining her husband on the couch.

“Do you want me to go back to work?” James asked taking Harry from her arms.

“Merlin, no. Now you can watch Harry while I take a nap.”

“Aw,” James said crestfallen. “I was hoping this could be family time.”

“Sure,” Lily shrugged. “Rock Harry to sleep and we can all sleep as a family.”

Baby Harry was a bit confused as he looked up, he had been transferred from the warm, cuddle, nurturing red blur. Now he was being held by the loud, itchy, hairy black blur. Harry wanted to be cradled again and he cried out.

“Aw!” James yelled a bit scared.

“Don’t yell at him James!” Lily said taking the baby out of his arms and cuddling the newborn again.

“I didn’t mean to, he scared me.”

“You probably scared him trying to kiss on him, you probably scratched him with your beard.”

“What are you hinting at?” James asked.



Every time Sirius stopped by he has yet another present for Harry. As much as Sirius stopped by, it was really starting to worry Lily about how much stuff Harry would actually have.

Alice and Neville stopped by frequently. Harry and Neville took their naps together and while the newborns were napping, Alice and Lily could have time alone together.

“James is driving me insane,” Lily sighed as she brought some hot tea into the living room as the babies were just feet away from them in the playpen.

“Oh no, what now?”

“I want to go get a family picture and he keeps telling me it’s too soon, that we should wait until Harry is a bit older. I just want one so bad and Mum use to make us all go take a family picture every year around Christmas.”

“Then maybe you should wait until Christmas?” Alice suggested shrugging her shoulders, “That way it is a family past time, and James can’t argue with that.”

“True,” Lily nodded.

“Harry will be a little older too, so that way you both win.”

“I guess,” Lily sighed. “I just want some pictures taken of my beautiful baby boy.”

“What are you talking about?” Alice laughed, “You have taken double the pictures of Harry than I have taken of Neville.”

Lily blushed, “I know. I just can’t get over how beautiful he is and I just want to show him when he is older how much we truly love and loved him.”

“He will know, I promise.” Then an idea struck Alice, “You can always go get professional pictures done of Harry now if you like.”

“That’s a wonderful idea! I didn’t even think about that.”

“Well there you go.”


Peter didn’t go around the Potters much anymore, he didn’t see the point anymore. They would all be dead soon anyways. The Potters, Longbottoms, Black, Bones, and Lupin. They were Dumbledore’s favorites and they refused to move over to the dark side. They would all be a great asset to Voldemort’s inner circle, but either way Lily Potter was screwed. Lord Voldemort would never let a filthy Mudblood join him.

Peter was now waiting for Lord Voldemort to see him, and he had an idea as to what. Bellatrix hadn’t been too happy with Peter lately and he had no idea how to make her happy. To think that he how things had been so different just a couple of years ago and how Peter wished he could go back. Go back before James Potter fell deeply in love with that nasty Mudblood, because as soon as James fell in love with her then all of her friends came too. Sirius fell in love with Cassidy and they both denied it for years. Remus chased after Gabriella for years just like James had chased after Lily. Finally both of those horrible women realized how wonderful his best friends, his brothers were. Then they manipulated them into loving them even more, even into marriage and now a filthy halfblood baby.

“Wormtail!” Peter heard Lord Voldemort yell from the room down the hall.

Peter ran into the room and fell to the floor bowing over and over again, “Enough you filthy mongrel!”

“S…so…sorry master, you a…asked for m…m…me?”

“Yes, of course I did. The Longbottoms and Potters have had their little bastards and have you found out which child the prophecy talks about?”

Peter frowned, he didn’t understand. “No,” Peter shook his head. “I figured you would want me as far away from those blood traitors as possible.”

“Idiot!” Voldemort screamed, “Did you not hear what the prophecy stated?”

Peter’s eyes bugged out, “I…I remember what it said, but do you honestly think that a baby could bring you harm? The greatest Dark Wizard since Salazar Slytherin, himself?”

“That seer said it herself.”

“We don’t know if she is a true seer, master.”

Voldemort waved his wand and Peter began to scream in agony.

“Now!” Voldemort yelled, “You will go around the Potters and Longbottoms and report back to me in a months time to revel which one you think has more potential to destroy me.”

“Don’t you think we should wait until the children are older, what if you make the wrong decision master?”

“I won’t make the wrong decision,” Voldemort flicked his wand again to have Wormtail go through excoriating pain again. “Because you will know in a months time which of the children I need to destroy!”

The curse was taken off and Wormtail stuttered, “Y…yes m…m…master.”


Once Lily was finally getting the hang of Harry’s abnormal sleeping habit, she got a total shock of news. Lily got a letter through the mail, the Muggle way.

“Lily?” James walked into the kitchen after answering the front door.

“Who was that this early in the morning?” Lily asked as she fed Harry his breakfast bottle.

“Some man in a weird blue uniform…”

“Oh,” Lily frowned. “I figured Sirius was trying to be funny by ringing the doorbell as he always shows up unexpected.”

“Me too,” James agreed.

“Do you know anyone who wears a blue uniform?”

“No, but do you Lily?”

“What?” Lily asked looking up from her one-month-old son.

“He had this for you,” James said handing Lily a letter. Her name was on it with something on it she hadn’t seen in a few years.”



“Is that his name?”

“No,” Lily began to laugh. “Do you see the stickers on it?”


“Muggles put them on their mail to be sent out. The man that delivered it is the Muggle postman for our neighborhood.”

“Oh,” James began to laugh with Lily now. “Who would send you post the Muggle way? Hopefully not your horrible sister.”

“I honestly doubt that Petunia would send me mail, now let me read it and we will know the mystery of it all.” Lily took the letter from James and when she was finished she looked up at James in shock.

“What’s the matter?”

“The letter is from my Aunt Evelyn’s lawyer.”

“Didn’t I meet her once?”

“Yes,” Lily nodded. “At my Grandma Rose’s funeral, she has been sick for years. Actually her doctors, Muggle Healers, suggested that she not fly here but she insisted. Said she could not miss her mother’s funeral, had to say goodbye. She was much too sick to come to our Wedding.”

“So why is her lawyer contacting us now?”

“She died a couple of days ago.”

“What?” James asked obviously not expecting this answer.

“It says she left us something and that I need to attend the funeral.”

“That’s fine, we will go. I know she is or was the only family you had contact with since your parents died.”

“It’s not that James, she was the last relative that I have.”

“Not counting Petunia.”

“Never count Petunia,” Lily rolled her eyes. “We need to go to America.”


Lily began to burp Harry by patting on the small of his back, “That is where she lived James.”

James’s eyes lit up, “Can we go on an Aero-o-plane?”

Lily bit her lip and nodded, “I really don’t want to Floo that much. You know especially with Harry, it always makes him so sick.”

“Alright,” James smiled from ear to ear, looking just like a kid in the candy store that just got exactly what he wanted.

“One condition.”


“You can not complain about how slow the plane ride is, only how small the loo is and how gross the food is.”

“Okay,” James shrugged.

“No magic.”

“I know.”

“I guess today while you are at work, Harry and I will run to Gringotts and get some money changed into Muggle money and then we will go buy the tickets.”

“Don’t you have to Floo there?”

“Yes,” Lily sighed. “I packed Harry an extra burping rag and an extra outfit, he always gets so sick.”

“See if you Alice will go with you.”


“It is really dangerous out there and I will be really worried about you and Harry.”

“Fine,” Lily rolled her eyes. “The only reasons I am agreeing to this is because I have not seen Alice in days.”


“He does have a point Lily,” Alice pointed out once Lily had ranted to her about why Alice had to come with her to Diagon Alley.


“Those guys have been called out on a lot more missions then ever before and You-Know-Who and the Death Eaters seem to be killing almost every night now. Hell I would have begged to come with you, haven’t seen you in ages.”


Soon Alice, Neville, Lily, and Harry had Flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. They would usually sit for a bit and get a butterbeer or two, but these were uncertain times and you didn’t want to stay out too long.”

Lily and Alice pulled out mini strollers from their pockets and get them back to normal size so their babies could ride along and take their daily naps.

Lily and Alice rushed to Gringotts and once they were out Lily confessed something.

“We what?!” Alice’s eyes bugged out.

“We need to stop by Muggle London, but just for a bit.”

“Lily, I don’t know.” Alice began to fidget as she looked down at baby Neville. “There have been so many Muggle attacks.”

“I have to buy our plane tickets and I need a new black dress.”

“Why don’t you wear the one at your house?”

“It fit me before I got pregnant.”

“Oh,” realization hit Alice. “Fine, but only thirty minutes.”



“You sure I don’t look fat in this?” Lily asked scrunching her nose up at her reflection in the mirror.

“No you don’t Lily, hell you have lost more weight than I have. Now go try on that dress you have had your eye on, I don’t feel comfortable here.”

“We will be fine,” Lily said looking at herself over and over again in the mirror. “The attacks have only been at night, never during the day, I promise we will be fine.”

“It’s a good thing we already went and bought those tickets.” Alice said looking out of the window every few seconds.

“I think I’ll buy the first one I tried on.”

“Okay, so change and let’s get out of here.”

Lily walked back into the dressing room and then there was a big explosion and Lily Potter fell limply to the ground.


“Damn it!” Sirius threw his fist down on the cafeteria table, “That damn alarm is going off again?!”

“Merlin forbid us go out and save lives if it comes between Sirius and his appetite,” Amelia said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.

“Shove off,” Sirius stuffed his face.

“What are you doing?!” Amelia’s eyes bugged out, “Get your lazy arse up and go follow Frank and James. There’s another attack!”

“I know there is, I hear the bloody alarm!”

“Come on,” James said pulling Sirius out of his seat. “We have a job to do.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Peter smiled under his black cloak and Death Eater mask. This should kill both of the women and their children. This way the Dark Lord would never have to be threatened about which baby would be the downfall of him. This way Alice and Lily were out of the Marauder’s lives forever. Next he just needed to get rid of Frank too, Frank was not a true Marauder. Lily was just a nasty Mudblood that had ruined the Potter bloodline. The Potter bloodline was now ruined forever.

Mudblood Evans had given birth to that filthy halfblood. A halfblood that had been threatening his master’s life since the existence of this little baby’s life. Longbottom’s baby also had his name down as ‘the miracle baby.’ Peter had no idea which baby it was, but why not take out two owls with one stone?

Peter began to hear a familiar popping noise over and over again. He knew that the Aurors were arriving now. Peter disapparated just before Sirius Black threw up a spell to stop anyone from doing what Peter had just performed.

“These Muggle attacks are really starting to get out of hand,” Sirius said standing guard and looking for any Death Eaters.

“They have always been out of hand,” Frank commented. “They should have never started in the first place.

“You know Voldemort, got to purify the world of all of those unworthy.” James spat sarcastically.

“Over here!” Kingsley yelled to them.

“Merlin,” all three men gasped when they saw the extent of the wreckage.

“I will be surprised if there is a soul alive,” Sirius whispered.

Then they all heard a soft cry, and it began to get louder and louder. A cry that brought chills to all of their bones.

“Merlin that’s a baby,” Frank gasped.

“Where’s the mother?” Sirius asked as fear crept up into his eyes, “Hopefully not dead?”

The cry got louder and everyone of the men froze, “That’s my son!” James screamed as he went completely pale all over.

James began to yell it over and over again as he ran down the street and to the rubble that was a clothing store only thirty minutes ago. Some of his fellow Aurors were trying to hold him back but James just ran over them.

Obviously Lily had been shopping with her newborn baby and Alice had been with them when James left. Was Lily there with Harry? Was Alice and Neville in there with Lily and Harry? Was Harry the only one still alive?

“You don’t think Alice and Neville are in there too, do you?” Frank asked and James heard the same fear in Frank’s voice that James was feeling.

James didn’t answer Frank as he ran towards the wreckage and Frank was right on his heels.

“Potter, Longbottom.” Mad Eye Moody said placing his hand in front of the two of them, “You need to go home.”

“I want to see my son, I hear him! My wife has to be in there with him!” James yelled trying to get through.

“My wife and son were with Potter’s wife and son, I want to know if they are in there!” Frank yelled.

“We have gotten a few people in there and they got the shopkeeper out. She remembered seeing two women who fit the description of both of your wives and they both had babies with them. She didn’t get a close look to see what the babies looked like and the storekeeper also didn’t know what sex the babies were.”

“Let us in there, we will find our wives!” James said running forward and Moody pulled him back.

“I am sorry Potter, but I can not let you go in there.”

“I’ll go then!” Frank stepped forward.

“I can’t let neither one of you in there.”

“Why the bloody hell not?” James yelled.

“The two of you are too involved.”

“I don’t give a damn!” James yelled, “My wife and only son is in there! I want to make sure they are alright! No one will look as hard for them as I will.”

“I promise you all of the men are looking high and low for both of your wives and both of your sons.”

“You will not keep me from searching,” Frank growled.

“Moody,” Sirius sighed as he finally caught up with James and Frank. “I know and you know that there is no way in hell that you are keeping James and Frank away from that search.”

“Fine,” Moody snapped but he was not happy with his decision.






James, Frank, Sirius, Moody, and the many other Aurors were searching through all of the rubbish.

“LILY!” James screamed at the top of his lungs.

“ALICE!” Frank yelled in desperation.

There was a cry near them and everyone’s adrenaline began to race, “That’s a baby.” Frank said, it wasn’t a question. “That’s Neville’s cry.”

Everyone turned to look at James and James nodded, “It has to be because that’s not Harry.”

Everyone began to move all the rubbish around to try and find Neville and hope to Merlin that Alice was as much alive as Neville was. As they all began to dig, they also hoped that Harry would cling on to life and hopefully Lily was near Harry and still alive.

The cry got louder and the next moment Frank bent down and picked his son up. Crying his eyes out as he kissed Neville’s head over and over again, “Where’s Alice?” Frank said looking around.

“I see a woman’s shoe,” a rookie spoke up.

“Move that beam!” Moody ordered.

Soon Alice was freed from the large beam that had been crushed upon her, “Is she breathing?” Frank yelled as a Healer checked her vital signs.

“Yes,” the Healer turned around. “She is unconscious and probably has a concussion.” The Healer flicked his wand and had Alice floating up to a stretcher and put into a magical ambulance. Frank and Neville went with Alice to the hospital and Frank would get Neville checked once they got to St. Mungo’s.

Before Frank left with Neville and Alice, he wished James luck in finding Harry and Lily. James just hoped that Frank’s wishes wouldn’t go unanswered.

There was another cry an hour later and James froze.

“Is that him?” Moody growled.

James nodded as his eyes got wide, “That’s Harry.”

“This way!” Sirius yelled as he got closer and closer to the cry.

James got the spot that he could hear Harry the loudest and he was very upset. James began to dig like a mad man and finally, there was Harry. There was a very pale arm laying over him and Sirius took Harry from James’s arms as James continued to dig for Lily.

“She’s bleeding!” James screamed.

“Don’t move her!” The Healer ran over.

“Is that much blood suppose to come out of her head,” James gasped as tears began to fill in his eyes.

“No,” the Healer began to dig through his bag to try and stop the bleeding. There were cuts all over her face and it looked as if she had a broken wrist and maybe a broken ankle too.

“Well stop it!”

“I am trying Mr. Potter.”

“James take Harry,” Sirius said trying to calm both Harry and James down.

“What? What about Lily?”

“The Healer is taking care of her, but your son needs you.”

James nodded and took Harry as the baby just would not quit screaming.

“At least we know his lungs aren’t injured,” Sirius yelled holding his ears.

“Not funny Padfoot,” James was patting Harry on the small of his back trying to calm his young son down. At the same time James was looking down at his frail wife and just praying that she would be okay. Lily couldn’t leave James here alone, what would happen to Harry?

“Mr. Potter?” The Healer spoke up after some time, “I stopped the bleeding for now. She has lost a lot of blood, she needs to go to St. Mungo’s.” James nodded and the Healer waved his wand and Lily too was on a stretcher going to the magical ambulance on her way to St. Mungo’s. James and Harry were riding along, and James would also get Harry checked out.

James just prayed with every inch of his soul that Lily and Harry would be alright.

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