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A week later Harry and Ginny were back in St. Mungo’s to learn about Healer Wainwright’s new trial and potion and to see if they were candidates for sure. It was obvious they were both nervous; Harry was twiddling his thumbs and Ginny was shaking her leg. When the door to Healer Wainwright’s door opened they both jumped a little.

“No need to be nervous,” said Healer Wainwright cheerfully as he walked into his office, apparently having seen Harry and Ginny jump. “Mrs. Potter, a pleasure to see you again,” he said as he shook Ginny’s hand.

“Oh please,” said Ginny, grinning. “Call me Ginny. And this is my husband-”

“Harry Potter, of course,” said Healer Wainwright, his eyes briefly flashing to Harry’s forehead. “Please, sit down. We have a lot to discuss.”

Healer Wainwright walked behind his desk and sat on his chair. He flicked his wand and a file appeared on his desk. He quickly scanned it and scribbled little notes on some papers, muttering slightly as he did.

“It says here you have been trying for about five years. Is that correct?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Harry.

“And were you ever successful in conceiving?”

“Yes,” said Ginny.

Healer Wainwright looked up, obviously confused. “You have?” he asked. “Then why-”

“I had a miscarriage,” said Ginny softly.

“Oh, I see. I’m so sorry,” he said, making a little note. “And how long ago was that?”

“About five months ago,” said Ginny.

“I see,” he said. “You do realize that because you have miscarried before your chances of conceiving with the potion are slightly lessened?”

“We don’t care,” said Harry.

“We’ll try anything,” said Ginny.

“Very well,” said Healer Wainwright. He continued with his questions, and after and hour or so, he concluded that Harry and Ginny were in fact perfect candidates for the trial. They were thrilled and anxious to try the potion.

“Now,” said Healer Wainwright, handing Ginny a large vial of a pinkish potion. “Take exactly three tablespoonfuls no more than twenty minutes before you have sex. You can use it as often as you like; there should be enough for one month there. If you need more, just ask me at work Mrs. Potter.”

“Thank you so much,” she said as she got up and shook his hand.

“Yes, thank you,” said Harry.

“It’s my pleasure to help the great Harry Potter and his wife,” he said. “But remember, not all the couples have conceived in the first month, so don’t put all you hopes on this first try.”

“Alright,” said Ginny. “Thanks again Healer Wainwright!”

“Oh, and Mr. Potter!” called Healer Wainwright after them handing Harry a piece of parchment and a quill. “Would you pleas? For my son? He’s such an admirer of you, as we all are.”

“Of course,” said Harry, grabbing the parchment and quill and signing his name. He was used to people asking for his autograph by now, and he never refused a fan or admirer. He handed them back to Healer Wainwright. Harry and Ginny left his office feeling very hopeful and excited. They made love three times that day, and once a day for the next month or so. Ginny felt that if the potion did not work, it would almost be worth it for the refreshing of her marriage. For the first time in years Ginny felt like a teenager with Harry, constantly giggling, constantly touching. The potion Healer Wainwright had originally given them only covered about one week for Harry and Ginny. At work, about a month after she and Harry had visited Healer Wainwright, Ginny found herself wandering around the nursery. She knew she wasn’t pregnant yet; she was just getting over her period. Though this would usually upset her, she had a lot of confidence in Healer Wainwright’s potion. She was constantly happy; it was as if she was waiting for it to happen, as if she knew it would happen.

She was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t hear Healer Wainwright say her name the first time. She jumped when he said it the second time a little louder.

“Oh!” she said as she turned to face him. “Sorry, I was just daydreaming.”

Healer Wainwright looked at the babies in the nursery and at the smile on Ginny’s face and frowned.

“Mrs. Potter, I have some bad news.”

Ginny’s face fell. “What?”

“I’ve just received an owl form the Ministry,” he said. “The potion, however effective in helping women conceive, seems to be causing serious health problems in some of the women in the trial.”

“What?” she said, confused about what this meant.

“We’re not sure the potion is responsible, but the Ministry doesn’t want to take any risks. I’ve been ordered to take all the participants off the potion until we can find out for sure.”

“But that could take years!” exclaimed Ginny.

“I know,” said Healer Wainwright.

Ginny shook her head in disbelief.

“I understand what you must be feeling,” he said.

“Really? Do you?” she said sarcastically.

“Yes, I do,” he said seriously. “Which is why I am giving you this.”

He handed her three large vials of a pinkish potion.

“There should be enough for three months if used conservatively. I’m sure you realize the risk I’m taking by doing this, which is why I’m sure you will make sure this stays between us.”

Ginny quickly waved her wand and the vials shrunk to the size of paper clips and she put them in her pocket.

“Thank you, so much,” she said.

Healer Wainwright smiled and said, “Now Ginny, if this potion does cause these severe problems, that means using it will be very risky for you. Please, use good judgment.”

“I will,” she said, shaking his hand.

“Please send me pictures of your baby,” he said and turned away and disappeared out of the nursery. Ginny softly patted the vials in her pocket.

* * *

Dinner that night was awfully quiet. Three times Harry asked Ginny if she was alright. Three times she told him yes, even though each time it was a lie. Since her meeting with Healer Wainwright, she couldn’t stop thinking about what to do. What kind of “serious problems” did this potion supposedly cause? Should she take the risk? Suppose she got pregnant- would the side effects kill her? What kind of life would her baby have with no mother? Ginny wished she would have asked Healer Wainwright what the problems were exactly, but knew he wouldn’t have been able to. Healer-patient privileges were very important in the Magical medical world.

“Gin,” said Harry breaking her train of thought.

“Hm?” she responded.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked for the fourth time that night.

“Yeah, it’s just, I have a problem at work.”

“Really? Maybe I can help.”

Ginny smiled and said, “Well, I have this patient, and she’s on this potion that is supposed to help her, but it doesn’t seem to be working, yet, that is.”

“Okay,” said Harry.

“Yeah,” Ginny continued. “And we’ve just found out this potion is making other people sick…even sicker than what she is now.”

“Ah, I see,” said Harry. “Then what’s the problem?”

“This potion is her only shot to get better. There doesn’t seem to be any potion that can help besides this.”

Harry thought about it for a while and said, “You can’t give your patient something that might make her sick.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “That’s what I was thinking too.”

“And who knows? Maybe another, safer potion will be invented,” said Harry.

“Yeah, maybe,” Ginny responded weakly. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” he said as he cleared off the table. “Are you ready for bed?” he asked suggestively.

Ginny smiled and said, “Yeah, I’ll be up in a sec.”

Harry walked upstairs to their bedroom and Ginny went into the downstairs bathroom. She opened the cabinet and stared at the three pink vials on the top shelf for awhile until she heard Harry call, “Gin? Are you coming to bed?”

She reached for one of the vials and took the cork off. She put the opening to her lips and drank what she thought was three tablespoons.

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