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They left the Leaky Cauldron after they drank 2 butterbeers. While they were walking down the street, Ron stayed a bit behind Harry and Hermione to watch for any signs of feelings for each. They stopped inside Flourish and Blotts again, while Ron was looking at some books Ron could see the two of them flirting with each other. Immediately he saw them he walked over to stop it and said its time they should be going.

“Alright well nice seeing you guys!!”Hermione said as she gave Harry a hug but completely forgot about Ron.
“Yeah, well I will ask mum if you can come over a week before September 1st so you can hang out with Harry and me.” Ron said.
“Oh Harry your staying with Ron already? I would have thought you were at the Dursleys. Well I would be delighted! Send me an owl when you know if it’s alright.” Hermione replied.
“Alright see you then Hermione” Harry said, stepping in to give her a hug.
Ron found this quite suspicious. But anyhow he gave Hermione a wave and set off for the Leaky Cauldron with Harry again.
Mr.Weasley was waiting for them when they got there. He was accompanied by one of the many brothers of Ron, Charlie. Charlie and Mr.Weasley apparated them back to the Burrow.
Harry and Ron arrived at the Burrow very tired. They dragged themselves upstairs and plopped down on the two beds. Ron stared at Harry for a while, for some strange reason all Harry was doing was smiling at the ceiling.
Ron couldn’t explain his friend’s such bizarre behavior. Ron looked away and got up and paced around his room. He was thinking of something to say to ask Harry about what happened today but just as soon he was going to say something Mrs.Weasley yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
“DINNER IS READY YOU TWO BETTER GET DOWN HERE SOON!!!!” Her voice echoed through the rattling stairs.
“Come on we better get down there, she doesn’t seem to be in a good mood…” Ron’s voice trailed away as he left the room.
As Harry followed, he couldn’t help but wonder why Ron seemed to be a bit upset since they got back. He put his curious thoughts aside and got ready for a delicious dinner from Mrs.Weasley.
Both Harry’s and Ron’s mood changed a great deal through out dinner. They were all laughing and telling jokes; it was a rather enjoyable night in the Weasley’s household. In whispered voices Fred and George told Harry and Ron about their latest experiments for the joke shop.
Harry and Ron seemed to have forgotten all about how tired they were, and they had fun with the rest of the family. It wasn’t until after all the plates were cleared and their stomachs were full that they realized how tired they were.
They said goodnight to the family, who did not want them to leave as they were having such a great time. Ginny, Harry noticed was the only one not having much fun.
He and Ron made their way upstairs and changed into their pajamas and got ready to go to sleep. Harry was just about to fall asleep when he heard Ron’s voice.
“Harry, you awake mate?”
“Yeah, I am now…” Harry said groggily.
“Can I ask you a question?” Ron said, Harry found that he seemed to be very awake unlike Harry. “I mean if you don’t want to answer its all right I just want to know…”
“Yeah sure whatever.” Harry replied, as he got up and put his glasses back on.” What is it?”
“Well –err today did you find that Hermione wasn’t herself or something?”
“What? - Oh yeah well she certainly looked way different. She assured me it was really her and that she dressed like this in the muggle world.” Harry said rubbing his eyes trying to stay awake.
“Yeah I thought so too, she was acting differently too.” Ron said as he tried to stop a yawn.” Well that’s it for me for tonight im going to sleep goodnight.”
“Night” Harry pulled off his glasses again and laid back down in bed. Was it just his imagination or was Ron acting very weirdly too? It seemed everyone was these days.
Two weeks after the late night talk between Harry and Ron sent an owl to Hermione inviting her to stay over the rest of the holidays. They were playing a one on one game of Quidditch when they saw Hedwig fly back with an answer from Hermione. They touched back down and raced upstairs to meet Hedwig.
Hermione’s letter was fairly short and by the look of Ron’s face he was very upset about something. Harry read the letter after Ron handed it to him.
Dear Harry (and Ron)
I am delighted to spend the rest of the holidays with you!! Mum and dad said it was all right with them. I will be coming on August 8th. And I’m traveling by Floo powder. Can’t wait to see you! Harry I can’t wait to tell you something!!!
Love, Hermione
Harry couldn’t wait either for Hermione to come, but when he read Hermione’s farewell on the card, a burst of joy erupted inside of him. He didn’t know why that when he read “Love, Hermione” it made him so happy.
The rest of the day Ron seemed to be in a bad mood, he kept muttering to himself. Ginny seemed to be in the same mood as Ron. Although Harry noticed she was acting like this since he arrived.
That night while Harry and Ron were looking through ‘Which Broomstick’ they weren’t talking much because Ron was rather in a grumpy mood. Then out of nowhere Ron asked such a sudden question it caught Harry by surprise.
“Harry is there anything going on between you and Hermione?” Ron asked as he stood up staring at his feet.
“What the bloody hell do you mean by that?” Harry replied taken aback.” Of course there isn’t anything mate, why would you ever think that?”
“Well today at Diagon Alley both of you seemed pretty flirty with each other, and if you ask me Hermione fancies you.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about! Yes I do think that Hermione looked kind of cute today but I highly doubt she fancies me” Harry replied getting a little angry with Ron for jumping to conclusions.
“Whatever. I’m going to bed, you can lie to me saying that nothing happened but I know the truth” Ron said stretching and headed for his bed.
“I am telling the truth!!! Why can’t you believe me!?!?! Nothing happened!” Harry half yelled, he was very angry right now. “At least I think so…” He added under his breath, careful not to let Ron hear.

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