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Disclaimer: nothing is mine! Oh and there is a large authors note at the bottom. (Large for me!) Chapter Fifteen – Sacratus Veritas Dolescere The room in which they waited was cold, damp, unlike any of the other rooms James had seen before in the castle, with the exception of the dungeons. James, Sirius, Remus and Lily stood around the edges of the room as they waited for Severus and Dumbledore to enter. Harry was with Minerva McGonagall, helping her teach of a group of seventh years NEWT level Transfiguration. Peter was still in the Hospital Wing. James glanced at Lily, who stood about two metres away from him, leaning against the wall. Her face was white, bringing out the emerald green in her eyes. She was angry at what was going to happen – she didn’t like purposeful violence of any sort, despite the fact that she herself worked as a trained Hit Wizard for the Ministry. On James’ other side was Remus, who looked quite ill, his skin such a pallor compared to his usual complexion that James could swear he’d aged ten years in a night. The full moon fell on Christmas Day and as usual on the day before a transformation Remus wasn’t feeling like himself. He’d been taken the new Wolfsbane Potion in the past week leading up so that he could be safe enough to remain inside the castle for Christmas, instead of revisiting the Shrieking Shack. Sirius was across the room from James, his eyes glued to the floor. He had arrived back to the castle only an hour ago from visiting all the different guards camped around Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forrest. He was tired, smelly and really didn’t want to be there. It was only on Dumbledore’s request he had come. The wooden door next to Sirius swung open and Severus Snape walked in. He looked around and smirked. “So,” he sneered. “This is my audience. I’m glad you all could make it to witness my pain and suffering.” “Oh believe me; I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Hearing you confess your inner most secrets has always been my dream,” Sirius sneered back. “Not all of us have such sordid minds that think only of one thing for twenty four hours straight, Black.” “Yes well not all of us are gay now are they?” “Say it again Black, go on, say it again.” “Not all of us are -” “Ahem.” Sirius was cut short as Dumbledore entered and cleared his throat. Immediately they all fell silent. Everyone was nervous about what he was about to do, to say nothing of the thoughts running through Snape’s head. “Severus, are you ready?” “Yes, sir.” Severus stood in the direct middle of the room and faced the wizened old man. Dumbledore raised his wand and pointed it directly at Snape. “Sacratus Veritas Dolescere,” he muttered. Instantly a brilliant white light shot from his wand to Snape’s throat. Snape kneeled over and clutched his throat, his eyes held no fear, just pain. Quickly Dumbledore walked forward, “Is your name Severus Snape?” he asked. “Yes,” Snape’s voice came out rasping and could barley be heard. “What is the date of today?” “December twenty fourth.” “Is the potion you smashed on December twentieth the only sample of Substatia Datvius Arma that you know of in the possession of Lord Voldemort?” “Yes.” “Why did you come to me with the sample and ask to be protected?” “I was forced to torture Frank and Alice Longbottom in their home. I was disgusted by my actions and knew that it would not be the last time I would be asked to hurt an innocent person. I wanted to get out.” Snape collapsed even further down. “Please, quickly, it burns.” Dumbledore continued with the questions, things to do with plans, attacks, and potions. James looked over at Remus and Sirius. Both looked slightly green in the face, sickened as James was by this curse. Then he looked at Lily. She had slid down the wall so she was no longer standing but sitting on the floor. Her head was propped up by her hands and tears trailed down her cheeks as she forced herself to watch this display of agony. She had not been ordered to watch as the men had, she had insisted on being here. Dumbledore looked at Remus suddenly and nodded. He walked backwards, keeping his wand of Severus as Remus walked towards the middle of the room. He knelt in front of Snape and looked him in the eyes as much as he could. “Why do you call Lord Voldemort the Dark Lord, though you are no longer in his service?” Severus took a moment to respond and when he did he could barely be heard by even Remus less than a foot away from him. “When you become a Death Eater, you are promising you soul to the Dark Lord. You world becomes him and his plans. You think of nothing else, dream of nothing else, live nothing else. You are weakened and start to lose control over your own actions, your words. Something about the name, the Dark Lord, connects you to him, like the Dark Mark connects us all. I don’t really know all the details. I never really asked.” Remus nodded, rose and walked back to his place by the wall. Dumbledore immediately lifted his wand from Snape and the man collapsed full on to the floor. Dumbledore and Remus rushed to Severus and levitated him into the air and out of the room. James turned towards Lily and knelt beside her. “Come Lily, let’s go,” he whispered. She shook her head and wrapped her arms around herself, rocking backwards and forwards. “Leave me alone James, I want to be alone.” She stood suddenly and walked from the room. James stared after her and then looked at Sirius who looked back at him. ***** Up in the Astronomy Tower Lily sat looking up at the white cloudy sky. Snow was falling softly on the uncovered half of the Tower and was slowly coating Lily. She had no cloak, no warm clothes but she wasn’t really paying attention. She just kept thinking about Snape’s face and all the pain he must have been feeling. Christmas was tomorrow. It didn’t feel like it to Lily. Christmas was meant to be a happy time, to be with family and friends and celebrate. It wasn’t meant to be filled with fear and with death and war. To her, Christmas would not come that year. Little did she know, it would never come again. Family was both a big and little deal for Lily. She knew you could live without one – as she had once her parents had died and Petunia disowned her. But she also knew family was a gift, an emotion, a way of life. Family was something she had now, with James and Harry. She had her own baby and husband. A husband who she never saw. Lily frowned. She really didn’t want to leave the Tower, she wanted to stay there forever and ever and never leave. Be covered by the snow and disappear, not have to deal with Lord Voldemort and worries that every time James and Harry left her sight she might never see them again. But she needed to find James, to feel the safeness and comfort of his arms and hear him whisper in her ear. Lily slowly got up from her position on the snow covered ground. No sooner had she descended the stairs then she felt herself being lifted off her feet and swung around in the air. “Sirius, put me down right now or I won’t be responsible for my actions,” she shrieked as she realised who had hold of her. Sirius grinned and started to walk off down the corridor. “Nope. Sorry Lily but I have strict instructions from James that if I found you to not let you out of my sight. He’s been worried sick searching for you. We all have been.” Searching for me? Why – I was only in the Astronomy Tower.” “Yeah you knew where you were but we didn’t. Christ Lily, you’ve been gone for nearly four hours. Everyone was starting to panic.” “Four hours! Oh my goodness I hadn’t realised it was that long, I just needed to think and get some time to myself. Right, now can you put me down, I’m not going to run away.” “Of course,” Sirius gently deposited her on the ground as they reached the top floor of the castle. They neared the portrait entrance to James and Lily’s room as James came barrelling out. “Where the hell were you? We looked everywhere, I was worried sick,” he said as he took Lily his arms. “Thanks Padfoot.” “No worries mate. Now if you don’t mind I have a date with my godson. That is if I can rescue him from Dumbledore.” Sirius smiled and walked quickly down the corridor. James turned back to Lily as he disappeared around the corner. “Where did you go?” “I went to the Astronomy Tower to think for awhile. I’m sorry you were worried but I hadn’t realised I’d been gone that long.” James took Lily’s hand and led her into their room. He pushed her down on to the bed and sat down next to her. “Are you mad at me?” “No, of course not.” “I wouldn’t blame you if you were. I haven’t been treating you very good lately. I don’t pay any attention to you; I don’t tell you I love you. Lily, I’m-” “Very busy, that’s all. James, I’m not mad. What kind of person would I be if I was mad at you for trying to save an entire school of kids?” “A normal person, a person who isn’t as sweet and wonderful as you, a person who would demand that their husband pay attention to them every second of the day. God, what did I do to deserve you?” “Sometimes I ask myself the same question,” Lily smiled and kissed James lightly on the lips. He leant forward to kiss her again but she had already fallen back on the bed. He leant down and gently put his hand to her face. Tomorrow would be full of nerves and worries and plans. But for now they were content to concentrate fully on each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I no I no its not as long as usual and im sorry but I didn’t want to start the next part just yet. I was meant to but I just couldn’t do it. Warning to u all the next chapter is going to be very very short cuz it doesn’t belong in this chapter and it doesn’t belong in the one after it but it needs to be there so yeah u’ll all just have to deal! Im currently writing three new stories: a Hr/Draco, a L/J at school, a strange one about Draco that’s an Angst but I don’t really no wat im doing except the name – Pure Blood to the End. I just like the name so I need a story to go with it! anyway that’s all for now, u prob wont hear frm me for awhile – I need to get these new stories out

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