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Cupid’s Liquid Arrows
Chapter 1: Butterbeer

Summer was always fun for Hermione. Half of it was spent visiting family and vacationing with her parents. The other half was spent at the Burrow with the Weasleys’ and Harry.

Hermione felt bad to feel this way; but, she felt she belonged in the magic world rather than the muggle world. Her parents loved her being a witch, but they wanted her to have a solid muggle education. So, she was tutored by her father on those summer holidays. Hermione didn’t mind most of the time; although, she knew it was useless to her.

During a summer holiday, the one before year seven, at the Burrow, something happened to our favorite trio. A visit from Fred and George would explain...

(Harry and Hermione’s first day at the Burrow)

“Hermione, dear, come in!” Mrs. Weasley greeted a smiling Hermione at the front door. “Harry has just arrived also. Everyone’s in the kitchen,” she said after tightly embracing Hermione.

“Thank you so much for inviting me,” Hermione said to Mrs. Weasley as she set her bags down near the stairs.

“You know it’s no problem. Hey, what’s one more child?” Mrs. Weasley chuckled.

They entered the kitchen and the first to things to catch her eye were Harry and Ron.

“Hermione!” they both said and jumped up from their seats at the table.

Ron reached her first and lifted her up in a hug. He set her back down and she laughed. “Someone’s been working out over the holidays,” she said and playfully punched his arm. He grinned, glad she noticed.

Harry stepped in from of Ron and embraced Hermione.

“How are you doing, Harry?” she gave him a meaningful look. Knowing how hard his summer must have been.

“It’s been rough, but I’m alright. How about you? I see you have a tan,” Harry said and held her at arm’s length.

“Yes, we vacationed in Cancun. And, if you need to talk, I’m here,” Hermione responded.

Harry released her so she could greet everyone else. Fred, George, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Fleur, Ginny, and Charlie were sitting at the table. She smiled at them all.

“Hello, everyone! And, bonjour, Fleur,” Hermione said.

“Hello,” “Hey,” and “Hi,” was the tables’ response.

“Ca va, ‘Mione?” Fleur asked, overjoyed that Hermione was paying special attention to her.

“Comme ci comme ca, et vous?” Hermione asked.

“Tres bien,” Fleur grinned looking at Bill.

Hermione studied some French with her father over the summer. She was excited to come to the Burrow and talk to Fleur. Fleur would be marrying Bill this summer. Hermione wondered which boy would be her date.

“Anybody care for a Butterbeer?” George asked, suddenly standing.

“We’ll take three upstairs,” Ron said .

“Don’t spill, Ron,” Mrs. Weasley warned. Ron rolled his eyes.

George stood at the counter for a few seconds too long before he handed Ron the three bottles. But, no one seemed to notice besides Fred.

The trio headed upstairs, the boys helping Hermione with her bags.

“You’ll be staying in Fred and George’s old room,” Ron said. “They’re only visiting tonight.”

“OK, thanks,” Hermione said as they set her bags inside the room.

They continued to Ron’s room. His room had white walls now, with posters of three or four different Quidditch teams. His bed now had a navy blue comforter and many pillows. Ron had a night stand where a few books and photos sat. one photo was of the trio. It was taken by Hagrid, they were working on one of his projects. Another was the photo that was printed in the Daily Prophet when the Weasley’s went to Egypt.

Hermione picked up a book. It was a book written by an Auror. So, Ron was doing research. Hermione found this quite cute and unlike Ron. The pages were dog-eared and the spine was cracked, meaning he had read it.

Ron cleared his throat, Hermione looked up at him. “What’s this?” she asked.

“A book. I’ve been reading,” he shrugged, taking the book from her.

“Wow,” she grinned and took a sip of her Butterbeer.

Ron put the book back on his night stand. Hermione found herself watching the muscles in his back move. She blinked when she realized what she was doing. She took another sip and looked around to see what Harry was doing. He was flipping through Ron’s chocolate frog card collection. Hermione never noticed how cute his messy hair was.

Annoyed with her sudden thoughts, she put her Butterbeer down. She sighed and laid back on the bed. She rubbed her temples; her head felt strange.

Ron took a sip of his Butterbeer and tuned back to Hermione. He watched her for a second before he sighed and started to talk about

“Please, no talking about school,” Harry said.

“Sorry, but it was too quiet,” Ron said.

“Let’s talk about...,” Harry sipped his Butterbeer. “Let’s talk about Hermione’s Cancun vacation.”

“Yeah, how was it, ‘Mione?” Ron asked her.

She sat up, still feeling funny, and looked at the boys. “It was fun. Really hot though.”

“I see- I mean you have a great tan,” Harry blushed.

“Which means horrible tan lines,” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I don’t tan, I burn. Same with the rest of the Weasleys,” Ron said. “Can I see your tan line?”

“Excuse me?” Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“I mean like on your shoulder,” Ron blushed like Harry.

Hermione laughed and pulled the neckline of her T-shirt over to show where her bathing suit was. She watched the boys. “My boys. My cute, grown up boys,” Hermione thought before she blinked and the thoughts stopped.

“That’s a big change. Like, it’s really dark, then really light,” Ron said.

Harry laughed at Ron. Hermione smiled.

“Well, it’s eleven, I guess I should go to bed. Good night, you two,” she said and stood up after looking at her watch.

“Goodnight,” the boys said.

She blew them a kiss before she left. The boys grinned at her.

“What is going on?!” she thought as she headed down the hall.

Fred and George had been told by Mr. Weasley that they were not allowed to pester anyone into trying their joke shop items. This upset them because they were hoping to test their newest invention. It was called “Cupid’s Liquid Arrows.” The Liquid Arrows was a potion that acted as a “Love Potion.” Fred and George called it “Lust Potion,” as the potion wasn’t quite right the last time it was tested. The potion was supposed to make the drinker fall in like with the first person of the opposite sex they saw. Fred and George enhanced it from the normal love potion so that the drinker fell in like with a person within two years of age. Hoping to attract young Hogwarts business. No one wants a student in love with a teacher.

“You put it in ALL THREE BOTTLES?!” roared Fred when George told him what he did.

“I didn’t know who would get which bottle. Plus, it might not even work; remember, we put in two large fairy wings instead of two small ones,” George defended himself.

Fred groaned and sat in a chair in their supply room at the shop.

“It wont be bad. Well, if it does work...,” George finished nervously as he realized his mistake.

“Harry and Ron will both like Hermione, and Hermione might like both boys,” Fred finished. He sighed. “We’re in trouble. Big time.”

“Do we have the antidote yet?” George asked.

“Nope. In fact, those birds and squirrels you fed the potion to still follow me around when I walk down the street,” Fred grumbled.

“Oh yeah. That was before the Boomslang skin. Now at least there’s no chance of Ron falling in love with Crookshanks,” George chuckled. Fred glared at his twin.

“Well, let’s get to work on that antidote!” George stopped laughing.


AN: So, you like? REVIEW and let me know! It gets more interesting and funny later, of course!

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