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I just want to thank my reviewers because you are what I call AWESOME! Please read and review!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter! How many times do I have to write this??

I don’t really know how long I just sat there on the cold hard ground, listening to the silence outside. It was so peaceful and it calmed me down. I was soaking wet and the patter of rain on my face eased all the tension that I had away. Oh, God what was I thinking? Bursting out like that, like some crazy low-self-esteem lunatic. Off the loony bin with you, Danny. I chuckled nervously, to no one. I was a mess and I knew it. I laid my head down on my knees and closed me eyes. The silence, the rain it was perfect and I wanted to stay like this forever. No people to judge you, no evil bitches, no beautiful friends to always overshadow you it was just you, alone and content. That was going to be me. Alone and content. I laughed aloud at this, who was I kidding I needed friends, I hate the feeling of being alone. I know it’s shameful but being alone makes you feel so empty, so hollow, I didn’t want that feeling. I got it enough at home… I sighed while tears started to fall again but this time it mixed with the rain, disappearing.

“Danny?” Someone behind me asked, looking out into the night, hoping to find me. For one moment I thought it was Remus but it wasn’t. Disappointment is cruel. It was Seb.

“Crab?” I whispered, looking up and finding his familiar silhouette outlined by lights from the windows.

He ran to me and was quickly by my side, stroking my hair as I sobbed into his shoulder. He didn’t even question why I was out here, in the rain crying. I was weak, crying over shame. I never cried, never, not when my father hit me, not when my mother left. Memories came flooding back. This is why I always was so happy, I was pretending, I was forgetting. People didn’t understand me.

“I am so…” I hiccupped into his chest, “ so.. sorry.” I sobbed. I grabbed his cloak.

He pulled me closer and whispered, “ Sorry for what?”

“For being me,” I said, looking away.

He grabbed my shoulders and made me look at him straight in the eye. His blonde hair was sticking to his face. I would have laughed under different circumstances.

“Don’t ever say that, Daniela,” He looked at me. “Don’t ever say that.” He repeated firmly.

I loved him. Yes, you heard me I loved him but not like love-love. I loved him family-love. Does that make sense? He was a big, blonde teddy bear who even though I wore him in, he still was always there for me. He was my big, blonde teddy bear.

“Thank you, Crab,” I breathed. “You are my big, blonde teddy bear.”

He chuckled. “You forgot handsome and sexy teddy bear”

I smiled into his shirt.
“Of course,” I said. “My big, blonde, handsome and bloody sexy teddy bear.”

And all of a sudden everything felt right again. The memories that I feared went away, tucked safely away in my mind. My normal, energetic self surfaced again and I was fine.

“So are we going to dress you up?” Sebastian asked after he figured that I was well, me again.

“For what?” I asked bewildered. Then it dawned on me.

“No freaking way, José.” I said backing away putting my arms over my chest. I was being stubborn.

“Yes you are and we are going to make you look fabulous!” He clapped his hands, joyfully. It was a time like these that you remembered that he was gay.

“No!” I cried, desperate. “ Besides its already late for going to the Ball!”

He just grinned and took my hand and started dragging me toward the Gryffindor common room. He quickly went up to the boys dormitory instructing me stay there or and I quote, “ Do not do anything Dannyish.” I waited for him impatiently. What could he possibly be doing? When he came down he held a silk dark blue fabric. It was beautiful. The color and the sheer softness of it all made it so stunning. It was simple, there were no beads or embroideries it was just, silk.

“O wow,” I breathed.

“Yes, indeed.” He said. “Now turn around so I can fit you. It should only take about 5 minutes and you’ll be beau of the Ball.”

The fabric was too beautiful to say no to. I did as he asked.


There stood a girl, I girl I did not recognize. She was beautiful and as I looked at her, I fell into awe. Because you see dear reader I was that girl, that girl incredulous girl who saw what she looked like in the mirror. The girl’s long flowing black hair was in a side ponytail that gracefully fell over her right shoulder. Her dress was the color of midnight, not black but blue. It was knee length and flowed out silkily beneath her, showing off her legs. It was so simple so elegant that it was mesmerizing. I looked closer at the girl’s face, the eyelashes looked so long, so parted. Her lips were full and rosy and delightfully pink. She, I was gorgeous. And the same thing kept repeating itself over and over again, ‘ is that really me? Is that really me? And it was and I hugged Crab so tightly, that I almost crushed him.

“What did you do to me?” I asked.
“I just let out the butterfly that was always in you.” He whispered back.

“Aww, Crab that is so cheesy!” I told him laughing and I twirled around and around.
“So… about the shoes…” I say indicating to my bear feet.

He paled. I guess that means he didn’t think about that. I laughed even more.

“No problem, Seb I’ll just wear my black converses.” I said gaily.

“But….” He stuttered. I shushed him and kept telling him it was okay.

“But there is one thing that concerns me,” I told him after my twirling escapade.

“What?” He asked bewildered.

“I don’t want people to know its me, because I kept telling everybody that the Ball was dreadful and such, and me going to the Ball would be hypocritical, “ I said thinking about my outbursts at Remus. “Plus people are going to look at me differently after this and it’ll be just plain embarrassing.” I finish.

Sebastian just tilted his head and rushed to the boy’s dormitory without a word. I waited and when he came back he held a white mask. And here I am thinking that I’ll look like some superhero wannabe.

“Am I supposed to wear that?” I asked incredulous. Pretty stupid question really but like always I wasn’t thinking.

“Well, you did say you wanted no one to know who you were.” He said handing it to me.

I groaned. Me and my big mouth, but nonetheless I put it on. So for the second time that night I didn’t recognize who I was. All you could see were my lips and even they, my lips I mean, seemed foreign to me. I slipped on my converse shoes and hugged Seb. It was time for me to go.

“Wait, you need earrings!” He exclaimed and ran all the way to the boy’s dorm and found me a pair. Where did this boy get all these things and just when I asked him about that he told me all this was his sister’s. The earrings were simple just like everything else, they dangled elegantly and every time I moved they caught the light. It was so pretty.

The common room was so quiet seeing as how everyone was at the homecoming Ball and I felt tears coming. Where would I be without this fabulous boy in front of me? Probably in the rain pitying myself. I gave a swift kiss on the cheek and told him he was wonderful, marvelous, and fabulous. He smiled cockily and said, “ I know,” and with that he ushered me to the Great Hall.

I turned and asked him when he was coming. He said he’d be down in a few and that he’d see me there. I had to go in alone. Argh, at least I had a mask.

I stood outside the Great Hall for who knows how long and just stared at it, the door I mean. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I felt entirely paralyzed. This was a bad idea, bad, bad stupid idea but I was Daniela Mia Benice Favriaani and I could do anything or at least that is what I am making myself think. Oh, Gods here I go.

I think Danny needs a boost of self esteem so I made her beautiful! HA! See what your missing Remus? lol Tell me what you think in the review box.

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