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Chapter Six: Dinner and... a Movie?

Remus woke up stressed and not wanting to go to class. He was going to go out with Helena that night, and he wanted it to go perfectly. But with his luck the full moon would show up early and he would end up biting her head off. Remus took a deep breath and held it in, before letting it out again. It helped to calm him a little, but he still didn't know what he was doing. Everything he was feeling he had never felt before and it scared him and excited him at the same time.

He got up and dressed with difficulty. He was still half asleep, and he still felt the effects of the full moon from a few days ago. He decided to get an early breakfast and then work on the essay that Slughorn had given them yesterday. Sure it was due in two weeks, but why not get it over with now? Then it won't take as long telling James and Sirius how to do it correctly. He slowly trudged down the hall and toward a painting with a basket of fruit on it. He was just about to tickle the pear when someone opened the door from the other side and out walked a girl.

Remus was shocked to see that the girl was clad in red boxers, and a black wife beater, with only slippers on and her hair in a messy bun. She turned, and looked at him with shock.

"Helena?" he asked, surprised.

"Hey Rem. Want a doughnut?" she asked, holding out a jelly filled doughnut.

"Sure, thanks." he grabbed the pastry and took a bite, enjoying it for a moment, “Helena, how did you know about the kitchens?" he asked her as they walked slowly through the halls.

"Well, during fifth year I was walking around and I tripped right by the portrait hole. I sprained my ankle and an elf came out to help me. She took me in the kitchen and when I asked her if I could come back she told me how to get there. Whenever I get a late night craving I go in and eat something." she took a sip of her coffee, "Nice little things they are. Can't tell Lily though, she'll go off on her 'We shouldn't promote inter-species slavery' speech." she laughed and Remus smiled, his throat painfully contracting.

"Want some?" she asked, holding up her coffee.

"No, I don't much fancy coffee." he said, shaking his head.

"Well, what about orange juice?" she tapped the small paper cup with her wand and the steam ceased to come out and instead was quite cool.

"Thanks Helena." Remus took a sip and felt much better, clearing his throat nicely.

"Don't hog it!" she said, grabbing the cup and keeping it away from Remus.

"You never said you wanted some too." Remus said as he tried to get the cup from Helena.

"Rem! Ah!" Remus picked Helena up from behind and spun her around so she was lying in his arms, with his arms under her back and her knees. He smiled down at her and she instantly melted gazing into his eyes.

"Can I have the rest? Pwease?" Helena's bottom lip pouted out and she began to quiver it, making Remus want nothing more than to press his lips onto hers and kiss her forever.

"Y-yeah. Sure." he let her down and she slowly sipped the cool drink, linking her arm with Rem's.

Her heart was beating through her chest and she was surprised that he couldn't hear it. Remus meanwhile was thinking of cold showers and ugly women, trying to keep Helena's face out of his thoughts, and trying desperately not to look at her. Helena was blushing slightly and hating herself for it. They walked for a while and were suddenly outside of the statue that led to her common room.

"Well, I'll see you in class." Remus said, gazing down at Helena.

"See you tonight." Gathering all the courage she could muster she raised onto her tip toes and kissed Remus' cheek again, letting her lips linger on his slightly stubbled skin.

She pulled away flustered, a little hot, and kind of bothered. She looked up to see Remus was flushed too, and smiling. She quietly said the password before entering the common room, waving to Remus.

After a long day of classes Remus sat on his bed in his boxers with his head in his hands, trying to figure out what to wear. He had no idea what to do. What if he messed this up? What if she stopped talking to him? What if he made a fool of himself?

In the Ravenclaw girls dorm Helena wasn't doing any better. She changed about five different times and she was starting to run out of clothes. Her hair was still a tangled mess and she didn't exactly smell like a bed of roses. She ran around the room, looking for her shoes, then threw them away from her as she decided to change again. A half hour later she was finally ready, wearing a royal blue skirt and white blouse, with blue half inch heels. Simple, yet elegant.

Helena walked downstairs, meeting complete silence and the sound of scratching quills. How she hated the silence. Whenever she came down there it was either stony silent or there were a group of first years whispering as the older ones studied and studied. She really needed to get some of these people out and about. They're such a bore. She waved to Rash who was finishing up his Ancient Runes essay and left before he could reprimand her about hers. Of course what he didn't know was that she had already finished her essay and it was two feet longer than what the professor wanted.

Remus walked out of the Gryffindor common room in a pair of jeans and a grey polo. He was so nervous he couldn't even stand it. What if everything went wrong? What if she hated his plans? What if she was allergic to whatever the elves had made them? He walked to the seventh floor, seeing a girl leaning against the stone wall a little ways away. He walked closer, seeing that it was Helena, her dark hair in curls down to her shoulders.

He gulped nervously and walked over to her, smiling a little. She looked up at him and grinned, melting his insides and causing him to once again think about cold showers and ugly women. He took her arm and led her to a plain wall opposite a tapestry.

"Are we going to watch that guy get killed by the ogres he's trying to teach ballet?" she asked, staring with horror at the tapestry as one particularly unhappy ogre in a pink tutu ran toward the man with his club.

"No. You'll have to wait and see." Remus said, walking back and forth three times.

"What are you doing?" she asked, one brow raised.

"Shh. Come here. Close your eyes." Remus opened the door that had appeared and walked Helena in, “Now open them." he whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver at the thought of how close his lips were to her neck. She wanted him to start kissing her so bad.

Helena opened her eyes and she saw in front of her a large room draped in red and gold cloths. A small table fit for two was in the middle, laden with food and drinking glasses. Behind that though was what looked a lot like a...

"A movie screen?" Helena whispered in amazement.

"Yeah. Here, let’s eat first." Remus took Helena's arm and led her to her chair, letting it out for her.

"Thanks Rem. Wow, what is this place?" she asked as he sat next to her.

"Well, the guys wouldn't like me to tell you about it, but, this is the Room of Requirement. Whatever you need just come here and it’s yours." Remus blushed a bit as Helena stared at him in awe.

"Wow. I mean... wow..." she could hardly contain her excitement.

"Here, take some and eat whatever you want." he went to grab something, but looked over at Helena and saw that she was gazing longingly at the screen, “You like to watch movies?"

She blushed, tears pooled in the bottom of her eyes, “I used to. My mum and I would watch them all the time, before... before..." she couldn't go on.

She wouldn't let the tears fall, but they showed. Remus cursed himself. He just had to pick something that would make her cry! He knew he would screw things up.

"Helena, I- I'm sorry. We can just leave and forget everything that's happened." Rem started to stand up, but Helena stopped him.

"No Rem, I'm sorry;” she blinked away the unshed tears and looked into his eyes, “I’m being stupid. I love it." she smiled at him and he immediately felt relived.

"Wh-what happened to your mum?" he asked hesitantly, not wanting her to cry again.

Helena's brows furrowed as she thought back to that day. The day she was bitten. It was a warm night. Midsummer, the moon illuminating her backyard. The hibiscuses were in full bloom, the orange and lemon trees starting to flower. She was a young girl, only ten, her black hair shorter, but just as curly. She was pale then. A little porcelain doll, her dad used to call her. She was wearing a yellow summer dress, white daisies throughout the cloth. She was gazing at the stars, sighing content as she smelled the scented air, her mother's jasmine and rose plants mingling with the humid wind.

She smiled to herself. It was perfect. If only she knew it would be the last time she would ever be able to watch the full moon and not turn into a horrible beast. Her mother was calling her inside, but she didn't want to leave. It was so peaceful there. She turned to walk back into her house, when she heard a low growl. She turned her head, and saw with horror a large dog with foam coming from his mouth standing only a few yards away. She screamed, running toward the screen door.

She didn't make it. Helena tripped, crying for her mum and dad. The dog was almost to her, circling around and around like a vulture as she cried. He pounced, but didn't land on her. Helena heard a woman scream, and looked up to see her mother being mauled by the humongous animal. He was soon finished with her and then turned to the shaking little girl. He walked to her slowly, watching as she backed away from him, crawling on her hands and knees. But she couldn't get away.

In one movement he launched himself at her, biting her tiny, white arm. She screamed in pain, watching the blood flow from the wound. Her father appeared behind her and yelled a hex. The monster fled, its muzzle torn open. She cried in pain and her father picked her up, running to the house. Then they heard a whimper. Helena looked back and saw her mother lying on the ground. Her face torn open and her torso ripped to shreds. Helena lost her mother that night. And when she woke the next morning, her eyes had turned a little yellow, her teeth a little pointy, and from then on she knew that nothing would ever be the same.

Helena looked up after her little daydream and found Remus gazing down at her. She smiled and reached for his hand, squeezing it, one solitary tear escaping her. Remus gently brushed it away, and, feeling extraordinarily courageous, kissed her cheek lightly. Helena looked up, shocked, and put a hand on his cheek, rubbing her thumb over his freshly shaven face. Remus couldn't stand it any longer.

He bent down, and softly grazed Helena's lips with his, enjoying the warm tingle that shot through his body. He pulled away, and smiled at Helena, who had her eyes closed and a beautiful, silly smile on her flawless face. She opened her dark eyes and gazed into his amber ones, pulling his face back down to her. They deepened the kiss together, Remus supporting Helena's head with his hand and Helena wrapping her arms around his neck.

They pulled away after what seemed like only a few minutes, but in reality was at least half an hour. They smiled shyly at each other before Helena stood and grabbed Remus' hand, nearly dragging him to the couch in front of the rather large movie screen.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked as they sat down side by side.

"Yes. What movies do we have?" she answered back, snuggling into the couch's soft cushions.

"Just think of one. It'll come up." he said, conjuring a blanket and draping it over the two of them.

"Um..." Helena screwed up her face and thought of her mum's favorite movie of all time.

"What's Casablanca?" she heard Remus ask as she continued to think of the romantic American movie.

"It's wonderful." Helena whispered, not sure how to describe the film, "It was one of my mothers favorites." she added, looking at the cover with adoration. Her mother short of worshiped the movie. It was always by the television in their house, just in case she felt like watching it for the billionth time.

"Well, let’s watch it." Remus said, as the lights dimmed, and the film began to roll.

As the movie ended Helena rested her head on Remus' shoulder and sighed, remembering her mother lovingly. She looked up and saw Remus was gazing down at her with an unknown look in his eyes. Was it love? No, he couldn't love her. Not so fast. Could he?

Remus smiled and kissed Helena's forehead before leaning back down and kissing her softly, but passionately, on the lips. Helena wrapped her arms around him as he deepened the kiss, just in case she started to float toward heaven. He slowly ended it, earning him a moan of disapproval. He just grinned, and helped her to her feet.

Helena smiled and walked toward the door blushing slightly as Remus wrapped a protective arm around her waist. He let her go as they reached the entrance to her common room, and smiled as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. Helena stood on her tip toes, and pressed her lips to Remus', a feeling of light-headedness consuming her.

When she pulled away she slowly turned and softly said the password, before entering and blowing a kiss to Remus. When she looked around the blue common room and found that she was all alone, she began to dance around in circles, jumping up and down excitedly before hearing a low squeaking sound coming from the boy’s dorms.

She turned to see an amused Rashid, wearing only a pair of sweat pants, standing at the bottom of the stair. He didn't say anything to the embarrassed captain, only shook his head and climbed back up the stairs, leaving Helena to blush ferociously in private. Remus meanwhile was doing some dancing of his own when three very different, but familiar, laughs reached his ears.

He turned just in time to see his fellow Marauders wiping tears of laughter from their eyes, James' invisibility cloak draped over his left arm. They, like Rashid, didn't say anything, but not out of respect for their friend. They were too busy laughing to do much of anything else. So, Remus blushed all the way to the Fat Lady and didn't stop until he flopped into bed, the other Marauders still giggling like a bunch of idiots. But what got him through was the thought of seeing Helena again, and, possibly, kissing her in front of everyone this time.

A/N: aww. they finally kissed! Only a few more chaps before i give you all the twist in this story. hope you enjoyed this one! oh, and i don't own Casablanca, just so no one gets confused.

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