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On With The Show

As Dawn Breaks... Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes.
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


I can hear my breath quicken and my heart beat hit over time. Ron, Harry and a whole bunch of other Aurors are in the atrium about fifty meters away from me. I am so glad I have this disguise. I silently pray as I walk up to the front counter. Think Hermione Think! Harry will probably notice you! Think!

I smile devilishly as the boys acknowledge my presence as I step up towards the counter.

“Excuse Madam but you wouldn’t happen to have seen this woman would you?” Ron asks me as he practically undresses me with his eyes. He’s holding up a photograph of me that I had left on the bench… the one Draco had taken.

“Je suis monsieur désolé je ne parle pas l'anglais.” I say shaking my head at him and shrugging my shoulders. Quickly I turn to the man at the front counter. (I am sorry sir I don’t speak English.)

“Bon Monsieur de Matin, c'est un beau matin n'est pas il!” I manage to say in my best French accent while gesturing to the day outside. (Good Morning Sir, It is a beautiful morning isn't it!)

“Oui c'est et vous regardez aussi rayonnant que le Coup jamais manqué?” The French Man behind the counter says suavely. (Yes it is and you are looking as radiant as ever Miss?)

“Oh oui, monsieur désolé, je suis Emmanuelle Cheney,” I say bowing my head graciously as I tried to hide the growing fear of being found out. Emmanuelle Cheney is my cousin’s name and thank god she’s French and has taught me absolutely everything about them. Next time I see her, I am taking her out for drinks. (Oh yes, sorry sir, I am Emmanuelle Cheney)

“Excuse me Sir but could you please ask her if she has seen this woman?” Harry interrupts oh so rudely and I scowl at him.

The man shakes his head and holds up the picture, “Je suis Mademoiselle Cheney désolé mais cet homme cherche une personne manquant, vous n'arriveriez pas l'avoir vue? Vous ferait ?.” I shake my head solemnly. (I’m sorry Miss Cheney but this man is looking for a missing person, you wouldn’t happen to have seen her? Would you?)

“Je suis désolé non, mais diriez-vous que ce babouin dirigé rouge m'arrêter de déshabiller avec ses yeux? Merci.” I scowl and point at Ron menacingly and I hear the attendee laugh heartily. (I am sorry no, but would you tell this red headed baboon to stop undressing me with his eyes? Thank you.)

“Well? What did she say?” Ron asks impatiently as he raps his knuckles on the counter.

“Ah, Monsieur. She says no she has not seen her. And also wishes that you stop undressing her with your eyes.” He says pleasantly and Ron blushes a dark red as Harry scowls at him.

“I’m so sorry! Really I don’t know what has come over my partner.” Harry reassures as he elbows Ron in the chest. I nod lightly but look stiffly as Ron.

The elderly man smiled courteously at me. “Maintenant Mademoiselle Cheney le quel était que vous aimeriez?” I could see Harry and Ron eyeing me and whispering as they observed our conversation. Please god don’t let them find me… (Now Miss Cheney what was it that you would like?)

“Oh oui, la droite... Est ici la clef pour loger 619 au septième étage. J'espère que vous avez un après-midi splendide avec ces deux ah, les messieurs.” I say pleasantly as I hand over the little brass key and bend down to pick up my suitcase only to be stopped. (Oh yes, right... Here is the key to room 619 on the seventh floor. I hope you have a splendid afternoon with these two ah, gentlemen.)

“Je suis Mademoiselle Cheney désolé mais cette pièce a été payé sous un nom different.” Oh terrific… that bloke may have just blown my cover. “C'était sous un Mademoiselle Hermione Granger j'ai peur.” Oh crap, he definitely just blew my cover. I see Ron’s and Harry’s ears prick up as they hear the words Hermione and Granger. Oh buggery. My eyes shoot over to them as Harry looks me over and whispers to Ron. Oh fuck. (I'm sorry Miss Cheney but this room was paid for under a different name) (It was under a Miss Hermione Granger I am afraid)

Hurriedly I grab my one to many suitcases and proceed to run out the door to the nearest apparition point only to be followed by Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dummer. I can feel myself rattling in my bones. I ache of tiredness, I ache of fear, I just ache. With one last breath of hope I apparated, the last thing I saw being Ron’s weary face and Harry’s worn and tired one.

With a thud I landed on a large plush rug in the middle of Pansy’s lounge room. “Pansy!” I called loudly throughout the walls of the large house. “Argh, where is that darned woman when you need her!?”

“That darned woman is in the kitchen!” I heard someone yell from the front end of the house. As I enter the room she stares at me, her eyes unfocused. Pansy squints a little and then smiles. “Good beauty charm.” She murmurs giving me a thumbs up at my new look. “Blonde suits you.”

“You cook?” I laugh as I smell something. No it was not cooking I smelt. It was something else.

“No, but I do drink!” She murmured rather tipsily gesturing to the large bottle of alcohol in front of her.

“Why are you drinking at this hour at the afternoon?” I ask pointing to my watch. It was only three pm and she’d already started.

“Bad Day.” She says gruffly as she begins again to drain the bottle. “A kid died on my watch.” She murmurs.

“Oh, Pansy…” I soothe as I place a hand on her shoulder. She wipes away the stray tears and shakes her head.

“No mushy stuff.”

“Definitely not.” I reply quickly. “How can you hear me when I was like on the other side of the house?” I questioned out aloud as I took a seat next to her and a large bottle of Firewhiskey.

“Hermione, I may be drunk but for one thing I am not deaf!” She grinned impishly as she grabbed me a glass and poured a heavy amount of Firewhiskey in it. Uncertainly I glance the bottle over… now I am not one to drink alcohol. Ever. I mean the closest I have come to Pansy’s current state was at my cousin’s wedding… and that was only a couple of glasses of Sparkling Champagne. I shrug my shoulders what have I to lose? I mean I’ve lost everything already, my friends, my lover/boyfriend… the only things that mattered to me.

By the time ten pm rolls around, we have had waaaaaaaay to many drinks and are currently slurring around on her carpet. Pansy stops suddenly and turns to me as if she has had a brain wave.

“You know Hermione, Draco really does love you. You should have seen his face when he found out that you were ‘missing’” She said holding up her fingers for the quotation marks. “He was a mess, he thought it was his fault and was just about ready to leave St. Mungos and go looking for you with a broken arm!”

I shudder as I picture Draco worrying in St. Mungos with his arm at an odd angle. I was never good with blood or broken bones. I sigh and rub my now migraine feeling head.

I hear Pansy take another rather large sip of her drink. I turn to see her staring at me. “You really did love him didn’t you?” She asks her eyes wide and vibrantly white.

I pick up the bottle and take a large swig from it. “Did is past tense honey.” I can feel her gaze burning holes in my neck.

“You have to go to him! He – he needs – he – loves – whatever the hell I am saying…” She slurs in defeat.

“Tomorrow,” I say taking my shot glass and hers and placing them on the bench. I heavily pour the Firewhiskey making a small puddle on the bench top. She picks up the glass and holds it up.

“To tomorrow.” She says merrily.

“To tomorrow.” I echo downing the glass as I hear the loud thump of Pansy passing out on the bench. She was bound to do that sooner or later.

I groaned and muttered indecent language as I levitated Pansy up the stairs and into her bedroom, dropping her smack bang on the bed and slamming the door behind me as I went off in search of the guest bedroom.

So far I have walked past five doors, and each room had a Jacuzzi in it. Is she trying to say something? Is she really that sex deprived? I sigh contently and laugh under my breath remembering the first time I had talked or even interacted with Pansy after meeting up with Draco.//

“Hey Draco, who is this friend you’re bringing round?” I asked as I poured myself and Draco a milkshake. We were big milk drinks. Calcium! Good for your bones!

“Oh just a friend…” I hear him murmur as he kisses my cheek and takes the milkshake.

“Was that all that was for?” I ask dramatically.

“Ha ha babe, nice try.” Draco said from over the side of the couch. “Guess what I’m cooking tonight!” He said excitedly as I eyed him suspiciously.

“Do you even know how to cook?” I ask him standing in the door way.

“No, that’s why you’re going to teach me!” He said excitedly as he ran towards the kitchen. I groaned, the last time I had cooked, I had almost made my kitchen explode. I was not the cooking type.

“Please babe, I can’t cook at all!” I whine as I wrap my arms around him from behind.

“Did I say you were going to teach me how to cook? Oh I meant I was going to teach you how to cook.” He said sarcastically.

“Oh dear god…” I mumbled under my breath as he grabbed my hand.

“Hey! I heard that!” Draco said as he cuddled me in his arms.

“Of course you did, you’re probably not even thirty centimeters away from me!” I exclaimed shaking my head in his toned chest. Delicately I lifted a finger and ran it over his chest lightly. “You know, you should really put on a t-shirt…” I whisper softly as my fingers run their way up his chest and towards the back of his neck. I can see him trying to suppress a groan. “Or I’ll devour you…” I mumbled as I jumped up and lifted myself off the ground wrapping my legs around his waist. And just like that he snapped and his mouth captured mine.

I pulled away briefly and asked, “When is your friend getting here?” I had to admit I was nervous, I didn’t know whether this was an ex, his mother or just some bloke he knew. (A/N I am Australian! And I just had to put bloke in!)

He wriggled his wrist from under my backside while juggling it on the other trying to get a good look at his watch. “Ah… Now? Is that a problem?” He asked his voice husky.

I grinned and quickly swatted at his chest for him to let me go. “You have to get dinner ready silly!”

“Who said I didn’t already have dinner ready and that this was just a ploy to get you in the kitchen with me.” He whispered as he kissed softly from my chin down my neckline. I have to suppress a moan as I hear a crack of apparition. Oh buggery, what bad timing he/she/they have.

“Draco come on Draco,” I whisper impatiently as I practically have to untangle myself from him. He leans in to give me one last kiss but I dodge it making him fall. He growls playfully before coming after me whipping the tea towel at my backside.

I am in fits of giggles as we reach the kitchen to find whoever apparated sitting in the chair next to the fireplace.

“Draco! Hermione! It’s great to see you again!” I hear a girlish voice say. Oh no… no no no no no!!

“This is definitely not happening…” I hiss as I go to turn around but to my surprise I bump into a fully clothed Draco. I stand aside trying very hard to blend in with the back wall.

“Pansy, thanks for coming to dinner. It means a lot.” I heard Draco say as I closed my eyes tightly.

“Now Draco are you saying thank you for dinner or thank you for saving your life.” Pansy said bluntly and I heard Draco stutter. “How many times do I have to tell you Draco? What’s been is been, so what I convinced you of not becoming a Death Eater! You’ve said thank you. Now please I am starving.” I tried to stay very still as I felt them brush past me.

“Come on ‘Mione.” I heard Draco say as he grabbed my arm. My eyes fluttered open and I glared at him. “Do it for me! She’s the only other person my age I talk to.”

“You talk to me!” I say shrilly. Draco sighs and pulls me in closer.

“But I don’t just talk to you do I now?” He says mischievously as he breathes lightly on my neck.

I quickly walk forward leaving him behind. I stop, “Come on! You can’t keep guests waiting.”

“I wouldn’t say Pansy is a guest, more like family.” I heard him say as he wrapped his hand around my petite waist. I sigh and lay my head against his chest as he seats me across from Pansy while he serves dinner.

The first ten minutes passed in silence, Pansy and I shooting glares at each other.

“Hermione may I please have the potatoes?” She asked politely referring to the bowl next to me. I slid the large bowl over to her hearing the mighty squeal from the large bowl. “Thank you…” She trails off.

I just can’t help myself and whisper, “Mudblood.”

Her head shoots up and she glares at me. Just as she opens her mouth I whisper “Muffliato,” in Draco’s direction. I pocket my wand and place my hands back on the table and regained eye contact with her. “You were saying?”

She seemed stunned and scowled at me. “You presumed I would utter that word didn’t you?”

“Well why wouldn’t you Parkinson? I mean we aren’t the best of friends or enemies.” I said snidely.

“You underestimate me Granger, Draco loves you don’t you see and I am here being the supporting best friend.” Pansy said her teething grinding together.

I was shocked. We had yet to say anything about love yet and here is Pansy practically confessing Draco’s love for me. I must have looked a sight because Pansy was getting so impatient that she flicked some mashed potato at me. I scowl at her, scooping up a large spoonful of gravy. “Look out Parkinson!” I said shrilly as I flicked the spoon and its contents towards her.

It landed splat one her white shirt. She looked down, outraged. “You are so dead Granger!” She yelled and I was pretty sure the Muffliato spell on Draco had been broken. Hastily she picked up the gravy boot and flung the brown liquid at me.

I had gravy in my hair and on my face and mashed potato all over the front of my shirt. That girl was going to get.

“Girls, Girls, Ladies? Females? Calling all people who love and adore me!?!” I heard Draco yell and both of us turned; me a large piece of dessert’s apple pie and Pansy some sweet potato mixed with normal potato and a glass of red wine. With one swift motion Draco was covered in an assortment of that night’s dinner.

“Thanks…” He muttered before flinging mashed potato at both of us. We laughed merrily as we ran away from our mashed potato wielding attacker.

As dinner ended… and we ran out of food to throw, I found myself sitting against the wall with Pansy.

“Listen, I’m sorry Pansy for any assumptions I made.” I began.

“I have heard enough apologies from that one that I don’t need anymore for a lifetime.” She said pointing to Draco as he walked towards us. “So what do you say friends?” Pansy asks as she turns to me and holds out a hand.//

“The things I do for friends,” I sigh as I continue to stumble down Pansy’s large corridor finally coming to a stop outside a set of double doors. I push open the door to be met with an eerie silence and a wash of familiarity. It felt… oddly calming.

I walked to the bathroom that went off the side of the very large room. It was all crystal white with tiny green embellishments everywhere. I stood in front of the mirror and ridded myself of any beauty charm. Soon enough I returned to my normal form. But somehow I thought I looked weird. I like blonde, well that blonde anyway, it was a nice honey colour. Smiling sheepishly, I turn my hair back to blonde settling for the more wintery shade. I transfigure my clothes into pyjamas before switching off the light and crawling into the hopelessly huge bed.

The sheets feel cold, the bed feels huge. I have lost any respect for my friends I might have had and have gained a lot more for Pansy. I can see why Draco liked her so much and treasures her friendship.

I roll over and fold my pillow tightly before falling off to sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

And As The Night Swallows Me… Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes.


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