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It was a cold bitter July morning. Hermione pulled the covers over her to her chin and turned over. She glance at the clock, it read 11:23p.m. She had been up 2 hours already thinking about her one of her best friends. Harry Potter. Lately he was all she could think about. And most of all she didn’t know why. Usually she cared about her friends equally but Harry was all she could think about now.
Hermione had to keep reassuring her self that she was not having feelings for him. She didn’t want to like him because he was her best friend and it would feel too weird and she knew he wouldn’t like her back.
Hermonie finally got some sleep that night. She awoke around 9:45 when her mom called her down to breakfast. She ate some toast then hurried upstairs to get dressed.
She pulled out a pair of black jeans and a white shirt with black on the shoulders to wear that day. She glanced at the mirror when she was done. She looked nothing like the way she did at Hogwarts. She had her hair pulled back in a clip and put on a bit of black eyeliner. This was really the Hermione she was. She wasn’t her self at Hogwarts she was afraid everyone knew everything about magic, so she disguised herself as the nerdy one she was to make it look like she knew everything about magic considering her being muggle-born.
She went back downstairs after a long time looking at herself thoroughly in the mirror. She let her mom know she was gong to London that day to meet with Harry and Ron. She decided to travel by Floo powder to get there.
The three of them (Harry Ron and Hermione) arranged to meet at 1:00 p.m at Flourish and Botts. At 12:45, Hermione got out her Sickles and Knuts and grabbed a bit of Floo powder she received from the Weasleys. She stepped into to the fire and very clearly she said, “Diagon Alley”. She was on her way.
Hermione had the sensation of being sucked through a tube. After a few second she felt as though she was being released out of the tube. She stumbled and fell over on the floor. She got up quickly and looked around. Thankfully no one had seen her spill. She brushed off the dust she had on her jeans and looked around the store.
She was surrounded by books. Even though she wasn’t the Hermione she was at Hogwarts she was glad to have so many books around her. F its one thing she didn’t change about her self is she loves to read. She can finish a book within 1 week if she put her mind to it.
She was looking at the books and found one that looked fairly interesting so she found a comfy armchair, and plopped her self down into it. She was just about to start the second chapter when someone tapped her on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, but are going to buy that?” said a strangely familiar voice.
She looked up from her book and looked at one of her best friends. “Harry!!!!” she squealed. She leapt up and hugged him, then let go quickly from embarrassment.
“Can I help you?” said Harry very nervously.” all I did was ask you if you’re going to buy that book because I was.”
Hermione was shocked. Harry obviously didn’t recognize her. Well, she thought to her self, I do look quite different.
“Harry! It’s me Hermione!!!” She said.
“Hermione? That’s you? Like I didn’t recognize you… you look really different...”Harry spoke slowly, as he scanned Hermione’s “new” look.
“Yeah, well it’s me! So where’s Ron? I couldn’t wait to see you two!!”She squealed and hugged Harry once more.
She could tell Harry felt very embarrassed by these “out of no where hugs” so she quickly stop and backed away from Harry.
“Er- Right well Ron is at the counter waiting for you, he thought the first placed you would go is the counter to meet us there.”
Hermione followed Harry around the shop, zig-zaging through great piles of books. Finally Hermione saw a tall red-haired teen standing around the counter looking at a magazine of Quidditch.
Ronald looked up from his magazine when he saw the two of them approach him.
“Hermione!! Great to see you!” Ron said as he gave her a hug.
Harry noticed Hermione didn’t seem all that happy to see Ron as she was when she saw Harry.
She stepped away from on when he let go and gave him a small smile.
“Well shall we go and get our school supillies?”She suggested.
“Oh alright, but I just want to buy this magazine first” Ron said as he handed a 2 Knuts over to the cashier and walked out of the store with Harry and Hermione.
They walked down street stopping at stores every now and then to get their school supplies. As they walked, Ron lingered back a bit; he noticed strange things going on between his best friends. First of all, where was the Hermione he knew?!?! She was definitely different today. She looked completely different to him. He thought she looked kind of cute. He pushed those thoughts of her to the back of his mind.
He noticed that they seemed to be walking VERY closely to each other, but he could see their 2 hands clearly so they weren’t holding hands. He was slightly glad about this.
“Hey Ron, want to stop at the Leaky Cauldron to get some lunch?” Hermione asked from up ahead.
Having his train of thought crashed he nodded and sped up a bit, to catch up with Hermione and Harry. He squeezed in between them to separate them in case anything indeed was going on.
They ordered 3 glasses of Butterbeer and got a table next to a window. Hermione was planning to site next to Harry, but Ron insisted to sit next to Harry to show him his new magazine.
Hermione sat down on the opposite side of the two guys, and looked rather sad not having Harry next to her. They drank their Butterbeer and talked a bit about their summers so far.
Ron could tell Hermione was listening well to what Harry had to say about his summer; and how he kept showing Dudley his wand, to make Dudley waddle as fast as he could away from him. But Hermione almost paid no attention to Ron when he was talking about how Fred and George keep using him as his tester for their joke shop.
Ron thought to him self as Hermione went on about her summer, could there be something going on between his two best friends that’s he didn’t know?? He was sure he was just over reacting, but some little voice in the back of his head kept saying there is something going on.

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