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A/N: Here you go guys, hope you like this. Really touching stuff going on here so be warned, Kleenex advised! Even I cried when I was typing this, so you know! Enjoy!


Chapter 18: The Kiss Of Life


“Come on, Hermione. We have to get out of here,” Harry tried to pull Hermione away from Draco’s lifeless form, but she held on for dear life.

“Draco, please wake up!” She pleaded. “I can’t go on without you, please wake up,” she began to shake the body but no response came.

She cried all over him, kissing his pale face hoping to hear a murmur of life or to feel heat radiating off him, but all she felt was the cold sign of death.

“Hermione, leave him! We have to go!” Harry yelled.

“No, Harry! We have to take him with us, there has to be a way… he just can’t…”

“But Hermione…”

She slapped him across the face. Everybody gasped as he flinched in the shadow of her anger. She breathed in faster and harder; he deserved it, she thought. She couldn’t just leave the one she loved to just rot.

I don't need a shrink to tell me what to think
There ain't no missing link in my love life
It's all right
I ain't that uptight

“I love him! You’d do the same for Ginny, and I don’t care if it is him!”

Harry shuffled nervously on the floor. He shot a quick glance at Ginny, who blushed slightly. They could both still remember the time they had been in the Chamber before.

No, I don't need a psychic,
'cause I don't really like it
When someone tries to tell me
Just what my future holds
I already know

A high-pitched squawk echoed all around the Chamber. Hermione looked up, slightly bewildered as to why the creature had come to them.

Kataria nudged Hermione’s hand, then went to look over Draco’s body. Her head lifted him and he rolled on to her back. Then she took flight and escaped from the dark.

Hermione sniffed then cried louder. A rush of wings were heard overhead and when they all looked up, she gasped at the eight, different coloured-plumaged Gryffins. They all bowed, waiting for them to get on.

“It’s Kataria’s old clan. They’ve come to help us,” McGonagall explained. She got on to a red and orange Gryffin which took flight at once.

Everybody hopped on to the creatures and they moved with such speed and grace that they were already out of the Chamber in a matter of seconds. They were flying through the long pipe; watched the sinks jump back together and then soared through the corridors of the school.

Hermione could feel the eyes of her companions burning her skin. None so more which hurt the most were Lupin’s, which was gliding along beside her. She didn’t want to look up, she just wanted to keep the tears hidden.

The Gryffins landed outside the Hospital, where Hermione jumped off and ran to Draco who was still on Kataria’s back.

Your love keeps me alive
You're all I need to survive
I got ya by my side

The creatures bowed one last time and then departed for the Forest. McGonagall opened the doors and they stepped inside. Pansy and Blaise ran to the office to get supplies so they could patch things up.

Harry and Neville lifted Draco on to a nearby bed and got pushed out of the way as Hermione took the boy’s hand and began to cry.

“So,” McGonagall began. “Who would like to tell me what has been going on?”

Hermione looked up at the others and asked them if they would explain. “Well, you let Snape come back and you trusted him. He tried to kill you, just to get to me!” Harry spat.

“He put a curse on all the teachers, making them all become steadily worse. Professor Lupin died because of it,” Ron stepped in.

“What?! Remus… dead? No!” McGonagall wept.

“Well, it is technically true, but as you can see…” Lupin swooped down in front of her and she fell back in her chair, utterly flushed with thankfulness.

“There’s a cure for the curse or illness, whatever you want to call it,” Hermione whimpered. She held her head with her hands where Harry distinctly saw the gentle trickle of blood run down her face.

“Anything else I should know about?” McGonagall questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Ginny started. “As all the teachers were “absent”, we filled their teaching posts with ourselves.”

“And may I ask, who’s brilliant idea that was?” She asked with a wide smile.

Each and everyone of them pointed at Hermione. Pansy and Blaise came bustling over to see what was going on, it seemed that Pansy had been crying and that Blaise had been comforting her in the office, even though he was all choked up as well.

“It wasn’t just me,” Hermione turned to look at them, wiping away her tears, “Draco helped me. When times were bad, he was by my side. He helped me through stress and the guilt which had overcome me these past couple of months. Trust me Professor, you’re lucky to haven’t seen what has happened in this castle; and if you had, you would’ve wished to be back in the Chamber.”

Hermione saw Ginny’s eyes leak out tears, she felt the guilt course through her body like Hermione had felt. Except it was twice as bad, as it had just dawned on her and that she felt she was to blame.

“And,” Hermione continued, through trembles of suffering and a new wave of tears. “My hero has gone. My saviour of my burden has drifted away from my arms. I blame myself entirely, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with him and now I’ve lost him… forever!”

So I'm holdin' on, I'm feelin' strong
Baby, you're the one for all my life
Yeah, I'm holdin' out, there ain't no doubt
I can't live without you all my life
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life

Pansy, Ginny and Luna crowded around her to comfort her. Even though they were all flowing like rivers they held on to Hermione, who was crying the loudest.

“We’ll have to sort out… you know, the… the…” McGonagall couldn’t say the word. She wouldn’t say it, especially after the last one.

“He doesn’t want to be cremated,” Pansy said suddenly. “He told me when he was younger. Hates fire, he had a terrible past involving burns. He wants to be buried and live under the earth.”

Lupin mumbled something as he gazed at Draco, but he shook his head when everybody looked at him.

“Miss Lovegood,” McGonagall glared at the shaking girl. “I must inform you that a pregnancy has never been performed at Hogwarts. Have you told your father?” Luna shook her head, but cried when Neville gave her a forbidding look. “May I ask, who is the father?” McGonagall asked.

Oh, I don't need to get all caught up on the net
'Cause I'm already set
Can't you understand?
Already got my man

“Me,” Neville stepped forward and then bent down in front of Luna. “And I will stand by her, and accept fatherhood. As long as she becomes my wife.”

Everybody gasped, Luna felt like she was going to faint. “I knew that you were with child, I can sense these things, so will you?” He extracted a box form the inside of his robes. He opened it and placed the silver ring; crested with one sapphire and two diamonds, on to her finger when she nodded…

No, I don't need proof to show me the truth
And not even Dr. Ruth is gonna tell me how I feel
I know our love is real, real, real

~*~ Draco’s Point of View ~*~

I knew I was alive as soon as I heard Longbottom propose to Luna, I could feel myself well-up inside. How I wished to be their with them, but if I am alive, why wasn’t I?

I could feel myself; my spirit that is, leaving my body; floating away. I thought I would be falling to Hell, but I was rising.

Your love keeps me alive
You're all I need to survive
I got ya by my side

When I heard Hermione’s scream, as I remembered so clearly that I saved her from dying, I knew I was dead; my own mother had killed me.

I wanted to go back and haunt her but nothing let me go. I really want to go back and hold my Hermione so tight, to tell her that I love her and that I never want to let her go, ever again.

I want to scream out loud, but I knew my vocal cords were tight and they couldn’t mutter a sound, but my God did I try.

So I'm holdin' on, I'm feelin' strong
Baby, you're the one for all my life
Yeah, I'm holdin' out, there ain't no doubt
I can't live without you all my life
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life

I opened my eyes slowly and I cast the surrounding area and I couldn’t believe where I was. It was the place which Lupin had described; neither Heaven or Hell, but bright and desolate.

I looked down at my hands and I noticed that they were opaque and rather warm, I wasn’t dead. I was on the line, just like Lupin had been, but I wasn’t dead.

“It’s a difficult choice to make, isn’t it?” A hand was placed on my shoulder and I recognised that voice.

I turned in my haste to punch the man, but all I found was mist. And then a blinding flash of light obscured my vision and out of it, came my father.

“You?!” I scathed at him. His robes were white instead of his usual black and his skin was almost translucent. “You’re dead!” I searched for my wand but it seemed to have, gone!

“No weapons here, my son. This is Holy Ground, it’s all mutiny here. No violence, no war, no betrayal,” Lucius explained.

“So why are you here? You should be in Hell!” I yelled.

“There is no Hell, Draco. This; where you are standing, is the Verge of Life and Death. I am dead; of course, but you are merely more than a spirit. So, Draco, are you going back?”

“I can’t go back. According to Lupin, I have to have a soul purpose to go back, and that’s as a ghost.”

“Ah, dear Remus, how wonderful. I saw him you know, here on the Verge. Talking to Black and the Potters’, but I didn’t make myself known, he might’ve killed me,” he chuckled mirthlessly. “But there was something I needed to tell him. But I can tell you instead.”

“What’s that then, oh smartest one of all?” I said mockingly.

“Don’t push it, boy! Or I might make your decision for you. Now, I wanted to tell him that I saw your death and…”

“You saw my death?!”

“Yes, it’s a strange gift that spirits receive, kind of like an Angel, but anyway… you don’t have to have a soul purpose to return. In fact, something stronger can revive you.”

“And are you implying that I have that in me?”

“No. But it exists. Tell me, have I ever told you the story about how Harry Potter survived the Dark Lord’s attack?”

“Loads of times when you were alive, but I… no way!”

“Well done, my son, you are clever after all. It’s old magic, Draco. Hermione Granger’s love for you is so strong its actually saved you. Just like Lily’s did Harry.”

A distant voice rang in my ears, and I recognised it. It made my still beating heart flutter.

“I love him… my hero has gone… my saviour; drifted from my arms. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with him and now I’ve lost him… forever!”

“Hermione…” I gasped. I looked down at my hand and I saw the broken-heart scar not broken anymore. It was whole with the crossed arrows piercing through.

“So, you’re going back hen?” My father asked me again.

“One minute, tell me. Did Harry come here when Voldemort tried to kill him?”

“Probably. But he would’ve been too young to remember,” he answered.

Then there was more from the real world. I heard Lupin mumble something as he examined me. “No. Draco can’t be… he’s still… And then he stopped. He knew I was still alive.

“But how do I get back?” I asked urgently.

“Admit that you love her, Draco. Then the bond will be tied,” he explained; rather wisely, which kind of crept me out, but anyway…

The wind pushed me, or some kind of force was pushing me away from my father. I was going back. “Yes, I do love her,” I said. My father smiled at me, did he actually feel proud for me? “But, don’t you want me to go back?” I called out bravely, aware of his pride.

“It’s your choice. I can’t stop you from making a choice between Life and Death,” he answered.

You always made choices for me in my past, I thought. But my thoughts echoed around me. I saw my dad’s face fall. “Sorry,” I murmured.

“No, I’m sorry Draco. I’ve ruined your life in the past. But now is a time to amend my ways and start anew, in a new life.”

I smiled. “This is the best thing you’ve ever done for me.”

“I’m glad to help. But it is time for you to go. I hope I will see you again, but I hope not too soon,” he said and began to fade away.

I didn’t want him to go. I probably felt more closer to my father more now that I ever had when I was alive; younger, whatever. “Hey dad!” I shouted. He turned slowly. “Can you go and haunt mother for me?”

He shook his head. “I belong here, I have no soul purpose for her. And even though I may have shown love to her, it wasn’t deep…” And then the light engulfed him.

I began to fall, fall through the air. I laid on my back and closed my eyes, remembering the smile on my father’s face, the first smile I had ever seen and hoping to never see again…


“Come on, its time you all want to bed. I’ll think of a time which is suitable for us to talk,” McGonagall said.

Hermione stroked Draco’s hand, hoping to feel some kind of movement…
I could feel her touch. I’m alive my sweet, wake me up with your tender kiss. Let me feel my pulse again; let me breathe. Let me feel the Kiss of Life!
… but she knew that none would come.

Oh, save me
Kiss me
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life

“Come on Hermione,” Harry called to her from the door.

Hermione nodded reluctantly to his plea, she smiled weakly making tears fall on to his hand… Don’t cry, I hate it when you cry…
… she let go of his hand and made to leave her chair…
Don’t let go, don’t leave me here, I need you…
… she kissed him lightly on the lips, letting the tears run down his pale cheek and whispered to him, “I love you… I’ll miss you…” Then she walked towards the door…
I love you too!

Your love keeps me alive
You're all I need to survive
I got ya by my side

My heart started racing, I could feel my heart beating away in my chest. The colour was rushing back into my skin, my blood had started to run around my body. My pulse; I could feel under the pressure of trying to open my eyes.

I tried to work my voice box, I tried to move my lips but I couldn’t. My eyes stayed closed, and with every second I wasted, Hermione was moving away from my life.

So I'm holdin' on, I'm feelin' strong
Baby, you're the one for all my life
Yeah, I'm holdin' out, there ain't no doubt
I can't live without you all my life
I'm holdin' on to love (holdin' on to love)
I'm holdin' on to love to save my life

And suddenly… my eyes shot open… I was alive, I felt anew and fresh, and I didn’t care that light was obscuring my vision, I was alive!

I turned on the comfortable surface I was lying on and distinctly saw the brown curls near the door… this was it… I was alive…

“I love you too…” I mumbled…

Save me, save me, save me
Save my life

“I love you too…” A voice behind Hermione echoed around her. Gasps of shock bounced off the walls. She turned, her face wet with joy and full of emotion to see the smiling face of her love, awaiting her touch.

She ran; she flew, she didn’t know what she was doing but she moved to the bed.

His arms embraced her and their muffled sobs could be heard all around. His hands twirled through her curls and her hand stroked his wet, pale cheek.

Their eyes met and it was as if their love had restarted. And nothing made this reunion more complete, but was the kiss they shared in the moonlight.


Song: I’m Holding On To Love (To Save My Life), by Shania Twain.

A/N: *sniffle sniffle… sob sob* I loved that song, don’t know if any of you guys did, but I think it went well. Please review!


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