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A/N So... this would have to be the shortest chapter of the whole series so far... And thank you heaps for all the reviews I have gotten, they have been fabulous!!

Disclaimer: Puh-lease! If I owned HP, I'd like to have Sirius, James, Lily and Dumbledore alive AND Draco and Hermione lived happily ever after... :D

On With The Show...

As Dawn Breaks... Change is Everything
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


The shadows of the morning play tricks on my mind mercilessly. I jump at a new shadow thinking it is Ron or Harry. I could have spent the night at Pansy’s like she insisted but I didn’t want to be a bother, after all she works night shifts at St. Mungo’s now. I couldn’t believe when she offered to go halves in me staying at the L'Elégance, when I asked her why she just smiled and said, “Because Hermione, you made Draco complete.” And then practically pushed me into the front desk.

I had gotten a huge room on the twentieth floor. It had a balcony, mini bar, Jacuzzi, two bedrooms, a lounge practically everything! I sighed as I leaned over and got out of the bed. But I was still missing something… Draco. My Draco. He was always there to protect me… but just once he wasn’t there and I still have nightmares about it.//

I remember when I had just woken up one night to find Ron just getting home… and drunk.

“Ronald Billius Weasley what are you doing home this late? And why are you drunk?” I scolded as he stumbled blindly into the room.

“Oh… ‘Mione my beautiful ‘Mione.” He murmured before collapsing on the bed nearly right on top of me. Roughly he tried to force himself onto me, kissing my lips with his own chapped ones. His whole body was on me and I could feel him crushing me. He moaned as I tried to wriggle away.

“Ron get off me, this is not funny, get off.” I managed to say but he just gurgled. I could smell the alcohol on him as he continued to force himself on me. I wriggled desperately as he leaned more on my chest his fingers tracing down my neck. When I tried to scream he forced his hand over my mouth.

“Nah, uh, uha…” He whispered greedily. “Nobody will be able to hear you…” He says as he tries to kiss me again only to kiss my cheek. My cheeks are stained as the tears keep rolling down my face.

“Get off me Ron, get off!” I yell and with one almighty push just as he grabs my shirt and pulls it off me he lands on the carpet and I reach for my wand and stand in front of him. “Don’t you dare move or I will hex you to kingdom come.” I say seething as he eyes my now scantily covered top half. I practically scream, ‘Reducto!’ And the door blasts away almost taking the next wall with it.

I can hear Ginny and Harry waking and murmuring to each other as I return my wand to Ron. “You ever try that again and I will kill you Ron, make no doubt about that.” I growl at him and I can see a flicker of fear come across his haughty eyes. I hear both of them coming down the hall and I quickly exit running down the stairs and out into the front hall before pushing the front door open and then slamming it shut.

I scream and close my eyes, letting myself be taken to Draco’s.

With a couple of spins I land in Draco’s bedroom and practically collapse on his floor in sobs. How could he have done or even tried to do that to me? I see him shoot straight up in bed and look at the lump that is me on the ground. The only thing I am wearing is a wearing is a pair of boxers and my black satin bra as my arms are crossed over my bruised chest.

“Draco…” I sob. I can see him scramble as he tries to get out of the bed.

“Hermione,” He says and I can hear ever bit of caring in his voice as he grabs his duvet of his bed and pulls it around me. He sees I am not going to move so he grabs his wand and lights a fire in the nearest fire place. He picks me up and brings me closer to it. I sob into his chest as he wraps the blanket around the both of us. “Do you want one of my shirts?” He asks and I nod feebly as he goes to get up.

“Please don’t leave me,” I whisper and he nods and lifts me up in his arms carrying me over to the dresser.

“Now which one, Falmouth Falcons, Puddlemere United or Ballycastle Bats?” He asked holding up three t-shirts with the team colors and names on them. From beneath the blanket I point out the navy blue t-shirt with the two golden bulrush plants on it. “Ah… good choice. The good old Puddlemere United.” He says as he delicately rids me of the warm blanket and lifts my arms, wincing slightly as he sees the large bruises on my stomach and chest. He pulls the shirt over my head and pulls me in hugging me gently.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you…” I hear him murmur into my hair.

“No it’s not your fault. It his…” I whisper as I stroke his face. Shaking his head, I know he still feels bad as he lifts me up and carries me to fireplace. I lay on his shoulder the blanket wrapped around me. I look over to him to see him staring blankly into the fire trying to get rid of his anger. I sigh and pull the blanket around him as well, kissing him on the cheek and pulling myself under his arm.

I think he stayed up for hours after that just staring at the slowly dying fire stroking my hair every now and then.//

If I planned to run away from Harry, Ginny and Ron then I would have to be very sneaky about it. After all we were all Aurors and I had seen the front page of the Daily Prophet. I swept myself off the bed and into the bathroom grabbing my wand off the table along the way.

I didn’t want to have to do this but it’s the only way that Ron, Harry and Ginny won’t be able to recognize me… but that means Draco as well.

Slowly I raised my wand to my hair. I thought of a person… Keira Knightley, a muggle actress, I had seen in a couple of movies. And I felt as if I was melting… When I opened my eyes I saw a similar looking person to Keira but I could have only just passed for a relative. Hey! I even have the pout! My hair is a wintry light blonde which reaches a bit further than my shoulders. My face looks completely the same as hers except for my eyes, I like my honey ones with the bronze little speckles in them. The only one who could ever recognize me would be Harry… but he’d probably recognize me as a relative of Keira Knightley’s.

The rain drizzles along the window behind me and I can see the droplets run along the pane in the mirror. I quickly get dressed, pulling on a vintage a-line skirt and a vintage puffy sleeved top and adding some pearl earrings. I line my eyes with eyeliner and place some sheer lip gloss on my lips. I slip on my peep toe high heels and remake the bed, leaving a small note on it. I had checked in under my name, someone was bound to realize who I was eventually.

With a quick spell my bags are again packed and I am ready to get on the move again.

I chuck my bags out into the hall and hide them behind another wall. As I am about to go back and close the door, I see something, or rather someone.

It’s Draco, my Draco, I feel like running to him and hugging him. But he won’t recognize me in this… I’m sure of it. He walks straight into the open door calling my name. He stops as he steps outside the room, the note I left on the bed in his hand and his face is crushed as he reads my words.

I can see a tear roll down his face as he apparates away, too quick for me too reach him.

I lean my back against the wall, my suitcases next to me. He came… he came for me. He went looking for me! And all I did was sit here. I bury my face in my hands as the tears come rushing out. This isn’t how my life was supposed to be.

And As Dawn Breaks… Change is Everything.


So how'd you like it? I know it is short and all, but the next chapter will make up for it I am sure!! :D:D

Keep Safe,


We had matched, planned of course, but we matched all the same. She was the gourgeous and innocent Christine and I was the boyfriend, the lover, the fiance’, Raoul…//

The violins played ceremoniously as we walked in the exact same time.


“Nothing is too much for the woman I love.” I say as I kiss her hand gently and she smiles, grateful that someone appreciates her…//

I look back and wonder why I didn’t take her away or tell Weasel to get lost. That would hurt her, and I loved her too much to bear to hurt her at all.

My bed is empty, my soul is crushed and my heart is broken into tiny millions of pieces. And all because of one woman, who just so happens to be the woman I love.

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