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Chapter 6 Disclaimer- I don’t own Harry Potter or anything related to him for that matter. Prev. chap- But Hermione would find out soon enough when the old man saw her. “You!” He yelled. “Who are you? Why are you here? Who were you sent by? What do you want? Get out from behind there!” He cried, his face red and screwed up with anger. ‘Oh my god…’ Will thought, ‘She wouldn’t be killed like the last girl would she? Does this mean I won’t get my reward?’ ‘Oh my god…’ Hermione thought. ‘He looks so scary. He won’t do anything to me will he?’ ‘Oh my god…’ Draco thought. ‘She’s such an idiot! Now I have to go save her ass. God…but what if he…’ ____________________________________________________________________ “I…I… I’m, Hermione… I was just…” Hermione started to stutter. “But why are you here? Are you—“ the man started, not wanting to finish his sentence if she was not what he suspected her to be. ‘What should I do, oh man, what should I do?’ Thought Draco, but then he had an idea. He ran slowly towards Hermione pretending to not see Will and his father, he started talking loudly enough for both men to hear. “Hermione, sweetie, I’m so sorry, are you still mad at me honey? I tried to explain, but you took off crying, so I had a feeling you might come here where you could cry alone.” Draco said in calm sweet caring tone. He had his back turned halfway to the men, and he was staring into Hermione’s eyes, after a five second pause of amazement of the closeness of both of them, Hermione regained herself and looked at Draco shocked. Draco winked and gave her a slight ‘I told you so’ look to her, after which she quickly understood. [But not before giving him an annoyed look] “Well, Draco, I don’t know what came over me, I just when you were with her I just I don’t know.” Hermione said, afraid her voice made her sound totally fake. She would never be caught dead saying those words. “Well, that was wrong of you to think. You know how much I love you—truly sometimes you can be so silly—“ but Draco stopped, pretending he had just seen the two men. “Oh, why hello!” He said in very unlike Draco manner, but if this what he had to do for both of them to survive, he was ready to do it. “I see you met my girl friend, Hermione! Nice isn’t she? But you must have seen her crying just now, well I don’t suppose that would have been a pretty sight. She can be so sill sometimes, truly…” Draco’s voice trailed on. He was trying indefinitely hard to bug the two men, so that he and Hermione could peacefully go home. Apparently, it was working, because suddenly the man started speaking very fast in a completely different polite manner in order to stop Draco from continuing. “Oh, that’s alright. Sorry if I scared you miss, my son here, Tom,” He didn’t notice Draco and Hermione’s eye brows go up, “ Was asking me something and I was just a tad bit frustrated. Any how, every thing alright now?” “Oh yes, absolutely.” Draco said sighing with relief. “Why don’t you give her a big ole kiss then?” the man said, with a surprisingly good-natured smile. “Umm…” Draco and Hermione both started. But not wanting to cause any more confusion, Draco hastily kissed her cheek. As his tender lips came in contact with her soft skin, he couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing feeling. His lips lingered there for a moment and then he abruptly pull away. As soon as he did neither he nor Hermione turned to look at each other. “Thanks once again then, we’ll be going now.” Draco said to them once again, and with that he and Hermione started walking with Draco’s arm around her shoulder. As soon as they got on to the next street- Hermione whacked his hand away. “What were you thinking? Thank you sir, you kept saying!” “What was I thinking? Me I saved you! Who knows what the hell he could have done!” Draco yelled back. “What was the use of being all lovely-dovey?” Hermione said. “He wouldn’t believe me other wise! And I acted very well, for I did convince him, you know.” Draco responded sharply. To that now, she couldn’t say anything because it was true. They both walked silently back to the apartment. ______________________________________________________________________ “Well, there you are! You guys left before us, and come back a whole three hours after us! Do you realize I have been stuck alone with the ferret—“ Hermione started but was interrupted by Draco, “Who did save your life!” He yelled as he came into the lounge as well. “I should be the one complaining, she just complains all day!” Draco said, as Parvati laughed. “Sorry we took so long guys. Ginny and I were having so much fun, except we didn’t find our suspect, she never landed up!” Parvati sighed. “Well at least someone had fun, because I sure didn’t. Gown, after gown, shoe after shoe, catalogues after catalogues! You would think there was a real wedding the way Ginny and Parvati were behaving!” Ron said as he dropped down on the couch. Ginny and Parvati giggled. “Well, I’m really tired, I had a big day, so I’m going to bed. I’ve already eaten, and Draco’ll tell you what happened.” Hermione said a bit anxious to get to her room. “Are you sure ‘Mione? Want me to come with you?” Parvati asked in a worried manner. “Yea, Hermy, c’mon we haven’t met in so long, let’s talk. And have some firewhiskey and Pumpkin juice.” Ron asked. “No, I’m going. Really I’m fine, just a little tired.” Hermione went and hugged every one [except Draco] and went upstairs to her large room. There lying on her beautiful wooden oak table was a lavender colored letter. She opened it and felt the scent of roses fill the air. Dear Stars, I got your sweet letter. Thank you so much for remembering me as I know you have such a busy schedule! So any way, how are you? How’s life? Mine’s actually quite interesting right now, but I couldn’t tell you as it’s a secret. This is going to be a short letter, as I have to go soon. Oh, life is so strange around me right now. They say you’re always closest to the ones you love, but right now, I’m closer to my enemies. Sometimes I feel so upset I want to just break out of it. Then I think of you. Your letters, Your eyes, Your smile, Your laughter I would recognize you any where. Really I would. Oh there it goes again! I have to go now, I’m so sorry write soon, I will too! Yours Forever, Truth Hermione smiled as she thought who Truth could be. She sat down on her table prepared to write a letter to Truth telling him that her life was indeed quite boring as well. If only she knew what was in store for her—because the ones you love are the ones you are closest to. A/N- well, hope u liked that, in chapter 9 or 10, I will officially reveal who Truth is so keep reading and pls review, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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