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A/N- hello my wonderful readers!! Thanks again for taking the time to read and review!!! Here’s chapter 5! Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or anything related to it for that matter! Snippets of the prev. chapter: They were merely inches apart when Hermione looked at him and said, “What, no comeback? Aren’t you going to call me mud-blood? Isn’t that what dark wizards do?” She would have gone on but it was only then that she realized the closeness of Draco’s body. She felt his breath on her face and she looked into his silvery eyes. Suddenly, she felt a surge of fear, of what he might do. Draco leaned in, and whispered into her ear, “I’ll get you for that one Granger.” “You don’t scare me Malfoy.” As they walked on and Draco teased her of being scared, something very strange happened. They saw a guy about their age running. As soon as they both saw him they said together, “Will Collins!” They started chasing after him, not knowing there was someone else watching their every move. Chap 5- Chasing him! “Oh god, Granger, did you see where he was going? We lost him, ‘cause of you. You’re always ruining every thing, you know that?” Draco asked in frustrated tone. “If you’re criticizing me, and showing me my faults, don’t you think I would be the last person to admit them? Seriously…as for losing him, that was your fault!” Hermione answered back. “Well, excuse me, I’m not the one with the sign on my back saying Not-Knowing-Anything am I? And you did lose him!” Draco replied. “Did not.” Hermione said. “Did too!” Draco said as well, to bring on the battle. “Did not.” “Did too! Oh shut your mouth, there he is!” said Draco with relief. Hermione looked down. ‘The nerve of him, she thought, to start that fight, then say it was her fault! And he told her to shut up? He was going to get it!’ but right at that moment, she had to run. Quickly regaining herself, she ran at full speed, and ran smack into Draco. And he wasn’t too happy. “Watch it Granger! Control yourself, you’re not my type.” And with that he smirked knowing she was going to erupt. He just loved to bug the hell out of her. “Malfoy you--” She started, but was interrupted by him “Shh…Granger, they’re talking.” Both of them leaned across small shack, peaking their heads out just a little to see what was going on in the alley way. “You think they might be on to us? I mean, we don’t know what they look like, but if we know bout them so they might know bout us, right?” Will asked a man with his back turned. The man turned his body. Unlike Will, he was well dressed and looked very rich. “Doesn’t matter m’ boy! We know more bout them! You just tell me this, the work went all right?” the man questioned. “Oh, yea, absolutely Father. It went fantastic—this time, every side favors ours.” Will responded. Behind the shed— “Shouldn’t we catch them now?” Hermione whispered. “Tell me, what do you do?” Draco asked. “I don’t know why you asked, but I’m a healer.” Hermione responded. “No wonder! Now since I’m the auror, I’ll decide what has to be done, okay? And no, we can’t catch them, there will be many men hidden.” Draco answered. ‘Like you would know that.’ Hermione thought to herself. She liked her own plan. They both turned to see what was going on in the real scene. “It’s alright if they find out about this. They still don’t know about our leaders. They will lead us to greatness, in front of every one’s eyes!” the man said to Will. “Father, will I be rewarded? I did the task didn’t I? Are they here? I can’t see them…” said Will. “Calm down son, and for heaven’s sake, lower your voice! They are here. In the shadows don’t you know? They blend into the surroundings, ready to jump up if the enemy comes.” Hermione and Draco- “Told you so Granger. But do you listen to me? No! See, I’m trained for these things, I know how to handle these situations... Granger? Granger! No don’t do that…” Draco started to say but saw he was too late. Hermione had advanced to a closer spot no doubt wanting to hear and see what was going on better. It was true that she had played an important part in bringing down Voldermort, but she was no auror. She was more behind the scenes. This was all so fascinating for her, that she forgot both she and Draco were risking their lives. She thought she was cleverly hidden, but any one else on her opposite side would have known that she wasn’t. But Hermione would find out soon enough when the old man saw her. “You!” He yelled. “Who are you? Why are you here? Who were you sent by? What do you want? Get out from behind there!” He cried, his face red and screwed up with anger. ‘Oh my god…’ Will thought, ‘She wouldn’t be killed like the last girl would she? Does this mean I won’t get my reward?’ ‘Oh my god…’ Hermione thought. ‘He looks so scary. He won’t do anything to me will he?’ ‘Oh my god…’ Draco thought. ‘She’s such an idiot! Now I have to go save her ass. God…but what if he…’ A/N- well, hope u liked chap. 5! I kno it was kind of boring, but my mind was a little blocked…but the next three chapters are going to be so interesting, with each you’re going to find out a lot… oh, thanx to every one who r & r my story, please keep doing so!

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