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Hey i was wondering. can anyone tell me about any other James and Lily period stories that are like this and dont invovle them being in school. I have been looking for some and i can't find any! please someone help me. ! Disclaimer: Nothing is Mine. Chapter Fourteen – Depths of the Unknown As Christmas and the impending attack by Lord Voldemort drew closer James became more and more worried about Lily. She didn’t sleep, he knew, only pretended to be asleep. He knew the nightmares still came when she did managed to enter a restless state of sleep. Two nights before Christmas he entered their temporary room on the top floor of the castle to find Lily lying with Harry on the bed; Harry was asleep but Lily had her eyes open, focused on her beautiful son. She was so exhausted she did not even know James had entered the room until he kissed her cheek and slipped his arms around her as he crawled into the bed with her. “Sleep Lily, I’ll stay here and protect you,” he whispered in her ear. Lily turned in his arms, away from Harry and looked up into his eyes. Her emerald green eyes that Harry’s mirrored exactly were filled with exhaustion but also with fear. “I don’t know if I can. Every time I close my eyes I see you, or Harry or Moony or Padfoot falling to the ground to lay at the feet of Lord Voldemort. How can I close my eyes when I know what awaits me?” “Just try it Lily, you never know. Please Lily trust me, I hate seeing you like this, you look as if you are at your death bed.” “But Harry needs to be shifted. He can’t stay in our bed, he’ll roll of the edge.” Lily made a move towards him but couldn’t free herself from her husbands arms. “James let me go.” James smiled, “Why get up?” He picked up his wand from the bedside table and quickly levitated Harry through the air over to the basinet in the corner. Harry’s eyes did not even flicker as he landed on the soft bedding. “See?” James whispered. “Problem solved.” Lily sighed and turned back to James who tightened his arms around her. “Now sleep, you need your rest.” “But so do you, you can’t stay up and stare at me all night like you usually do, it isn’t fair – I don’t get to watch you sleep, you never seem to,” Lily protested but her eyes were already closed and her voice was muffled by James shoulder which her head was lying on. “Why sleep when I can watch an angel when she is most peaceful and agreeable? Heaven knows even God does not want her when she is awake, most temper mental witch there is.” “Bloody idiot,” Lily mumbled. “If I wasn’t so sleepy I’d….” But James never did figure out what Lily would do him because in the middle of her sentence she drifted off into what was hopefully a deep, dreamless sleep. James watched her for a few minutes but he felt his head begin to nod and soon he too drifted off into blissful unconsciousness. The only sounds that could be heard in the entire room was little Harry in the corner, snoring gently in his sleep. ***** Lily walked slowly around the perimeter of the lake two days before Christmas. She was alone, Dumbledore had claimed baby sitting rights, insisting Lily needed a break from looking after her son. And James was of course with the other Aurors perfecting the battle plans and security measures. As she rounded the corner closest to Hagrid’s Hut she smiled to see the pale pink umbrella leaning against the wall near the pumpkin patch that the half giant was so proud of. Lily had always liked Hagrid, though she never had found out why he had been expelled from the school in the first place. Now he was the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts and Lily knew he loved the position. Going up to the door of the hut she knocked. Hagrid opened the door and smiled the instant he saw Lily. “Lily Evans! What on earth are you doing back at Hogwarts? How long ‘ave you been here?” he cried. “Come in. come in, we’ll ‘ave ourselves a cup of tea.” “Hello Hagrid. James, Harry and I are all here. Dumbledore’s orders. I’m surprised James and Sirius haven’t been down to see you; we’ve been here at least four days now I think. It was only the snow and freezing wind that made me not visit you until now.” Hagrid poured them a cup of tea while Lily looked around the hut. Though it had been many years since she had been inside it nothing much had changed. A bed was in one corner – large enough to be four Super King beds in the Muggle world. Drying meat hung from the ceiling and odd pots and pans were hooked on various walls. “You’ll still be here when Harry come to Hogwarts won’t you Hagrid?” Lily asked as she sipped her tea. “Course I will. Wouldn’t miss seeing young Harry all grown up for the world. Cauldron Cake?” Lily politely refused the plate that Hagrid held out to her. “Promise me something Hagrid. No matter what happens between now and then, you’ll look after him. Promise me you’ll look after my baby.” Tears glistened in Lily’s eyes but her voice remain steady. “If there’s no one left but you, if the world has crumbled at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Promise me Harry will always be safe with you.” “Course Lily. I promise Harry will always be safe. Hard not to be safe in a place like this. Hogwarts is the safest place in the world. And you’ll be there to see your Harry off to school. So don’t you go asking people for promises that they won’t have to fulfil.” Lily sniffed, “Thank you.” She rose from her seat and moved toward the door. “Oh and Hagrid? Don’t tell James I was here. He wouldn’t understand – he thinks he’s invincible.” “I’d like to believe he is Lily, for all our sakes.” ***** James took the plans from Sirius and spread them in front of Dumbledore. “See, Sir, the Aurors will be placed at ten metre intervals around the perimeter of the Hogwarts grounds, around the entire lake and stationed at various points in Hogsmeade. There’s no way we won’t see the armies coming.” “Alright James. So this is all taken care of. And what of your family?” “What about them?” “Surely you have noticed the amounts of time Lily is spending alone, wandering the grounds. Many teachers, including myself, have bee n babysitting Harry. She is worried James, and so am I. You stand at great risk going into this battle. Voldemort will be after you, he knows who your father was and who you will become, who you have become.” “Stuff my father! All anyone ever talk about is who my family is and how much danger we will be in. Dumbledore I have been trained to fight to the best of my ability and protect those who can not defend themselves. That includes the students in this school. If you are suggesting that I sit out –” “I am not suggesting anything of the sort James. I was merely commenting on the fact that your wife is not as confident about the outcome of the battle and you might like to reassure her. When was the last time you spoke to her James?” James frowned and ducked his head. He knew Dumbledore was right, he had not been spending time with his family and it was two days till Christmas. Harry’s first Christmas. Dumbledore nodded wisely. “I thought that might be the case James.” ***** “Where is he? He was meant to send us a progress report as soon as he found out their plans!” Voldemort voice screeched through the dark room. The Death Eater quivered. “He has not returned. We think he might have been discovered or that something is keeping him from returning.” “Nothing could keep him from returning to his Master if he so wished to come. Show me your arm!” The Death Eater inched closer to Voldemort and bared his left arm. Upon the pale skin in vivid black was the Dark Mark. Voldemort leaned forward and pressed it. Instantly the Mark burnt a vivid green and the Death Eater howled in pain. Voldemort smiled, “Now we shall see if he is loyal.” ***** Suddenly Peter jerked in his bed and started to thrash restlessly. Remus was sitting near by and went to place a hand on his friend. But then a voice stopped him. “Don’t.” Remus turned to see Snape standing at the entrance to the curtained off area. His face was screwed in pain and he was holding his left arm tightly, as though he was bracing it against intense pain. “Don’t?” “Don’t help him, if you do you’ll only make it worse. Side affects of the potion.” It wasn’t really, Peter’s pain would be made worse by the Mark not by the potion, but he couldn’t accuse Peter of being a Death Eater again. “Why are you here? Why do you care how he is when it was you that did this to him.” Remus was gesturing towards Peter lying in the bed but by physical appearance there was nothing wrong with Peter. Madame Pomfrey had healed all his cuts and bruises, she was now waiting for him to wake from his potion induced sleep so she could release him. “I... don’t... know” Snape said as he breathed deeply. Remus noticed for the first time that the man was in pain. “What’s wrong with you?” Snape looked up at Remus for a moment and then drew back the sleeve on his left forearm. The Dark Mark tattooed there was glowing a greenish colour, it showed more than ever. “He’s calling us. We are meant to appear whenever he touches another Dark Mark.” “What happens when you don’t come?” “You become a traitor and they kill you. This is the fourth calling in an hour. They are searching for someone, waiting for him to appear. The Dark Lord is angry.” “Can I ask you something?” “Didn’t give me much of a choice there did you, Wolfman?” “You called him the Dark Lord. If you have turned away from him like you say, why do you use the name only his Death Eaters call him by?” Snape glared at Remus and turned to leave the question unanswered. As he reached the door to the Hospital Wing he turned back. “I take the test tomorrow. If you want an answer you will be there.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright I would like to say I’m really stuck. I have the basic story till the end and everything but I can’t fill in the chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m writing this when I should really be asleep and everyone else in my family is in bed. Ok I think I have the next chapter worked out and part of the one after but after that it might be awhile before I update again. Next Chapter: Snape takes the Veritaserum test and Christmas Day. Oh and a big discussion/argument between J/L. should be good. That’s all for now. BI!

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