"Love, it's not like we can trust him completely just because he spouts out some story about how he was forced to be what he is and doesn't want to kill anyone! He's a Malfoy, he's probably acting!" Ron was pacing his cage, a slight limp in his right leg, his head bent at an awkward angle to keep from brushing the ceiling. "Yes, he helped Luna, but how do we know that stuff he gave her wasn't something that's actually causing her illness? She's still unwell."

Hermione looked down at the floor. It was stony and green with moss and fungus, caused by the wetness of the room. The moss didn't lessen the pain of impact, obviously, or Ron wouldn't be limping from a colossal bruise on his right knee. He had a large bump on his head as well. Looking to her right, she gave a small smile to Ginny. Ginny simply stared back at her from the corner of her cage where she was huddled. She hardly did anything but eat and sleep now, refusing to talk. It killed Ron that this was happening, and it killed Hermione as well.

"He may be our only hope, Ron," Hermione began, somewhat reluctantly, and turned to face him. "He may be our only hope. We can't be sure he's telling us the truth, but we can't be sure he's lying, either." Her voice lowered to a near whisper. "Do you think we have any chance of escape without him? Do you think that if we don't at least try to trust him, we'll ever get out of here? Ever get married? Ever grow old? Do you think you'll ever see nieces and nephews, Ginny's and your brother's children? What about Luna and Harry? She could die here from illness, and they would never have properly said goodbye." Hermione shook her head. "No, without him, we have no chance. So," Hermione said, standing up, "we'll just have to trust him."

The cages weren't very spacious, but there was enough room in them to curl up in the corner, or to sit Indian-style. Ron was taller than the girls, Ginny being a bit shorter than him, then Hermione and Luna, only inches apart.

Ah, Luna. Thinking about Luna made Hermione feel better and worse at the same time. It made her feel good that Luna was getting better, and maybe with help from Malfoy could make a full rcovery. But it also made her feel bad, made her worried. Luna wasn't out of the woods yet, and if she wasn't lucky she could relapse.

It was just as she was thinking these thoughts that the door swung open with a loud creak and in trouped a quad of Death Eaters. Before any of the captives could discern what was happening, a flash of green light struck out from the quad, and Luna was dead. Ron rushed the bars of his cage as realization hit, and another flash of light later he was dead as well. Ginny fainted with a moan and Hermione sat speechless, unable to process the events of the last thirty seconds. The quad of Death Eaters trouped out of the room and closed the door with a slam.

Hermione remained sitting against the bars of her cage, motionless and unmoving even after Ginny awoke and began to scream and sob, even after her screams became whimpers. She did not stir until the door burst open again and in came an unmasked Draco with a large key ring and five wands.

"GREAT GODS ABOVE!!" he yelled and slammed backwards into the wall. He paused for a moment and seemed to surge forward towards Ginny's cage. He fumbled with the keys and unlocked the cage. She began to scream again as he moved inside, and he covered her mouth. "Calm down, Ginny. I'm getting both of you the bloody hell out of here." When her screams against his hand finally ceased and her eyes looked less like those of a frightened animal, he showed her one of the wands he held. "This is yours, Ginny. I need you to stay calm. As we escape, you may need to use this, and you need to be in control. Can you do that for me?" when Ginny nodded, he handed her the wand. He climbed out of the cage and helped her down.

He unlocked Hermione's cage and was worried by her unmoving silence. She did not move until he climbed into the cage and he looked into her face. She looked up at him and her face screwed up, her mouth working silently. Then, almost lightning fast, she lashed out and smacked him across the face.

"Don't want anyone dead, eh? Well he's dead now and where are all the plans? Where is his future now, the happy children and his happy home and his happy fucking wife?" she yelled, pounding her fists against his chest. "He's dead, you bastard! You killed him and he's gone!! I loved him! I loved him!" she yelled before he pulled her against him and she began to sob into his shoulder, still hitting him weakly with one balled fist.

"And I love you, dammit, but I didn't kill Ron Weasley. They had the executions scheduled for tomorrow. They must have decided not to wait...I'm so sorry, Hermione." He said these things in a soft voice as he rocked her, and she never really understood exactly what he had said until later events, though Ginny heard and understood perfectly. "Hermione, I need to get you and Ginny out of here. I'm going to give you your wand. You'll probably need to use it before we get out of here. Can I count on you to help me get you two out of here? Hermione?"

"Yes. Yes, you can count on me to help. Give me my wand. Give me my wand, Draco. I'm going to enjoy breaking out of this hell hole."

"It won't all be us, there are others on the outside coming to aid us. I sent coordinates to Harry Potter anonymous."

"He'll never come. He'll think it's a trap."

"We'll just have to hope he's in a reckless mood. We'll need help. Now, lets get gone." He helped her out of her cage and she stopped him as he tried to lead her from the room. She went to Luna's body and carefully slipped the ring from her finger.

"Harry will want this, to remember her by. And Ron..." she began, and her voice broke as she turned towards him.

"What do you need, Hermione? I'll get it for you," he said gently, and she motioned to her neck. Draco went over to Ron's cold body and carefully removed the thin golden chain from around his neck, upon which hung a small gold lion. He brought it to her and she convulsed in a silent sob. She put it around her neck and grasped her wand tightly.

"Let's get the hell out of here," Ginny said.


AN: So, the next chap will wrap this story up. It will be my first completed fanfic and I'm really excited! I hope you've enjoyed it so far, though I'm sure quite a few of you will be angry with me after the events of this chapter. Please don't be, it had to happen for the story. Any ways, I hope you enjoy and review, and I promise the last chap will be up soon. :)

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