21- Dinner

“Well here we are,” they had been silent most of the way to the restaurant, not feeling the need to say anything, “shall we go in?” Tonks nodded and they walked in to the small Chinese restaurant in front of them.

“I take it this is a muggle place right?” Tonks asked Remus quietly.

“Yeah, I used to come here quite often.” Tonks felt slightly jealous at the thought of Remus bringing other dates here, he saw the look flash across her face and laughed gently, “When you live alone you get bored of cooking for one, there’s a food bar here where you can sit and eat without being to lonely because there’s always others there. So no I haven’t been here on dates.” he smiled down at her pleased face.

“How did you know I was thinking that?”

“I just know you to well Nymphadora. It was the look on your face mainly, and the way you tensed up.”

“Oh, I see.” she said slightly ashamedly.

“I love it, could you possibly have the same response whenever we walk in somewhere like this. I might start writing myself anonymous letters and leaving them for you to read; it made me feel very wanted, and owned, I din’t usually get that.”

“Glad it pleased you.” Tonks said with a relieved smile. By this point they had been seated at a table for two by the window and they both started to flick through their menus.

When the food arrived Remus reached across and took Tonks nie and fork and placed it with his on the floor by his chair.

“You any good with chop sticks?” he smiled smugly at her.

“No. I’ve never really tried to use them, can I just use normal cutlery?”

“Definitely not, here I’ll show you.” he reached across the table and put the thin plastic sticks between her fingers and gently showed her how to use them. “There, you’ve got it.” he said with pleasure when she finally managed to use her chop sticks to pick up a piece of egg from her plate.

“Well of course, I had Professor Lupin teaching me.” she smiled flirtatiously up at him, “and, I am an excellent student. Flexible, compliant, obedient.” she said, her voice making the possible innuendo even more obvious.

“Indeed.” he grinned at her, his eyes showing his true reaction to her words. “Though I fear you may have more teach me than I could possibly tell you.”

“Not at all, you have over ten years on my in experience, and are just generally more knowledgeable.”

“I think you are greatly mistaken, most women are scared away by my having a monthly cycle even more dangerous than theirs!” he smiled to sho that he was not looking for pity or sympathy.

“Oh I wasn’t aware we were discussing bedroom experience, I was thinking more of politics, culture and literature but if you would like to lower the tone then that is fine. But please don’t be overly explicit, we are out in public after all.” Tonks said seriously with mock piety and pretended innocence, the both of which Remus found strangely attractive.

“Oh, I was talking about the state of the ministry and recent developments in the voting laws. So like you to misinterpret it Nymphadora!” he winked at her, she laughed loudly, almost choking on a mushroom she was chewing.

“So this is Nymphadora!” a waitress said as she came up to their table with their second round of drinks. “Well done Remus, took you long enough.”

“Wha… how… you…” Tonks said confusedly.

“As I said, I come here quite often, it’s a bit like a pub really, you can come in on your own, sit at the bar and tell the staff all of your problems while they listen patiently because it’s all part of the job.”

“Oh, right.”

“Never stopped talking about you, I’ve been trying to get him to bring you for ages, never listens though does he?” the waitress told Tonks matter of factly.

“No, he never does.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this though, he really loves you, adores everything about you, misses you like hell when your away or to busy to see him.”

“Glad to hear it!”

“Have you finished talking about me now?” he asked amusedly.

“I think so, though I’m sure we could carry on longer if you’d rather.” the waitress said, grinning at him.

“No, really I’m fine, you should probably stop before you reveal some horrible secret about me.” all three of them laughed and the waitress moved towards the next table

“Enjoy your food.”

“Thank you. So you talked about me, when you came in here?”

“Of course, it must have driven them all mad.”

“I like that. I was starting to think I was a bit of an obsessive freak. My friends know more about you than they do about me now. They keep on asking to meet you.”

“Why don’t you let them? I like the thought of going out with a group of younger, very attractive women. Are any of them single?”

“Yes, most of them, you could probably have your pick!”

“Well we’re most definitely going to do that then, are they all as attractive as you.”

“Well they are quite attractive, if that is your thing, they’re mostly men!”

“No, maybe I’d best just stick with you then.”

“yeah, suppose so.”


Remus and Tonks had just come out of the restaurant and were walking slowly down the road, back Grimaulds place when Tonks asked the question she had been wanting to ask all the way through dinner. “who was the last person you slept with?”

“You. Last week, remember?”

“Of course I remember, I meant since last summer, except that night in October when we ended up…. Together”

“There were three. None of them lasted. I couldn’t tell you about them, not Rose or Nicky.”


“They were both married, still are I suppose. I was ashamed of what was happening, I couldn’t tell you. And I never loved them, not like you.”

“And the third one?”

“She was different. When we were at school we were together, for months, then she left, a year ahead of me, and we lost contact- she was training to be a healer, we sort of stopped seeing each other. I met her at St. Mungos last year, in October- a few weeks after we… Well we got to know each other again and started to see each other, I didn’t know what you’d think because of what happened between us before so I didn’t tell you. I didn’t really tell anyone. It didn‘t last long, we weren‘t right for each other anymore really.”

“ Oh, right. Okay.”

“What about you?”

“ Just Jay, and Daniel. You know about both of them I guess.”

“I do.”

AN: i've got more ideas for this story... very exciting, do you want me to write it as a seperate sequel or just carry on from here??? let me know!!!!!!!! Please leave a review… thanks, Bee

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