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A/N: Back to Kathleen's point of view

Hermione walked out of your room to change into her pj’s. She came back in a flash dressed in pink shorts and tank top with a fuzzy pink robe and slippers.

“Alright ice cream and movie time!” She announced. You grabbed the ice cream and the spoons from her hands with a small smile.

“Let’s watch a chick flick, but not a tear jerker chick flick.”

“Right…how ’bout Mean Girls or Legally Blonde one, two or both?” She said holding up the three movies.

“Both Legally Blondes please.” You said pointing to the two movie cases. They were the most likely to pick up your spirits right now.

The rest of the night was spent laughing at the movies and eating two pints of ice cream between the two of you. It was the best remedy known to every girl and woman.

You fell asleep around two in the morning and the next thing you knew, your alarm was going off; it was eight o’clock.

Hermione groaned, “Turn that thing off”.

“Sorry ’Mione.” You said getting up and turning off the blaring alarm. You walked to your bathroom to get ready for work. After you showered you put on a pair of green robes that had the St. Mungo’s symbol on them. After drying your hair you put it half up and half down. You also put on the usual make up: foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow (light green), and mascara.

You walked out of the bathroom to find Hermione still asleep on the floor. Her brown curls were spread out over her pillow and she looked awfully silly, but adorable. “Hermione, Hermione wake up.” You urged as you poked her.

“No, I don’t have to work.” she said waving you away with her hand.

“Fine, you can sleep in my bed if you want. I will be at work ’til about seven.” You told her leaving your room. You decided to skip breakfast as you weren’t really all that hungry. Walking to the living room you ran into Harry coming down from upstairs.

“Hi,” He said nervously.

“Hello.” You replied, continuing past him. When you got into the living room you remembered that you didn’t have to take the floo network to work anymore because you could finally apparate now.

With a ‘pop’ you were gone. You apparated in the staff room of St. Mungo’s. “Good morning.” You said to the room at large. A few mornings came your way as well.

“Kathleen, may I speak with you?” Came a women’s voice. You turned to see Madam Pomfrey standing near the door way.

“Sure,” you replied, still stunned to see Madam Pomfrey at St. Mungo’s. She lead you into the empty hallway.

“Kathleen I know that you are looking to become a Healer after Hogwarts,”

“Yes I am.” you said.

“Well Professor Dumbledore and myself would like to know if you would like to help out in the Hospital Wing a bit after the Christmas holidays.”

You couldn’t help but think that this was a dream. Working at Hogwarts would be awesome. “Of course I would!” You said enthusiastically.

Madam Pomfrey smiled. “Very good, I will send you an owl some time after the holidays to work out a schedule.”

“I will look forward to that.” You said as you went your separate ways. As you walked down the hallway you saw something that shocked you. Harry was walking down the hallway in the same direction as you.

Forgetting that you weren’t talking, you called out to him, “Harry?” He turned around and looked surprised the he had run into you.

“Hi. Umm… aren’t you suppose to up at the Welcome Witch station?”

“I’m headed up there now. Were you looking for me?” you asked him.

“Well, umm… no” Harry said nervously.

Confused you asked, “Then why are you here?” And in an after thought you added, “Are you ok? Your not hurt are you?”

“Kathleen I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m here to see someone.” He said looking at the floor.

“Who Harry?” You questioned thinking you knew the answer. He was here to see Mike, to yell at Mike. Why couldn’t he just stay out of it?

He finally responded, “Mike Thomas.”

“Harry you’ve done enough damage, just leave it alone. Please.” You said with a mix of anger and pleading in your voice.

“I’m here to tell him, I’m not your boyfriend and that I’m sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I was gonna say sorry to you when you got home.” Harry told you still looking at his shoes.

“Thank you Harry and your forgiven.” you said throwing your arms around him in a tight hug. A little shocked by this it took a minute for him to return your hug.

“He’s on the 3rd floor and if you can’t find him there, try on the 1st and then if you can’t find him, come find me and I will get him for you.” You said beaming at him.

“Thanks,” He said as he walked off towards the stairs. With a bounce in your step from the two great things that had just happened, you walked up to the Welcome Witch station.

The next few hours passed without any excitement nor any sight of Harry. It was about 6:45 when you finally saw him again. He looked sad, as if the talk with Mike hadn’t gone very well.

“Hey,” You said, the good mood slowly fading away.

“Hey,” He replied back.

Afraid to know the answer, you asked anyways. “So, how did talking with Mike go?” Harry looked up at you and then down at his shoes.

“Oh that, that went great. He’s coming to the party on Friday and he can’t wait to see you again.” He told you looking back up at you again.

“Harry James Potter! You scared the shit out of me!” You said hitting him in the arm.

“Ouch!” he said chuckling, then he continued, “You’re just too easy. Maybe if it wasn’t this easy to pull your leg, I wouldn’t do it.”

Rolling your eyes you said, “You know as my best friend, you could be nice to me.”

“Hmmm… let me think about that,” he said putting his index finger to is chin and after about five seconds he replied, “How ’bout NO!”

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” You yelled out smiling. His full name always seemed to spill your mouth when you chastised him. He laughed and moved away so that he was out of hitting range.

As you moved so that you could hit him, the Head Healer walked by. “Kathleen,” you turned around and went bright red.

“Y-yes sir?” you said. You could hear Harry snickering behind you.

“It was great to have you working here this summer. I hope to see you again when you have finished school.” The Head Healer said sticking out his hand for you to shake.

“T-thank you sir” you said shaking his hand.

* Oooo… I am so going to get you for this!*

* Only if you can catch me that is.* Harry said. As you turned around you heard a ‘pop’ and you knew that he had disapparated, but to where you had no clue.

A little disappointed that you couldn’t get your revenge on him right then, you looked at the clock; it was 7:05, your last day as the Welcome Witch was over. You clocked out and with your own ‘pop’, you were gone.

You reappeared at home seconds later. “Hey,” You heard Hermione call from the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen you said, “Hey, is Harry here?” Hermione looked worried at this question.

“Don’t ’Mione, we made up.” You told her and she relaxed at your words.

“He’s upstairs, don’t tell him I told you where he was.”

Smiling you said, “I won’t.” You walked out of the kitchen and up to your room. You had to prepare for war. You knew that you couldn’t attack Harry without him attacking you back. You changed into jeans, tank top and a hoodie. You took out your wand and conjured ten water balloons. After that you went to your dresser and pulled out your invisibility cloak (your parents had also been the very few wizards to have one).

Putting it on, you levitated the water balloons. Quietly you walked down the hallway to Harry’s room, his door was open and he was lying down on his bed with his eyes closed.

You sent the levitated balloons into his room, making them hover over his unsuspecting body.

You let one balloon drop and Harry shot up, wet and confused. Looking around he didn’t see the other balloons floating over him. You let the rest of the balloons fall onto him.

“Kathleen!” He yelled. You didn’t answer him, but snuck back to your room. Once in your room, with the door shut, you burst out laughing. Harry looked so confused, and his face when the first balloon hit him was priceless.

The shock he had shown, you couldn’t believe he wasn’t expecting something like this. Also it amused you that it took him so long to figure out that it was you, after all, water balloons were your favorite way of getting revenge.

Taking off your invisibility cloak, you continued to laugh. When you heard Harry yell, “Kathleen Amelia Granger!” you decided not to put away the cloak.

Hermione came into your room laughing just as you had. She shut your door, then said, “Water balloons again?”

“Yep! How’d you guess?”

“First of all, water balloons are your favorite, have been since you were five, and second he came downstairs very wet and mad. It was so funny!” She said laughing again.

“If you think that was funny, you should have seen his face when the first balloon hit him.” You said, starting to laugh again.

Then your door burst open to reveal a very wet and angry Harry. “I’m gonna kill you, that water was freezing and I’m all wet, my beds wet…” But before he could continue listing what was wet, Hermione fell onto the floor laughing, only making you laugh harder as well.

“Hermione this isn’t funny!” Harry said.

“Yes…yes…it…is” she managed to say between laughs.

“Fine, fine, have your laughs now, but this means war on both of you!” Harry said. At this Hermione stopped laughing.

“Hey what did I do?”.

“You told her where I was.” he said.

“I did not!” She replied back.

“Hermione, you’re a horrible liar,” He said with a smirk.

Finally talking you said, “Fine, war, but this has to be done by the time the party starts on Friday.”

Harry took a moment to think this over. “Fine, but if you can add a rule, here’s another; none of Fred and George’s products and Ron’s on my side.”

“Ron can decide if he wants to be part of this himself and excluding all of Fred and George’s products is no fun. Let’s say, no products that they don’t sell in the store.”

Harry thought about it for a minute. “Fine, but we all know Ron’s on my side.”

“Speak of the Devil,” Grinning, you pointed to Ron who was standing in your door way.

“What am I doing?” He asked.

“Picking a side for war,” Rn looked confused.

“Harry has declared war against me and Hermione.” You told him.

“You’re with me right?” Harry asked. Ron opened his mouth to respond, but then Hermione cut him off.

“Think about it before you make a decision Ronald. I won’t be fraternizing with the enemy.” You got a case of silent giggles at the look of horror on Ron’s face. It took him another minute to decide which team he wanted to be on.

“I love ya ’Mione, but I’m with Harry on this one.” Hermione looked shocked but recovered quickly.

“If that’s your choice Ronald, understand the consciousnesses of your decision. This means war!”

“Fine!” Ron said. As Harry and Ron left you called,
“Make sure to tell Ron the guide lines!” You yelled down the hall at their retreating back.

*Don’t worry,* Harry said.

*But it’s you, so I have to.*
*It is so on!* he said.

“So what he say?” Hermione asked.

“How’d you know I was talking to him?”

“Because every time you and Harry do that, you both get a far away looks on your faces and kinda zone out”

“Right. Let’s get down to planning our attack.” You said pulling out your wand and sound proofed the room.

Hermione gave you a quizzical look when you did this, “So the guys can’t hear us,” You explained.

“Oh, so what are we gonna do?” she asked.

“We’re gonna…”

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