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Chapter Four: The Werewolf and the Rules

Helena woke once again in the small room in the tallest tower of the castle. She groaned, not from the pain that was sure to hit her some time soon, but because she just realized that she forgot that yesterday was her transformation day. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid to forget something like that. She could've killed someone, she could've bit someone.

Helena shivered at the very thought of it. She carefully stood, wobbling a bit, and searched the room for her clothes. She found some on the bed and changed, wincing as she pulled the purple top over her head. She gently touched the sore spot at the back of her head and tried to remember what happened yesterday. The game... Rash got the snitch... She was flying up to get her money from a smiling James... He was going to say something... Malfoy... The pain in the back of her head... Everything going black... Waking up and attacking Pomfrey...

"Oh shit..." Helena grabbed the rest of the clothes and pulled them on, running down the stairs and into the Hospital Wing.

She rushed in, the doors banging against the walls. She looked around, hoping to God that she didn't hurt her. There was a rustling sound behind her and she quickly turned to look at whoever it was.

"Miss Lobo, I see you're all good and well." Madam Pomfrey passed the shocked girl and went behind a curtain.

"Madam! Are you okay? I mean, I remembered last night and..." Pomfrey's head peered back to the young girl and she smiled kindly.

"Miss Lobo, we can talk about it later. Lay down on that bed there, and I'll fix you up." she said, pointing to Helena's leg.

"What...? Oh..." she said, looking down at her left leg.

It was torn open, blood staining her jeans a deep black color. Helena sat down on the bed, not really wanting to lie down again. Her back hurt a lot, and she stretched, cringing when she heard several bones crack. Pomfrey came around a few minutes later, closing the curtains around them.

"Madam, did I... did I, hurt you last night?" she asked, looking down at the floor.

"No dear. Filius was fortunately there at the time and he put a very heavy charm on you, then put you in the room. Don't worry. Now, let's check the damage, shall we?" She took off Helena's pants, poking and prodding the wound lightly before pouring a viscous orange goo into the wound, and covering it up with a heavy bandage.

She then took off Helena's shirt, making sure everything was fine, and then checked her head. Helena felt her pour the same liquid onto it and waited for Pomfrey to clean it off before leaving the infirmary.

Remus watched Helena go, wondering what she could have done to get herself hurt again. He looked down at her leg and saw a her slightly limping out of the room, cringing slightly when she made a quick turn to the left. Remus laid back in his bed. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Everytime she was around he would blush, and even if she noticed she hadn't said anything.

He knew that the Marauders knew something was up. He could hardly eat when Helena sat with Lily. He and James seem to be the only ones who don't stuff their faces when they have to sit close to them. He sighed, and rolled over on his bed. He could never tell Helena how he felt. What if she didn't feel the same?

"What if she does? And she's waiting for you?" a voice in his head asked.

"She doesn't."

"How do you know that? If you keep her at a distance she'll never know."

"Good." he thought bitterly, "Then she won't know what I am. Then she won't get hurt... Then I won't get hurt."

Remus rolled over again, and sighed deciding to get some rest, "I have to stop thinking about her. I have to." he rolled over again, and fell into a troubled sleep.


"Hey Remus!" Remus nearly fell over when a body was flung at his back, as he exited the Hospital Wing, jumping into a sort of piggy back ride.

Remus quickly flung his arms behing him to hold the persons legs so they wouldn't fall over. He blew some of his sandy hair out of his eyes and tried to look behind him and at the person. He felt some bumps on his back and realized with embarrassment that it was a girl. He heard her giggle in his ear and he just kept walking, the girl still on his back. Once they got to the moving staircase, the girl hopped off, giggling a little more.

Remus looked down at her and realized that it was Helena in a different set of clothes. She had on some hip huggers, making her curves look irresistible. Remus wanted to place his hands on her hips, just to see what it felt like. Her top was an orange halter with a very deep V-neck, making wearing a bra impossible. She had an orange bracelet on, and a gold chain with a very simple pearl on it. Her dark hair was down, thick curls surrounding her face, a small wisp by her left eye.

"What's up?" she asked, linking arms with him as they walked down the staircase together.

"Um.. nothing much. Had to go to the nurse. Stomach ache, you know?" he said, to his surprise, calmly.

"Yeah, I hurt my leg last night. See." she lifted up her jeans a little and he could see the same bandage that was on her that morning.

"Ouch. How was the game yesterday?"

"We won." she said smiling.

"That's great!" he said, really meaning it.

"I got hit in the head by a bludger." she added, as if it was nothing. Like she was just commenting on the weather.

"Ouch." Remus said, wincing slightly.

"Yeah. Doesn't hurt that bad anymore though. Pomfrey's really good." she shrugged, touching her head a little on the back. Remus walked behind her. He barely touched it, wincing as he saw the swelling and the redness of the cut.

"That looks awful." he returned to her side, re-linking their arms.

"Better than it was before, believe me." Helena and Remus reached the Great Hall and instantly the whole Ravenclaw house rushed to greet their injured captain.

"Oy Chase! That was a brilliant game!"

"Are you alright?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Does it still hurt?"

"Do you need anything?"

"Hey! HEY! Leave the poor girl alone. She's been through an ordeal. C'mon Chase, we gotta plan some new plays for the Gryffindor game." Rashid walked up to Helena and Remus eyeing their linked arms. Most of the house glared at Remus, seeing his Gryffindor prefect badge.

"You should run. They'll eat you alive and I'm a gimp so I can't help you." Helena whispered to Remus.

He started to laugh, but then saw that she was very serious,"Alright, I'll see you later." Remus started to leave, but he felt Helena pull him back so he stopped, and felt her hug him round the middle. He hugged her back and then turned, blushing furiously. Remus sat down at the table and buried his head in his hands, wanting to let the redness go away before he faced his friends. He looked up, meeting hazel, blue, grey, and green eyes. He stood to leave, but Sirius grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"Well...?" James said, leaning toward his wolfish friend.

"Well what?" Remus grabbed some juice and stared at Helena, her smile dazzling his senses.

"You like her don't you?" Sirius, slapped his hand to his temple and sighed.

"What if I do? Is there anything wrong with that?"

"No." said three of his friends together.


Everyone looked at Sirius, who was looking at Remus with a look of concern.

"What are you talking about?" Remus couldn't believe that his friend didn't like the fact that he had a crush on someone as great as Helena.

"Chase plays around Remus. She never has a boyfriend for more than a month. She has rules." Sirius explained, trying to reason with his friend.

"What are you saying?" Remus turned to face his friend, eyeing him oddly.

"Chase is like a female version of me. She gets a guy she likes, dates him for a while and if she likes him a lot, sleeps with him, then dumps him after a month. I don't think you should get too close to her. She's a great friend mind you, but as a girlfriend, not so much." Sirius took a sip of what looked like something the Hogs Head would serve and shuddered at the taste.

"Is that true Lily?" Lily's face grew red and she looked back at her best friend.

"Well, Helena doesn't like to stay with one guy for too long. She's afraid of commitment, and, well, she doesn't trust people all that easy. She does have rules. Rules she lives by. She's afraid of getting hurt, and this way, telling guys how she's going to do it, well, no one gets hurt. Except Jorge, he never really got over her dumping him. She did it a day early, but he was scaring the crap out of her so she decided that it was for the best." Lily sighed and picked at her food.

"I have to go." Remus stood and walked out of the Hall, turning the corner quickly.

"Remus! Moony!" he turned and saw James running to him.

"What Prongs?" he ruffled his hair in frustration, not looking as dashing as James when he did it.

"Moony, I think you should go for it." James said, trying to catch his breath.


"Look, your monthly just ended. If you get with her now you won't have to explain what you are, you won't have to tell her what happens to you twelve days out of every year, you won't have to do any of that." he took something out of his pocket and handed it to Remus, "Just, think about it okay? She's a nice girl, maybe you'll take her out of her no commitment phase." James winked at his friend, turned and left, going back into the Great Hall.

Remus looked down and opened the small pamphlet, a little curious. He saw Helena's neat cursive writing throughout the pages. Remus put the peice of parchment into his pocket and climbed the stairs to Gryffindor tower. When he was safely hidden in his bed, curtains drawn, he reached for the parchment and opened the small booklet again. He looked down and read the first few lines.

Congradulations! You have been chosen to be one of my midget loveslaves! hehe. Okay, I'm just kidding. I know, bad joke. Sorry if I'm not a comedic genius. So, I'm writing this because Rash told me to, and because most guys get confused when I agree to go out with them. There are a few rules to being with me, and if you're up to it, give me a ring, if you're not, well, I'd appreciate it if you burned this. I don't exactly like what people call me behind my back already, whore isn't one I'd like to be added to them. Thanks. -Chase

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