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A/N: So... tell me what you think okay?

I have an announcement. Some of you already know (cheeso) that I am leaving on the 14th... I will be back in April most likely. So that does mean there will be no updates, I'm going on a long vacation and there will be no computor access. I promise that when I get back there will be an update though! I will write on the planes. Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you like this chapter, as it's going to have to last you for awhile!

Megz --- Remember to SMILE!

“Don’t leave,” he whispered as Ginny tried to slip out of the bed. The sun had woken her up and she realised that she had to get back to the common room before someone noticed she was gone.

“I have to leave,” she said bluntly, pulling away from his arms and searching for her clothes. He sat up and blinked his eyes quickly. He gazed at her longingly and reached out to her, but she pulled away. “Write to me, and we’ll make plans about Sylvie,”

“I love you Ginny,” he said, ignoring her comment.

“It doesn’t matter!” she exclaimed looking at him full of hurt. Her eyes quivered as he smiled at her but she backed away. She couldn’t do this… it wasn’t right.

“It does matter,”

“Why do you have to keep making me come back to you?” Ginny yelled in frustration, “Why can’t you accept that it isn’t going to happen?”

Draco watched her longingly as she left the small room and fell back onto his bed, he’d finally been with her, finally realised he was in love and then it was like that, he snapped his fingers and she was gone.


Ginny looked around her as she sat on the common room couch. It was still early, probably about seven. Nobody was awake yet except a few first year girls over in the corner. She sighed and lay down on the couch, her mind wandering back and forth of what was happening.

How was she supposed to go on when nothing seemed to be working for her anyway; she walks up the stairs, her arms and head hung low as she falls into her bed, she had an hour, one hour to just be depressed and wish she was still in the bed with Draco, the boy she wasn’t allowed to love.


Draco stirred his potion clockwise twice, watching the liquid turn a nasty shade of green, and stirred counter clockwise for four rounds, watching it turn to a mint colour. His eyes darted to the other side of the room, and he scowled when Granger gave him a look of anger. That morning Weasel and Potter had tried to jump him.

“Son of a,”

“Harry!” yelled Granger pulling on his arm, “Ginny said not to do anything,” Immediately Draco had thought she told her idiot friends what had happened between them.

“You… on top of my sister!” yelled Ron advancing towards him, Draco remained standing still, watching them and slightly laughing. Granger had obviously told the trio what had happened… he couldn’t help but wonder how Ginny was getting along with that.

“Actually she was on top Weasel,” said Draco and he walked into the room, hearing cursing come from behind him. He didn’t know why he’d even said it… just to get them mad really.

“If you’ll excuse me students, I will be back in a few minutes,” said the potions master as he left. They were only there alone for a few minutes when Draco felt someone staring at his back.

“Bastard,” whispered Harry from behind him. Draco rolled his eyes and turned, leaning his elbows on the dark table.

“Don’t worry Potter, she isn’t pregnant,” said Draco smirking.

What am I doing? He asked himself angrily. You’re just hurting Ginny you know.

Harry’s face turned a dark red and Draco smiled as he heard the door close behind the returning professor, slowly he turned back… knowing that Potter wouldn’t do anything anyway.

“Draco, if you’d come with me,” said the man quickly. Draco nodded and headed out the door, his footsteps echoing through the quiet room, with the exception of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s conversation. He stopped in his tracks when he saw his father standing there… he wasn’t planned to leave for another two days. He and Ginny hadn’t made up the information yet.

“Let’s go,” said his father smiling.

“Where too?” Draco asked nervously, turning back to go into class again.

“You’re meeting,” said his father stiffly, obviously referring to the dark lord.

Draco nodded and turned to follow his father, feeling the gaze of the potion master on his back. He knew he would have to make the information up when he got there, but for now… he’d have to hope for the best.


“DRACO!” screamed a voice to his side. Draco whirled around and dropped to his knees, opening his arms to the young girl running to him. She buried herself in his arms before a deatheater pulled her away again. She sobbed and Draco couldn’t help but notice how much skinnier she’d gotten. He stood up again; the dark surroundings weren’t something that he recognized. They’d come somewhere that he didn’t know of.

Voldemort wasn’t there, but in the distance he saw a large house looming over the hill. A small river gleamed beside it. Its water was black under the moonlight.

He followed his father, leaving Sylvie behind while she cried. It almost broke his heart but he couldn’t do anything else. As the large doors shut behind him, Draco looked around. The house was dark, and very silent.

Someone beckoned them forward and Draco couldn’t help but notice the paintings on the walls, fires, death and hell was easily seen in them… the statues were of people begging for mercy, their hands bound to their sides.

“It is time I see what you have accomplished young Malfoy,” said a voice in the shadows. Draco breathed deeply and nodded, watching for someone to step out.

The figure that stepped forward was indeed Voldemort and he smiled as his red eyes glittered behind him.

“Come forward,” he said holding his arms open wide, Draco nodded and walked towards him, bowing down onto one knee. Voldemort’s hands fell to his head and Draco’s eyes shot open… he hadn’t thought that this would happen.

His head rushed, and felt like it was about to explode. Memory’s came flying back to him, and slowly he chose which one he would show… for only certain ones were safe for view.

“I think I can trust you now Draco,” said Ginny smiling up at him. They were sitting quietly outside in the moonlight.

“I’m glad,” said Draco looking around at the surroundings. Ginny’s hand went to the ground and she glanced up at him, smiling. Draco lowered his head and kissed her slowly, pressing his lips to hers with a passion that he hoped would convince Voldemort that he was trying. The wet grass glittered on their bodies.

Ginny pulled back and lay down in the grass beside him, her hair glistened in the moonlight, “I think I love you Draco,”

Voldemort nodded and smiled at Draco as he stood up.

“Is this what you wanted master?”

“You are doing well Draco, keep her believing that you love her, and Sylvie will come back to you. Then, in the end… do not forget your task, she has to die. Or they will hunt you down,” Voldemort said.

Draco nodded and turned around to leave, the door swinging shut lightly behind him. He let out a sigh of relief, maybe… maybe things would turn out all right after all.

A jet of red light came out of nowhere, and Draco ducked nervously.

“Who’s there?”

“You’re a traitor!” somebody yelled in the darkness.

“Don’t be a coward, come out!” yelled Draco, praying that Voldemort wouldn’t walk out the door. He heard laughter coming from the darkness and heard a girl scream. He watched in horror as the man lit up his wand, and there he was, dangling Sylvie over the side of the riverbank.

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