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“We let off the dungbombs in his office last week”
“Bat bogey hex two weeks ago”
“Snivellus?” Sirius asked
“Nah, we’ve gotta leave off Snivells for a while. Evans still seems to have something against us for hanging him from that tree last month” James countered, lounging on a sofa near the fire. It was Friday evening, and the four marauders were planning their next prank. The only problem was they seemed to have already pranked everyone they could thing of. That was the problem with having the title of ultimate prankster, each trick had to be better than the last, but each time it got harder to find an unsuspecting victim.
Sirius scoffed “Against us? She’s got something against you Prongs, and I’m pretty sure its to do with the fact you’ve asked her out 4 times in the past 3 days!” James threw a cushion at Sirius, but missed and hit Remus, who was sitting next to Sirius. “Thaaanks for that” Remus laughed, throwing the cushion back.
“What about Evans” Peter suddenly piped up, eager to join in with the planning. James paused, arm in the air about to throw the pillow back at Remus, and turned to him in shock. “What did you just say wormtail?” James said, his voice no more than a whisper.
“Uh-oh” Sirius whispered to Remus, barely stifling a burst of laughter.
“Did I just hear you correctly? Did you suggest that we prank Lily? How could you even suggest such an atrocity!”
“Well actually James, you did…” Remus begun, determined to add fuel to the fire, but he was silenced by a cry of outrage by James “I would never presume to play a prank on Lily, Lily, the shining beacon of light in this dreary castle” He held his hand over heart and sighed, looking ridiculous. Now it was Sirius’ turn to tease his love struck friend. “I’m hurt prongs, I thought we were you’re shining beacons of light in this ‘dreary castle’” He covered his eyes in mock anguish “I feel so…” But what Sirius was supposed to feel was muffled by the book that had been thrown at him by James.
“Hey!” Sirius and Remus Cried out at the same time “that really hurt!” complained Sirius, “My poor book!” argued Remus.
“Glad to know you’re book rates higher on your list of priorities than you’re best friends head” Sirius grumbled.
“Okay okay guys, enough arguing” James intervened. The other three looked at James, he had after all been the one to initiate all of this in the first place!
“We need to find someone to prank, and it needs to be good. Our last trick was a complete flop. If we’re not careful we’ll lose our reputation as Hogwarts greatest troublemakers!” All four marauders thought back to their last prank, to colour all the owls pink, which had resulted in all the owls refusing to leave the owlery for a week. The four boys shuddered. That was a perfect example of a prank gone wrong. They had all got a weeks worth of detention, and the anger of the entire school, who were deprived of letters for a week. Far from deterring them, however, it just made them more convinced that their next prank had to be the best yet!
“How about Peeves?” Remus said quietly. The other 3 marauders looked at each other “Mooney, you are a genius” Sirius said, grinning. Peeves was hated by students and teachers alike, it would be great to get one over on him.
“Just one problem though, how do you trick a poltergeist?”


“Are you sure this is going to work?” Wormtail asked nervously. It was Sunday evening, and peeves was pelting chalk dusters at passing students in the main hall. They had to thank peeves for impeccable timing at least. The main hall meant all students would witness their triumph, and the chalk from the dusters he was pelting would certainly help in their façade.
“Course it’ll work” Sirius whispered. They were hiding in a broom cupboard in a corridor just off the main hall. “Right, everyone know what to do?” The marauders all nodded, faces solemn. 6 years-worth of tricks had taught them that joking was for after the trick had been pulled off.
Remus took a sheet out of the bag he had brought with him. It had been transfigured so that it looked translucent, but it could not be seen through. It was a complicated spell, but Remus was teachers’ favourite student for a reason! James pulled the sheet over his head, and pinned it at his sides so it didn’t slip. “How do I look?” he asked.
Remus grinned “very ghostly!”
Next out of the bag came James’ invisibility cloak. Sirius stood behind James, and pulled the cloak over both of them. For other people, walking like this would have been difficult, but James and Sirius had had 6 years practice, and were now experts at walking without revealing feet or arms! “Ready?” James asked. “Yep, no wait! I’ve forgotten the fan!” Sirius replied. At this Remus pulled out a small but powerful magical fan, and placed it in the hand that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “Thanks moony. How big is that bag anyway” Sirius said, at which Remus grinned, pleased of his bottomless rucksack, which had come in handy many times. “Now are we ready?” James asked, impatient. He pointed his wand at his throat and whispered “Sonorus”.

Remus and Peter exited the cupboard first, to check no-one was about, then James and Sirius followed, underneath the invisibility cloak. The Four boys walked into the hall, Remus and peter ensuring nobody walked into James and Sirius. One boy running out of the hall crashed into Remus. “You don’t want to go in there” he panted “Peeves is on the warpath” Remus thanked the boy for the tip, but carried on into the hall, leaving the boy looking confused.
Once in the hall, James and Sirius got into position near one of the walls, and Remus & peter got out of the way. Peeves noticed peter, and sensing an easy target, dived at him, cackling. “Go!” Whispered Sirius, and pulled the cloak off James, but kept it over himself. The effect was that it appeared as if James (in his ghost attire) had stepped out of the wall, but Sirius was still hidden. “Peeves” James said in his magnified voice. Peeves turned around and almost fell out of the air, not having noticed James before. “What are you? You’re not a ghost” His eyes narrowed “Is this a trick on poor peevsie?”
“I am no trick, do not insult me!” James roared. “I am a spectral, and it has come to my attention that you have been annoying students and teachers alike in this school”
Peeves still wasn’t convinced “Spectral eh? Well I guess it wont hurt if I do this”, and with that he threw a chalk duster at James. Luckily Sirius was well prepared, and quietly banished the duster before it reached James, so that it went flying back at Peeves, Seemingly via a soundly command from ‘the spectral’.
Peeves ducked the duster, and looked perturbed. “What do you want from poor old peeves?”
“What do I want? I want you to stop pestering the students of Hogwarts” James commanded, not really expecting Peeves to comply, and he was right.
“Stop?! Peeves can’t do such a thing. Peeves shant do it!” Peeves replied, sounding like a perturbed child.
“Very well” James sighed “Then you leave me with no option” and with that Sirius flicked on the magical fan, and Peeves was blown back 3 metres.
“ What did you just do?” peeves asked, shocked.
“That was just a tester” James replied. “Anger me further and I will banish you from this castle. As you have seen, I can very easily do so.”
At these words peeves was totally horrified. “ Of course, of course, you’re spectral-sir. Peeves shall be good. Oh yes, he will not tease the pupils…..even if they deserve it?”
“PEEVES” James growled
“Of course sir” Peeves stammered “even if the nasty beasties deserve it, peeves will be good, oh yes he will” and with this he bowed profusely and flew from the hall, stammering apologies to all the students in the hall.

For about 30 seconds nobody said anything, totally shocked at what just occurred. Then the four marauders burst out laughing. Sirius & James came out from underneath their costumes, and the four boys took a bow to the pupils who were still trying to take in what had just happened. Then one student cheered, and all of a sudden the boys were surrounded by pupils congratulating them on getting one over on peeves. Sirius was careful to keep the invisibility cloak hidden, it was a valuable secret, but he did not hold back from getting the congratulations like the other 3 boys. It seemed everyone had completely forgiven them for the owl fiasco in light of the truly stunning prank they had just pulled off!
“Looks like out reputations still intact” Remus Joked. “Yeah, a reputation well earned” James laughed back, before turning back to the crowds of admirers. He loved being a marauder!

A/N: This is my first fan fiction ever, so please let me know what you think!

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