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Today was the day of the Hogsemede trip, and James Potter was finally going on his first date with Lily. He had spent the last half hour in front of the mirror, trying to get his hair to lay flat. “Give it up Prongs.” Sirius yawned. “It’s just not going to happen.” James took his advice and started lacing up his shoes. Lupin walked back into the dormitory, looking tired after getting up ridiculously early to finish his potions assignment in the library. “Sirius you still owe me five galleons. I want to spend my money at Hogsmede today so cough up.” Remus said, holding out his hand. Sirius grumbled and produced the money. “What was that for?” James asked Remus. “A bet we had four years ago. Old Padfoot said he’d bet me five galleons that Evans would never go out with you and well as you can see I’m now five galleons richer.” James frowned at Sirius. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Sirius flung his hands up. “What? It was right after you turned her hair pink and Madame Pomfrey didn’t know how to change it back. I didn’t think she’d ever speak to you again.” James didn’t reply and Sirius checked his pockets. “Great, that was the last of my allowance. I wanted to visit Zonko’s today; I’m low on dung bombs. Now I’ll have to borrow off Regulus.” He moaned, shuddering at the mention of his younger brother. “Or you could grovel to mummy.” James pointed out. Sirius winced. “I think I’ll take Regulus. Hey are you up for a bit of Snivillus hunting today?” He asked James. “Nah, I don’t think Lily would appreciate it all that much if you know what I mean.” Sirius made a gagging motion. “You’re on a first name basis now? This is getting way too personal for me. What was wrong with good old Evans?” James laughed. “Oh grow up Padfoot!” Sirius looked very taken aback. “You did not just tell me to grow up.” He made a fist and rapped his knuckles on James’ forehead. “Hello. What did you do with my best friend?” James pushed him away. “Geroff.” He glanced down at his watch. “Ah crap I’m late.” He moaned and sprinted down the stairs. By the time he reached the Entrance Hall, most people had already left for Hogsmeade. “You’re late.” Lily informed him, tapping her foot impatiently. “Judging by your body language I’m getting a feeling of hostility, maybe a little regret about this whole thing.” James said mystically. “Yeah well you caught me in a weak moment.” Lily said. “And don’t talk like that; you sound like Professor Trelawney after she’s overindulged herself with sherry.” James grinned and held his arm out for Lily. When she didn’t take it, he slipped his arm into the crook of her elbow and ushered her out the door into the bitter cold. ******* When they reached Hogsmeade Village, James stopped and looked at Lily. “Err…where do you want to go?” He asked. She gave him a confused look. “I don’t know, you asked me out. I thought you’d have it all figured out.” “Well I spent so much of my time trying to actually get you here, that I didn’t really think about what would happen when I did.” James admitted and Lily laughed. He took this as a good sign. “I guess we’ll just look in the shops for a bit then?” Lily nodded in agreement and they wandered through the High Street. After they finished looking through Dervish and Bangs, James suggested they go and have a look at the shrieking shack. “You know it’s so much less frightening when you know it’s only Lupin making those sounds.” Lily said. “And Lupin’s not frightening?” James asked sarcastically. “Well if he didn’t always look so pale.” Lily laughed. They stood for a moment in silence. “You weren’t really going to give those photos to Dumbledore were you?” James asked cautiously. Lily considered this for a moment. “Well no, not unless you pushed me in the lake again.” She laughed, giving him a push. “I told you it was an accident!” He said, nudging her back. “Yeah right!” She squealed and pushed James so hard that they both tripped and rolled down the snowy hill in fits of laughter. James ended up landing on top on her. “Sorry Lily.” He muttered. She stared at him. “You called me Lily.” “Oh.” James said uncomfortably. “I can call you Evans again if you want.” “No, no, it just sounds funny I guess.” She breathed and he smiled and lent down to kiss her. He was almost shocked when she didn’t push him away, but kissed him back. They stayed like that for several moments or what felt like an eternity until Lily giggled and said “I’m freezing.” “Oh right.” James said, helping her up and wrapping his cloak around her. “What do you say we go get a drink at The Three Broomsticks?” “Mmm.” Lily replied and nuzzled her face in his neck as they walked up to the shops. ******* Once inside, they found a table and James offered to get the drinks. Lily took a long time deciding. “Butterbeer.” She finally announced. “That’s it?” James asked. “Don’t you want a Firewhisky or something? You are seventeen now.” “I don’t think so.” “Oh come on.” James urged. “Live a little.” Lily gave in. “Oh all right, but just one.” James returned with the drinks and half an hour later, Lily was still slowly sipping her first drink. It was clear she had never had one before and she did not react to alcohol well at all. “Do you know…hic…that this is…hic…the most normal conversation we’ve ever had? You’re…hic…always making stupid jokes…hic…and I’m always yelling. I wonder…hic…why I always yell…hic.” Lily slurred through hiccoughs. She reached for the tankard and sloshed it all over the table. “Whoopsy!” She laughed. “Ok I think that’s enough. Time to go.” James said. He placed eight sickles on the table and helped Lily up. “Come let’s go back.” He let go of her and she swayed dangerously. James put his arm under Lily and almost dragged her down the street. Halfway back to the castle, they came across Sirius. “Hello lovebirds.” He said brightly and Lily snorted. “What’s up with her?” “Firewhisky.” James explained. “Ah strong stuff. Shame on you though Prongs, intoxicating the Head Girl on your first date.” “Hello Petunia! Don’t you look funny? I always thought you were a girl.” Lily said to Sirius. “Perplexing isn’t she?” Sirius said. “Anyway must go, I’m following the grease trail.” “The what?” James said, confused. “The grease trail. I saw Snivellus pass here not long ago. I have some new Zonko products to test out on him.” Lily gasped. “Snivellus? Where? Let me at him.” She struggled against James. Sirius grinned. “I’m starting to like the new Evans better. Well see you later Prongs.” He said and headed down to Hogsemeade, sniffing around (most likely for Snape) uncannily like a dog. ******** James heaved Lily back through the portrait hole. Luckily they had not met many people along the way, so James would not be blasted tomorrow about how embarrassing it was for the whole school to see her like that. The only two people in the common room were Lily’s friend Alice Sparks and her boyfriend Frank Longbottom. “What in the name of Merlin!” Alice cried when she saw James drag Lily in. James handed her to Alice. “Let her sleep it off.” He said and collapsed on an armchair, completely exhausted. He watched as Alice took her up to their dormitory. Well it had certainly been a memorable first date.

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